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Criminal Charges Filed Against Six State Officials Over Flint Water Scandal, But Problem goes Far Deeper
While the criminal charges against the officials is an important first step, the root causes of the crisis - the system of emergency management - have not been tackled explains Rev. David Alexander Bullock of Change Agent Consortium

  June 16, 2017

'Recall Gov. Richard D. Snyder' Campaign in Michigan Gains Momentum
Frank Hammer and Rev. David Bullock say growing outrage over unelected Emergency Managers, Flint's water crisis and Detroit's crumbling school system will help collect the 790,000 signatures needed to recall Gov. Rick Snyder

  May 6, 2016

Detroit Teachers Shut Down Schools for Second Day Over Lack of Pay
Detroit faces dual crises: The cash-strapped city doesn't have enough money to pay its teachers and has begun shutting off water to up to 20,000 residents who are behind on their water bill

  May 3, 2016

The Story Behind the Flint Water Crisis
An exhaustive probe into how the city of Flint was left exposed to lead-tainted drinking water for nearly two years

  April 22, 2016

Class War in Michigan
Frank Hammer: GOP Governor and State legislature pass law weakening union rights

  December 11, 2012

Obama Gave up on a Detroit Green Machine
Frank Hammer: In 2009, Obama offered a vision of jobs through building a green economy

  September 9, 2011

Obama Labor Day Speech Praises Union Concessions
Frank Hammer: Obama and UAW leadership restructured auto industry in a race to the bottom, not a stronger "middle class"

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