Canadian miners strike global giant

Canadian miners strike global giant

Vale Exec Accuses Striking Miners of Racism
Strike gets ugly as Canadians respond to allegations of race-baiting in dispute with Brazilian company

  April 3, 2010

Canadian miners pushed to limit by 'scabs'
Thousands rally against use of strikebreakers in ninth month of dispute with Brazil's Vale

  March 29, 2010

Workers Can be Fired Without Just Cause in Brazil
TRNN REPLAY: During a 2009 strike of Canadian Nickel miners, Brazilian trade unions came to Canada to express solidarity and spoke about conditions for workers in Brazil.

  October 2, 2009

What it takes to be number one
The strike against Vale-Inco in Sudbury heats up as company threatens to use non-union labor

  August 22, 2009

Canadian miners strike global giant
Canadian workers fight against concessions at Vale Inco, one of the largest nickel mines in the world

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