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Congo: Chaos By Design

UN Sanctioned Congo "Intervention Brigades" Complement US Africa Strategy
Maurice Carney: 3,000 member force intervention will further militarize Congo; US has power to sanction rebel-backers Rwanda and Uganda, but will not because they are allies in American AFRICOM strategy

  April 24, 2013

Is Susan Rice "Bad for Congo"
Kambale Musavuli: Susan Rice's record on Africa suggests as Secretary of State, she would side with dictators and US allies Rwanda and Uganda against the people of Congo

  December 7, 2012

With US Blessing, Rwanda Backs M23 Rebels in Congo
Kambale Musavuli: Obama ignores legislation he sponsored in US Senate calling for sanctions against countries interfering in the Congo

  November 29, 2012

US Covers Up Rwanda Supported Mutiny in Congo
Maurice Carney: American ally Rwanda supports rebel troops in Congo

  June 27, 2012

The US, Mining and Dictators in the Congo
Kambale Musavuli Pt3: People should demand a fundamental change in US policy towards the Congo

  November 8, 2011

Congo: Chaos By Design
Pt2. Obama makes no significant change in U.S. foreign policy towards Congo

  December 5, 2011

Obama, the US and 5 Million Deaths in The Congo
Kambale Musavuli Pt1: Congo is essential to the American military and aerospace industry

  December 2, 2011

The Legal Basis to Reject Odious Debt
TRNN Replay: LĂ©once Ndikumana and James K. Boyce: International law supports Africa rejecting debts that did not benefit the people

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