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Foreign Policy

The Real News reports on US foreign policy

Guns or butter?
Howard Zinn: New president must choose between continued militarism and domestic well-being Pt 4/5

  October 25, 2008

Obama and the Americas
Will an Obama admin act differently towards South America? It may have no choice says Mark Weisbrot

  October 22, 2008

Forrest Hylton: Neither McCain nor Obama really know what 's happening in South America

  October 17, 2008

Obama, McCain and the Empire
Chalmers Johnson: No president has stood up to the military-industrial complex

  October 7, 2008

Americans and reality
Robert Parry: The Reagan presidency further detached Americans from world reality - Pt3

  October 6, 2008

Will a new US President mean a new foreign policy?
Gareth Porter: McCain subscribes to extreme neocon ideas, but Obama is not a break with the past

  October 5, 2008

War and 'Cash for Trash'
Gareth Porter: The state of the empire Pt. 4

  October 1, 2008

Palin's Apocalypse
ANP: Would biblical prophecies influence Palin's foreign policy positions? Nobody's asking her so far.

  October 1, 2008

Reactions to the first debate
From post-debate blues to the bailout and foreign policy - Four takes on who won the debate

  September 27, 2008

The debate on foreign policy
Gareth Porter dissects foreign policy debate

  September 27, 2008

McCain's straight mess express
Pepe Escobar: From his lobbyists, to the economy and foreign policy, McCain's express off the rails

  September 22, 2008

The "lipstick pit bull" goes to war
Sarah Palin wouldn't "blink" against Russia, Iran, Pakistan, "the terrorists"...

  September 13, 2008

Who is Randy Scheunemann?
McCain's neocon foreign policy adviser has been a lobbyist for arms companies & Saakashvili's Georgia

  September 8, 2008

Obama is fighting on McCain's terms
Andrei Tsygankov: Obama must rethink Russia policy or risk losing election on national security issues

  September 6, 2008

McCain, Palin and the Iraq War
Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern on Palin and what McCain knew about false info that led to Iraq war Pt1

  September 2, 2008

Obama Biden and Iran
The Obama-Biden worldview with Eric Margolis, Phyllis Bennis and Paul Heinbecker Pt3

  September 1, 2008

The encirclement of Russia
Chalmers Johnson: "We have to back down unless we are looking for real confrontation with Russia" Pt 3

  October 6, 2008

Putin accuses US of staging Georgia conflict
Gareth Porter: The US is going to use a double standard to condemn Russia

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