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How Stock Buybacks Harm the Economy
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains how perverse executive compensation is leading to declines in productivity and prolonging post-recession unemployment

  August 21, 2016

Thomas Friedman's Advice to Clinton: Shift Right
Former financial regulator Bill Black describes some of Hillary Clinton's statements on economic policy as 'incredible nonsense'

  August 11, 2016

Is the IMF's Neoliberal Base Unraveling?
Former financial regulator Bill Black discusses the significance of the criminal charges faced by IMF head Christine Lagarde and its economists preaching stimulus over austerity

  August 7, 2016

United States of Amnesia and the Economics of the RNC
Former financial regulator Bill Black responds to House Speaker Paul Ryan's speech, and says the RNC chairperson has created a false image about the reality of unemployment, interest rates, and inflation under the Obama presidency

  July 22, 2016

Decades of Money Laundering by HSBC Ignored by Holder at DOJ
Bill Black says the Republicans could embarrass Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Loretta Lynch by demanding further investigation into the failure to prosecute HSBC for its world-historical money laundering operation

  July 17, 2016

White-Collar Crime Kills and Maims More Than the Crimes of the Poor
Former financial regulator Bill Black says fraud and corruption result in significantly more death and violence, and aren't even counted in traditional stats by conventional criminologists

  July 10, 2016

UK Elites Oppose Brexit - Their Party to be Led by a Leader Promising to Leave EU
Bill Black tells Paul Jay that the Conservatives risk political annihilation if they don't respect the results of the referendum, in spite of the bulk of the ruling class's opposition to the move

  July 8, 2016

Hollywood Glorifies Bankers, Ignores Unsung Whistleblowers
UMKC's Bill Black reviews the highlights and holes of the film The Big Short

  February 8, 2016

Did Financial Giant Goldman Sachs Just Admit the System is Rigged?
Former financial regulator Bill Black explains why one of world's largest investment firms Goldman Sachs questioning the "efficacy of capitalism" and why its CEO is terrified of a Sanders presidency

  February 5, 2016

Bernie Sanders Decries Lack of Wall Street Prosecutions
Former financial regulator Bill Black says it's important to reimplement the Glass-Steagall Act - but it's not enough to prevent another financial crisis.

  January 6, 2016

Warren Investigation Finds Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for $10 Trillion in Risky Derivatives
After Congress rammed through a 'cromnibus' spending bill last year that repealed parts of Dodd-Frank financial regulation, UMKC's Bill Black explains how with or without this repeal another Wall Street bailout is still a real possibility

  November 16, 2015

Republican Rank-and-File Line Up Against Financial Regulation
Former financial regulator Bill Black mocks Republican claims of 'bigotry' against 'the success of CEOs'.

  August 3, 2015

Murdoch Among the Most Corrupt Oligarchs in the World
Bill Black Report: The Murdoch empire, including Rupert's son James, is riddled with scandals, corruption and bribery

  June 12, 2015

Why UK Election is a Win-Win for Banksters
Former Financial Regulator Bill Black discusses how both Labour and Conservative parties have contributed to UK's regulatory race to the bottom

  January 6, 2014

The Rich Get Richer If House Republicans Repeal the Estate Tax
Bill Black, a former bank regulator, discusses the history of why the federal estate tax exists and why the Republicans want it repealed

  April 16, 2015

Whistleblowers: Citigroup Falsely Represented Up to 80% of Mortgages Sold to Fannie and Freddie in 2007
Richard Bowen and Sherry Hunt were reporting on the toxic scam and still there was no action from the DOJ, but now there is a small victory, says Bill Black, former financial regulator

  April 6, 2015

Archaic Laws Revived with Homophobic Intent in Indiana and Arkansas
Its a bill where they dare not speak its purpose or state its goal says Bill Black, former financial regulator

  April 2, 2015

Bankers Avoid Jail Time in Tax-Evasion Case
Bill Black says two Credit Suisse bankers who made a deal to avoid jail time are minor players compared to executives who faced no punishment at all

  March 28, 2015

Chile's Growing Corruption Scandal Underscores Need for Whistleblower Protections
Former financial regulator Bill Black reports on a corruption scandal embroiling Chile's conservative party and business executives

  March 16, 2015

The Juncker Plan for Economic Recovery in Europe
Bill Black says once again the EU decides not to target investments to help nations It forced into great depressions

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