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  • The Real Baltimore

    Workers at Nation's Top Hospital Strike For Fair Wages
    The Real News goes to the picket lines as Johns Hopkins Hospital workers launch a three-day strike for living wages

      April 9, 14

    Baltimore Residents Decry Lack of Affordable Housing
    Statistics show Baltimore has as many as 40,000 vacant homes but only 43 affordable units are available per 100 extremely low-income households

      April 6, 14

    Maryland Residents Voice Opposition to Natural Gas Fracking Export Facility
    38,000 petitions submitted against the project while backers say more than 20,000 submitted in support

      April 3, 14

    Baltimore's MICA Adjunct Professors Set to Vote on Unionization
    MICA part-time faculty member Hannah Brancato and organizer Maria Maisto discuss the growing nationwide trend of adjunct professors organizing in order to collective bargain for decent salaries and benefits

      April 2, 14

    TRNN Debate: Should Baltimore 'Ban The Box'?
    TRNN hosts a debate between Councilman Nick Mosby who sponsored legislation that would prevent employers from immediately disqualifying job applicants with criminal records and Elizabeth Torphy Donzella of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

      March 24, 14

    Should Baltimore Privatize Its Public Housing?
    Housing advocate Jeffrey Singer and Councilman Bill Henry debate whether Baltimore should privatize 40% of its public housing stock

      March 13, 2014

    Popular Baltimore Weekly Bought By Corporate Media Subsidiary
    Marc Steiner says that we need independent and alternative media like The City Paper to do the important work of investigative reporting, as the popular weekly's fate follows national trend of media consolidation

      February 25, 2014

    Protestors Rally Against Proposed Maryland Fracked Gas Processing Facility
    Activists rally against Dominion Resources's proposed facility to process and ship natural gas across the globe

      February 24, 14

    Protesters In Baltimore Helped Launch A Wave of Anti-Vietnam War Activism (1/2)
    Joe Tropea, co-director of Hit & Stay: A History of Faith and Resistance, discusses the acts of civil disobedience against the Vietnam War involving Catholic priests in Baltimore who destroyed draft cards with blood and napalm

      February 24, 2014

    Maryland Protestors Rally To Repeal Citizens United
    Facing congressional deadlock, state lawmakers and advocates push for the repeal of Citizens United and limits to corporates pending

      February 13, 14

    Debate: Are Maryland Schools Ready for the Common Core Standards
    Marc Steiner hosts a debate whether to delay implementation of the Common Core curriculum in Maryland schools and to cancel this year's MSAs (Maryland School Assessments), with: Dr. Jack Smith, Chief Academic Officer of the Maryland State Department of Education, and Cheryl Bost, Vice President of the Maryland State Education Association.

      February 12, 14

    The Destruction of Baltimore's Middle East Community - Marisela Gomez on RAI (2/4)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Marisela Gomez tells Paul Jay that Johns Hopkins "broken windows" policy and Baltimore's use of eminent domain law helped destroy a once vibrant community

      January 9, 14

    Hopkins Trained Doctor Fights Hopkins Expansion Plans in Baltimore - Marisela Gomez on RAI (1/4)
    On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Marisela Gomez, a doctor and community activist, says one can't arrive in the Hopkins community and not see the huge disparity between this institution, and surrounding it a community that's been completely disinvested and abandoned

      January 9, 14

    If We Build It, They Will Come
    Paul Jay leads us through a tour of The Real News Media Center in Baltimore

      December 26, 2013

    Thousands Protest Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict Nationwide
    Hundreds in Baltimore demand justice for slain teen Trayvon Martin, changes to judicial system that allowed his killer to walk free

      July 18, 13

    Advocates Condemn Clearing of Baltimore's 'Camp 83' Homeless Encampment
    City clears 'Camp 83' and refuses to find residents shelter but private citizen provides campers temporary housing

      April 10, 13

    What to do about Baltimore Schools?
    Pt.2 Lester Spence and Marc Steiner discuss possible fixes to the crisis facing Baltimore public schools

      January 2, 2013

    What's Wrong with Baltimore Public Schools?
    A discussion with Lester Spence and Marc Steiner about the historical roots of the problems facing Baltimore public schools

      December 27, 2012

    Do Obama Policies Help Baltimore Schools?
    Baltimore Activists say "Race to the Top" harming Baltimore students and teachers

      September 6, 12

    Baltimore Elections Heat Up
    Baltimore's 8th district is a microcosm of problems facing many cities across America

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