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IAEA report on Iran

IAEA Former Inspector: No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Weapons Activity at Parchin
Robert Kelley: Recent claims of IAEA that Iranians trying to hide activity at Parchin site not supported by evidence

  January 14, 2013

Supervisor of Intelligence Estimate Hailed for Preventing War with Iran
Professor Thomas Fingar wins the Sam Adams award for integrity in intelligence, while others warn of an unprecedented crackdown on intelligence agency whistleblowers

  January 29, 2013

Objective of US and Israeli Policy is Economic Warfare Against Iran
Gareth Porter: IAEA keeps Iran in "dock of global public opinion" while sanctions aim to weaken Iran as a regional power

  June 4, 2012

IAEA Near Iran Inspection Deal but will US Insist on End to Enrichment?
Gareth Porter: If US demands Iran give up its right to enrich for peaceful purposes, no real agreement is possible

  May 22, 2012

Obama and Netanyahu's Push for Attack on Iran
Gareth Porter: Obama cannot keep the US out of a war if Israel strikes Iran

  January 6, 2012

Israel Divided Over Plan to Attack Iran
Lia Tarachansky reports that a split has developed between Israeli security establishment and Netanyahu

  November 30, 2011

TRNN Debate on the IAEA Iran Report
Beeman and Spector: Does the IAEA report on Iran prove the existence of a nuclear weapons program?

  November 18, 2011

IAEA Iran Report Fit Facts to Strengthen Hardliners
Robert Kelley Pt2: The report misleads and manipulates facts in attempt to prove a forgone conclusion

  November 17, 2011

Former IAEA Inspector: Misleading Iran Report Proves Nothing
Robert Kelley: Latest IAEA report recycles old intelligence and is meant to bolster hard liners

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