Can G20 Avert Crisis?

Can G20 Avert Crisis?

Infrastructure, Food Security and Syria to Dominate G-20 Summit
Trinity College's Vijay Prashad says world leaders will need to wrestle with a no-job growth economy, food insecurity, and the effect of a possible rise in interest rates by the Federal Reserve [This interview took place before the Paris attacks.]

  November 15, 2015

G20 Summit Failed to Seriously Address Global Problems
Economist James Henry says the annual G20 summit has a tendency to focus on last week's news rather than fixing long-term issues like tax reform, infrastructural investment, and climate change

  November 17, 2014

Too big to fail? Nationalize
Leo Panitch: Can G20 avert crisis Pt.2

  April 5, 2009

Can G20 avert the crisis?
Leo Panitch: G20 trying to patch up the 'old world order'

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