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The Democratic Party

Top Democrats' War on Progressives Backfires in Texas
Despite open opposition from the DCCC, Houston progressive candidate Laura Moser advanced to a runoff in one of the first contests of the 2018 primary season. Larry Cohen of Our Revolution discusses the struggle for progressive Democrats under a corporatist party leadership

  March 8, 2018

For 2018, Top Democrats Follow the Big Money
Heading into the 2018 midterms, Democratic leaders are favoring corporate-friendly candidates -- even though Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign showed them a different path, Aaron Mate reports

  February 22, 2018

DNC Used Barricades To Keep Out Nina Turner From Delivering Petition
On July 25, Our Revolution President and popular Bernie Sanders surrogate, former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, went to DNC headquarters in Washington DC to deliver a petition compiled by Our Revolution with over 115,000 signatures in support of a people's platform.

  July 26, 2017

Progressives and the Democratic Party Pt.4
Cohen: Far right Republicans are dangerous, but also need to fight corporatists in Democratic Party

  February 6, 2010

Progressives and the Democratic Party Pt.3
Jeff Cohen: The struggle within the Democratic Party, starting from the Viet Nam War

  February 6, 2010

Progressives and the Democratic Party Pt.2
Cohen: Corporate plans took Democrats to the right and Republicans to the far right

  February 3, 2010

Progressives and the Democratic Party
Cohen:Swing voters are not ideological, if Obama doesn't deliver real change they will vote against him

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