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    Die-In for Police Accountability Staged at Baltimore-Area Mall
    Organizers disrupt traffic and shopping at the Towson Mall near Baltimore as actions demanding accountability for police brutality continue nationwide

      December 21, 2014

    Community That Halted Murders Plans to Sue Over Ongoing Police Abuse
    Residents of Baltimore's Rose Street Community say they are pursuing legal action against systemic police abuse, even while they have stopped murders in a 77 block radius for months

      December 19, 14

    Contextualizing Baltimore's Recent Police Shooting
    LEAP's Neill Franklin says the so called war on drugs and the over-policing of marginalized communities is the context for many negative interactions experienced by law enforcement

      December 17, 2014

    Loyola University Students March Against Police Brutality
    Loyola University students protest on their campus as a part of ongoing demonstrations against minority targeted police brutality and violence.

      December 12, 2014

    Baltimore Communities Wage Legislative and Grassroots Battles For Better Public Schools
    Baltimore residents have secured $1 billion over ten years to restore and revitalize their historically underfunded school district, while communities are undertaking grassroots efforts to ensure access to quality education for all students

      December 9, 14

    Can Corporations Help Save Baltimore's Crumbling Water System? (2/2)
    Emanuele Lobina, author of a new report "Troubled Waters" argues private water companies could spell disaster for the city's water system

      December 12, 14

    Can Corporations Help Save Baltimore's Crumbling Water System? (1/2)
    Emanuele Lobina, author of a new report "Troubled Waters" argues private water companies could spell disaster for the city's water system

      December 4, 14

    Baltimore City Says It Does Not Plan to Privatize Water
    Baltimore's city council questions top official over plans to use private companies to study how to improve Baltimore's aging water system as opponents warn such a move could lead to privatization

      December 4, 14

    Baltimore Erupts with Protests in Solidarity with Ferguson
    Hundreds march across Baltimore and shut down major thoroughfares the day after a St. Louis County grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown

      November 26, 14

    Baltimore Residents Demand Legislative Action to End Police Impunity
    Residents, attorneys and law enforcement officials offer testimony on whether the Maryland legislature should repeal key components of the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights.

      November 25, 14

    What's at Stake for the Black Electorate in Maryland?
    Dr. Jared Ball, professor at Morgan State University and radio host, and Hassan Giordano, political analyst for Fox News Radio, discuss the black vote and the Maryland gubernatorial race

      November 4, 14

    One in Ten Baltimore Residents Apply for Section 8 Housing after Waitlist Opens for First Time in a Decade
    Sun reporter Yvonne Wenger talks about the implications of tens of thousands of Baltimore residents applying for the Section 8 housing program, which subsidizes rent for needy families

      October 31, 14

    'One Baltimore' Rally Unites Groups Against Privatization
    TRNN's Megan Sherman speaks to labor leaders, activists and low-wage workers who oppose potential plans for privatization of the city's water and other public services, and say the issue is tied to growing crime and poverty in Baltimore

      October 30, 14

    Is Baltimore City's Water Supply Up For Privatization?
    City Hall denies the charge, but workers and advocates say an upcoming water contract could be a foot in the door for privatization

      October 3, 14

    Baltimore Mayor and City Council Clash Over Police Body Cameras
    Baltimore Sun reporter Yvonne Wenger explains why the Baltimore City Council wants body camera legislation passed immediately, while the administration of Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants it delayed

      November 2, 14

    Policing Isn't a Solution for Youth in Baltimore
    Bart Lubow, senior advisor at the Annie E. Casey Foundation talks policy changes for youth in Baltimore

      October 26, 14

    "Undue Force" and Police Brutality in Baltimore
    Baltimore Sun journalist Mark Puente discusses his investigation into police brutality cases that have cost the city $5.7 million

      October 10, 14

    Baltimore Mayor and Police Commissioner Unveil Supposed Action Plan to Reduce Police Brutality
    Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and police commissioner Anthony W. Batts released a lengthy 41-page report outlining their recommendations to curb police brutality in Baltimore.

      October 10, 14

    What Can The People Do to Challenge Systemic Racism in Baltimore? - Eddie Conway interviews Dr. Ray Winbush on Systemic (2/2)
    Dr. Ray Winbush speaks about how to address structural racism in Baltimore

      October 6, 14

    Where Do We Build Our House in This Swamp? - Eddie Conway and Dr. Ray Winbush on Systemic Racism in Baltimore (1/2)
    Dr. Ray Winbush discusses structural racism in Baltimore and urban centers across America

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