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Exclusive from Bahrain: Interview with Human Rights Activist on Repression Against Formula One Race Protest
Sam Husseini interviews Said Yousif al-Muhafda, who was jailed for his twitter activism, about arrests, mass teargassing and use of shotguns to suppress peaceful protest

  April 22, 2013

Report from Bahrain
Reese Erlich: The uprising against monarchy grows more intense, mostly ignored by Western media

  December 28, 2012

Bahrain: The Forgotten Uprising
Courtesy: Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

  December 28, 2012

Bahrain Strips Citizenship as Crack Down Continues
Reem Khalifa: Reforms promised after UN report are ignored by government

  December 6, 2012

Bahrain Protesters Denounce US Support for Dictatorship
Reem Khalifa: Bahrain government plans to form union with Saudi Arabia as arrests and violence towards protestors continues

  June 26, 2012

US Arms Deal with Bahrain as Crackdown Continues
Robert Naiman: US plans $53 million arms sale as suppression of democracy movement gets a "seal of approval"

  February 8, 2012

Bahrain Monarchy From British Empire to US Fifth Fleet
Bahrain's Kings dependent on British, American and now Saudi protection

  -367806 min ago

US Defends Bahrain Dictatorship
Husain Abdulla: Hypocrisy defending rebels in Libya but supporting regime in Bahrain

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