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Securities Transaction Tax

Sanders' Wall Street Tax Could Raise $300 Billion A Year
Robert Pollin, who authored the Inclusive Prosperity Act, says transaction taxes are common in many capitalist countries

  February 18, 2016

Support for Robin Hood Tax Growing, but Majority of Democrats Not On Board
Robin Hood tax supporters National Nurses United, economist Jeffrey Sachs, and European Parliament VP tell Congress to support "no brainer" tax on Wall Street

  October 31, 2013

Fmr. Goldman Sachs Trader Supports Robin Hood Tax As A Way to Move Away from Financialized Economy
Wally Turbeville: Robin Hood tax will mitigate problems of Wall Street's trading behavior and move us towards creating jobs through manufacturing, innovation, and infrastructure

  October 24, 2013

New Robin Hood Tax Introduced In Congress
A half-percent tax on all financial transactions makes it to Congress

  October 22, 2012

Wall St. “Cheetahs” and the Financial Transaction Tax
The recent stock market volatility could have been restricted by a tax on transactions that would make the small quick score less attractive

  August 9, 2012

In Chicago, Nurses Rally for "Robin Hood" Tax
National Nurses United calls for international campaign for financial transaction tax

  May 18, 2012

A Wall St. Tax and an Independent Workers Movement
Rose Ann DeMoro and Robert Pollin: There is little will in Washington for a financial transaction tax because Wall St. has "occupied the White House"

  April 30, 2012

Securities Transaction Tax Debate
First of Ralph Nader’s Debating Taboos. Robert Pollin vs. Jim Angel on the Securities Transaction Tax

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