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Gaddafi and Libya

Libya's Descent Into Turmoil Three Years After NATO Intervention
Vijay Prashad: Libyan politics characterized by instability and the lack of commitment to bolster civil society and protect minority rights

  March 20, 2014

Libya Three Years Later - Chaos and Partition
Patrick Cockburn: As the central state unravels, all the external powers that drove regime change look for ways to take advantage

  March 19, 2014

Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?
Horace Campbell: Gaddafi wanted to strengthen Pan-Africanism and had enough resources to challenge US hegemony in the region

  March 19, 2014

Gaddafi and 66 Others Murdered After Capture - Human Rights Watch
Vijay Prashad: Report says that Misrata-based militias butchered Gaddafi then captured and disarmed members of the Gaddafi convoy and executed at least 66 at the nearby Mahari Hotel

  October 26, 2012

Gaddafi's Murder and International Law
Firoze Manji: Nothing in international law allows regime change and assassination of a leader

  October 20, 2011

NATO and the Libyan People are Not One
TRNN Replay - Paul Jay: We should oppose imperialist "humanitarian" interventions and dictatorships

  September 21, 2011

Libyans Debate who will Benefit from their Oil
Reed Lindsay reports Oil Minister denies secret French deal as Libyans question NTC and NATO interest

  September 26, 2011

WikiLeaks Reveals US Wanted to Keep Russia out of Libyan Oil
TRNN Replay - Kevin Hall: US wanted to block Italian Eni from acting as "stalking horse" for Gazprom

  May 11, 2011

NATO Tries to Control Libyan Revolution
TRNN Replay - Hamid Dabashi: Neo-liberalism a greater threat to Libya than tribalism or extreme Islam

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