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Larry Wilkerson: A Solution for Syria Will Require the United States to Concede on Assad
The US is making two fundamental mistakes by continuing to insist that Assad must go and supporting rebel groups that look a lot like Al-Qaeda, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  November 1, 2016

After Mosul, Whither ISIS?
ISIS is on the run and might head towards Egypt or Israel after getting kicked out of Iraq and Syria, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  October 18, 2016

US-Russia Tensions Escalating Over Fate of Assad
These times are more dangerous because they lack the fixed parameters and clear red lines of the Cold War days, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson

  October 18, 2016

Obama Pressures Germany to Commit More Troops for NATO Exercises on Ukraine Border
In Europe, President Obama commits more special forces for Syria but Larry Wilkerson says he is more concerned about dangerous and provocative posturing on the Ukraine border

  April 26, 2016

The Problem of International "Terrorism" Is Here To Stay
Col. Larry Wilkerson, professor and former chief of staff to Colin Powell, was back for his weekly report, this time focused on the origins of ISIS and Al-Qaeda

  April 12, 2016

What Turkey & Saudi Arabia Aim to Gain with Possible Ground Invasion in Syria
Col. Larry Wilkerson says Turkish and Saudi officials may be bluffing, but the prospect nevertheless is a calamity reminiscent of pre-World War I conditions

  February 15, 2016

Ousting Assad is Counterproductive and Illegal, Says Congresswoman
Larry Wilkerson discusses a bill introduced by US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard that seeks to redress the failed Syria strategy

  December 1, 2015

Wilkerson: The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (2/2)
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the U.S./Saudi unholy alliance in Syria and a relationship that has distorted development throughout the region

  November 29, 2015

Wilkerson: The Hypocrisy of U.S. Syria Policy (1/2)
As Putin visits Iran, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and Paul Jay discuss the U.S./Saudi alliance in Syria and a relationship shrouded in secrecy

  November 24, 2015

Paris Evokes 9/11 in State of Fear and Revenge
In reference to attacks in Paris, Col. Larry Wilkerson says the reincarnation of al-Qaeda in ISIS must be rationally dealt with if their defeat is the goal

  November 17, 2015

Skin in the Game: Poor Kids and Patriots
Larry Wilkerson says Gen. Dennis Laich's book - Skin in the Game - demonstrates that an all volunteer military force is no longer sustainable, morally nor fiscally

  September 22, 2015

Computer Voting and Stealing Democracy
Larry Wilkerson says, that computerized voting has increased the capacity of cheating with precision, consistency and efficiency without any forensic evidence

  August 25, 2015

Will Congress Unravel the Iran Nuclear Deal?
Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell Larry Wilkerson says despite its flaws, real national security experts are all in favor of the deal

  July 30, 2015

Turkey Enters Fight Against ISIS, But Target is Still Assad
With Turkey's announcement that it will fight ISIS, the US will be able to use Turkish bases to fulfill its mission of overthrowing Assad, says Col. Larry Wilkerson

  July 29, 2015

Wilkerson: Iran Deal Creates World's Most Intrusive Inspection Regime
Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says the nuclear accord will lead to greater U.S.-Iranian cooperation over Mideast policy

  July 14, 2015

Assad Has Lost Over Fifty Percent of Syria to ISIS
Larry Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, says that Syria could turn into another Afghanistan with US and Saudi policies creating significant blowback in the region

  May 25, 2015

Jeb Bush's Entourage Filled with Neocons
Larry Wilkerson: Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush states he would have authorized the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, showing little regard for the fact that Neocon policy created more chaos in the region.

  May 12, 2015

What the U.S. Should Do About North Korea's Rising Nuclear Stockpile
Larry Wilkerson discusses how Chinese nuclear experts estimate North Korea has 20 nuclear warheads and could have 20 more in 2016 yet Washington is paying little attention.

  April 28, 2015

2016 Presidential Candidates Test the Waters in New Hampshire
Larry Wilkerson, just returning from New Hampshire reports on what is on the minds of voters in a state that gets to define the terms of engagement for the 2016 elections

  April 24, 2015

Sen. Marco Rubio Unveils His Candidacy and Platform for "A New American Century"
Larry Wilkerson says Sen. Marco Rubio is serving up pablum for those Americans who believe that all you have to do is spout off this kind of rhetoric, whether it's accurate or not

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