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Student Loan Debt

#MillionStudentMarch: Thousands Walkout Across The Country
As thousands demonstrate at over 100 campuses across the country, TRNN speaks to UC Berkeley student Lauren Butler who explains why students are fighting against tuition, debt and racism. Photo: Brandon Yadegari

  November 13, 2015

Graduating Class of 2015 Most Debt Burdened in History
TRNN Top Stories of 2015: 43 million people are carrying $1.3 trillion in student debt. Josh Hoxie & Mayra Guizar examine the options on the table for dealing with this crisis.

  May 18, 2015

TRNN Debate: How Can We Fix the Student Debt Crisis?
After Senate votes down Sen. Warren's student debt bill, Ronald Ehrenberg and IPS's Marjorie Wood discuss ways to attack the roots of student debt, which is now over $1 trillion

  June 12, 2014

Congress Passes Student Debt Deal, but Fails Students in the Long Run
Alan Collinge: Student loan bill only perpetuates a system that preys on students

  July 31, 2013

Student Loan Interest Rates Double
Lendman: Student loan industry is a racket, students should get the same low- interest loans as banks.

  July 2, 2013

Solution to Student Debt is to Get the Banks Out of the Education Business
Michael Hudson: Crippling student debt, which is also a drag on the whole ecnonomy, developed as governments pushed the burden of higher education costs onto students and pushed them into the arms of the banks

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