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TRNN Occupy Wall St. Stories

Guilty Verdict For Occupy Activist An "Attack On Dissent"
Attorney Kevin Zeese discusses how the judge hearing Cecily McMillan's case did not allow the defense to show images which would have proven that the activist was reacting to getting her breast grabbed

  May 6, 2014

Thousands Protest On Occupy Wall Street’s One Year anniversary
September 17th 2012 marks one year since people started camping out in a NYC park to denounce Wall Street greet. The movement of the 99% gathered in NYC’s financial district for three days of protests, celebration and education

  September 19, 2012

New York Residents on Rent Strike Against Slumlord
Tenants and Occupy activists rally to defend housing rights of working class residents

  July 9, 2012

“Occupy the Department of Justice” Demands Release of Mumia Abu Jamal, End to Mass Incarceration
Rally held outside Department of Justice followed by march through Downtown DC and civil disobedience arrests at White House

  April 26, 2012

Spring Revival: Occupy Wall Street Seeks to Rejuvenate Movement
Occupy activists converge in New York's Central Park ahead of May Day actions

  April 19, 2012

The Right to Occupy, the Right to Assemble?
A report on the debate over the expulsion of the Occupy Movements

  November 29, 2011

Occupy Wall St. Turns Global
NYC Occupy movement enters second month and gains momentum

  October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall St. Defeats NYC Eviction Attempt
Hundreds rally to defend Occupation after Mayor threatens eviction

  October 14, 2011

1000 Protesters Storm Wall St Barricade
Occupy Wall Street movement gains support from unions, student groups and community organizers

  October 6, 2011

Nonviolent Wall St. Protesters Face Mass Arrest
Occupy Wall St. enters third week as movement spreads across US

  October 4, 2011

80 People Arrested at "Occupy Wall St."
Protesters vow to continue occupying Wall St. until demands are met

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