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    The Real News reports on Health Care

    New Bill Threatens Patient Safety
    Representatives and the pharmaceutical industry say 21st Century Cures will foster innovation, while critics argue that the legislative effort is a ploy to dismantle safeguards for short-term financial gain

      March 25, 2015

    The Case That Could Unravel Obamacare
    Physician Robert Zarr explains how King v. Burwell threatens not only the the Affordable Care Act but the larger fight for universal health care in the United States

      March 4, 2015

    One Million Workers Could Lose Obamacare Coverage Under New House Bill
    Legislation passed in the House last Thursday would extend work week requirement for employees from 30 to 40 hours, and is projected to add more than $50 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years

      January 11, 2015

    Vermont Bails On Universal Healthcare
    VT Governor Peter Schumlin says single payer will be too expensive for taxpayers, but Dr. Margaret Flowers says his math is used to protect big business interests

      January 4, 15

    Report Finds Maryland Residents Unhappy with Market-Based Healthcare
    Organizers Sergio Espana and Ben Palmquist discuss the findings of a new survey conducted by Healthcare Is a Human Right-Maryland

      December 12, 14

    One-Man Show "Mercy Killers" Reveals Dark Side of Healthcare System
    With 60 percent of bankruptcies caused by medical bills, performer Michael Milligan joins us to discuss his new play "Mercy Killers"

      July 28, 2014

    TRNN Debate: Is Obamacare In the Interest of Workers?
    In round two of our debate with Dr. Margaret Flowers and economist Dean Baker, we discuss whether CBO's prediction that Obamacare will trigger reduction of work hours will negatively affect workers

      October 3, 14

    Nurse Says He Was Fired After Speaking Out Against Hospital Merger
    Nurse and activist Tim Thomas alleges he was wrongfully terminated for speaking out against a merger that would hurt quality of service and increase prices for customers at the hospital where he worked for three decades

      October 3, 14

    What Would Universal Healthcare Look Like in the U.S.?
    Dr. David Himmelstein: The goal would be to expand Medicare to all, considering private insurance costs seven times as much to administer compared to Medicare

      October 3, 14

    Disastrous Rollout of Obamacare Should Shift Focus to Universal Healthcare pt 2
    As a new study finds most Americans want fundamental change in the US healthcare system, Wendall Potter discusses what concrete steps could improve it.

      October 3, 14

    Disastrous Rollout of Obamacare Should Shift Focus to Universal Healthcare pt 1
    Wendell Potter: Though the media has wrongly focused on some of Obamacare's shortcomings, the U.S. needs to make healthcare a human right

      October 3, 14

    While Media Focuses on Obamacare Glitches, Hundreds in MD Call for Universal Healthcare
    Hundreds march in Baltimore calling for the passage of a single-payer, universal healthcare system

      October 3, 14

    Obamacare Debate: Flowers vs. Baker
    Economist Dean Baker and Dr. Margaret Flowers debate the merits of the Affordable Care Act

      October 3, 14

    Nurses Union President: Obamacare Falls Short
    Jean Ross: As Obama's Affordable Care Act leaves tens of millions uninsured, now is the time to push for health care for all

      October 3, 14

    Healthcare Industry Has the Most Workplace Injuries but is the Least OSHA- Regulated
    Public Citizen: Healthcare industry's lack of worker safety standards and OSHA inspections resulted in 650,000 workplace injuries or illnesses in 2010.

      October 3, 14

    37 out of 42 Clinics To Be Cut in Round Two of Anti-Abortion TX Bill
    Rocio Villalobos: Abortion regulation would disproportionally affect reproductive health clinics for poor women of color

      October 3, 14

    Community Victory over Major Healthcare Corporation
    A community and labor coalition has just won a years-long battle against the largest private healthcare provider in San Francisco

      October 3, 14

    Why Are People with Health Insurance Going Bankrupt?
    Dr. Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese: Obama care will not put an end to medical bankruptcies - 80% of people going bankrupt due to healthcare costs had insurance

      October 3, 14

    A Grimmer State of the States
    Bob Pollin: New study shows states are paying more for medicaid as workers lose jobs with insurance; no help in sight from federal government

      October 3, 14

    Advocates of Universal Healthcare Protest Obama and Romney
    New York Doctors protest lack of single-payer activists in presidential debates

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