The Real Baltimore

The Real Baltimore

Adnan Syed Presents New Evidence in Court, Seeks New Trial
TRNN's Jaisal Noor speaks to advocates and attorneys about the latest in the case of the Baltimore-area man made famous on the Serial podcast

  February 5, 2016

Black Lives Matter Protestor Runs for Mayor of Baltimore
Late entry into crowded field by high profile activist could shake-up race residents say, but lack of experience an issue

  February 5, 2016

Baltimore Residents to Challenge Tax Breaks for Developers
Community members from the Poe Homes in West Baltimore held a community meeting to push back against what they say is unfair policy

  February 4, 2016

Can Baltimore's Mayoral Race Lead to Serious Change in Public Policy?
Journalists Jayne Miller, Luke Broadwater and Taya Graham debate whether there's anything of substance thus far emerging from the low-key campaign for Baltimore's top job

  February 3, 2016

Baltimore, like Ferguson, Has a Warrant Problem
University of Maryland law school professor Doug Colbert is proposing amnesty for tens of thousands of people who have outstanding warrants for minor crimes, but Maryland's judiciary branch is opposed despite widespread public support

  February 1, 2016

Equity Sought in Baltimore's Development Strategy
Advocates present solution to Baltimore's housing crisis

  January 31, 2016

How Baltimore's Tax System Reinforces Poverty
Maryland Public Policy Visiting Fellow Louis Miserendino says even obscure tax breaks are distributed disproportionately to wealthier neighborhoods and exacerbates the inequality that drives many of the city's social ills.

  January 27, 2016

Tax Breaks Won't Fix Poverty in Baltimore
Towson University Professor Cecilia Rio says plans like Governor Larry Hogan's proposal to offer tax incentives to stimulate growth will not alleviate the long term economic problems that plague cities like Baltimore

  January 22, 2016

Baltimore's Latest Tax Break Deal Meets Resistance
Taxation and finance committee delays vote for tax break of finance new development of west side biotech park after community complaint

  January 22, 2016

Candidate: Judges Can Reform Baltimore's Unequal Justice System
Todd Oppenheim who is running for circuit court judge says judges have the power to alleviate some of the most entrenched inequities in the city's legal system

  January 15, 2016

Confederate Supporters Steer Clear of Baltimore as Protesters Gather
Annual commemoration of Robert E. Lee at Baltimore monument does not take place as commission recommends removal of statue

  January 17, 2016

Former Cops: Urban Gun Violence Won't Stop Until We End the War on Drugs
Retired Baltimore Police officers Neill Franklin and Michael Wood say President Obama's gun reform proposals will help but still fall short of addressing the root causes of gun violence

  January 11, 2016

Maryland Police Reform Efforts Focus on Transparency
Proposals seek new training agency and civilian participation in police disciplinary process

  January 12, 2016

From Gilmor Homes to Park Heights, Baltimore Tries to Heal the Pain of Crime and Corruption
A street named after a 2015 homicide victim and a landmark settlement over a sex for repairs scheme at a city housing project mark a deal of both communal healing and concern

  January 8, 2016

Shelia Dixon: Baltimore is Going "Backwards"
In TRNN's first in-depth interview with mayoral candidates former mayor Shelia Dixon says the city needs to change course on policing, public housing, and tax policy

  January 6, 2016

Mayor's Race 2016: Residents Want A City Run for Them
TRNN correspondent Taya Graham previews our upcoming coverage of the 2016 race with a focus on policy issues intended to benefit residents of Baltimore City

  January 5, 2016

Inside Baltimore's Outrageous Bail System
TRNN speaks to bail lobby insiders and those working to abolish it altogether

  January 3, 2016

A Camera Prevents an Arrest
TRNN Top Stories of 2015: Baltimore police admit that camera presence during an interaction with a young man prevented his arrest.

  May 4, 2015

Toy Drive and Coat Giveaway in Gilmor Homes
7 year old TRNN Reporter Zachariah Barber speaks with activists from Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle about community organizing. Barber also has an exclusive interview with Baltimore City Councilmen Nick Mosby about his mayoral candidacy.

  December 29, 2015

West Baltimore on the Freddie Gray Case Mistrial
TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with residents of West Baltimore about the mistrial in the case of officer William Porter

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