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Honduras' Flawed Vote Recount: A Cover-Up for Fraud?

The center-left opposition says Honduras' recount of the presidential election was just as flawed as the initial count, as protests against the government continue. Heather Gies reports from Honduras  December 13, 2017

Honduras Election: One of the Worst Elections in Recent Memory

Evidence is mounting that the Honduran presidential election is being stolen so that the conservative incumbent, President Juan Orlando Hernandez, remains in office. According to CEPR's Mark Weisbrot, the lack of credible elections in Honduras is a direct result of the 2009 military coup, which was aided by the US government, that put the National Party in power.  December 1, 2017

Protests Erupt as Honduras Presidential Election Results Reversed

The country's electoral authority reversed the initial presidential election results, now giving the conservative incumbent a lead in the vote count. Tensions are mounting as protesters clash with the police. Heather Gies reports from Tegucigalpa, Honduras  November 30, 2017

Opposition Wins Honduras Presidential Race, But Problems Lie Ahead

Honduras' incumbent President Hernandez has not conceded the election and President-elect Salvador Nasralla faces many obstacles implementing a left-of-center and anti-corruption agenda, as his supporters would like. Prof. Adrienne Pine of American University explains  November 28, 2017

'The Saudis are Going to Fight Tehran to the Last Dead American'

Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, Part 3  November 25, 2017

Why is the US Media and Foreign Policy Establishment Targeting Russia?

The antagonism towards Russia by U.S. media and foreign policy elites goes far beyond allegations of Russian interference in the U.S. elections  November 21, 2017

Venezuelan Regional Election: Opposition Claims Fraud in Areas They Won

The Governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela won 17 out of 23 governor races in Sunday's regional vote, prompting the opposition to claim fraud once again, without evidence. Lucas Koerner of analyzes the situation  October 16, 2017

Wilkerson: Under Trump, Al Qaeda is Flourishing

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, discusses record US military strikes under President Trump and how Al Qaeda is taking advantage of contradictions in US policy  August 17, 2017

30,000 Mexicans Have Disappeared in Past 10 Years

Laura Carlsen of the Center for International Policy says that as thousands disappear the Mexican government has turns a blind eye instead of investigating and preventing disappearances  August 13, 2017

Trump Sanctions Maduro

The U.S. imposed sanctions on President Nicolas Maduro after his sweeping victory in an election UN Ambassador Nikki Haley calls "another step towards a dictatorship." TRNN discusses the implications with author Steve Ellner and historian Miguel Tinker Salas  August 1, 2017

Is Venezuela's Withdrawal from the OAS Justified?

Mark Weisbrot, of CEPR, argues that the Organization of American States is not a true multilateral body because the US largely controls it, often against the interests of individual member states  May 8, 2017

Wilkerson on Afghanistan: The Longest U.S. War Will Go on for Decades

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says geopolitics and the Taliban's military strength will help keep U.S. troops in Afghanistan for decades to come.  May 4, 2017

Massive Pro and Anti Government Protests in Venezuela

While international media focused almost exclusively on the opposition protests and clashes with the police, the pro-government protests were equally as large, says Lucas Koerner from Venezuelanalysis  April 21, 2017

El Salvador Passes Historic Ban on Metal Mining

The Central American country is the first country in the world to establish a blanket ban on metal mining, protecting the environment following a 12-year political struggle  April 18, 2017

Honduran Activist Berta Caceres Stood Up Against Racism, Patriarchy, and Capitalism

Filmmaker Jesse Freeston marks the first anniversary of the assassination of Berta Caceres, an outspoken critic of US imperialism and environmental activist  March 2, 2017

The Real Baltimore: Sanctuary Cities As Resistance to Donald Trump

In episode two, we discuss Trump's plans to deport millions of immigrants and the potential impact of Trump's Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions  January 11, 2017

Latin America in 2016: The Resurgence of the Right Continues (1/2)

In Part one, we look at how in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, governments shifted to the right in Latin America in 2016, imposing neoliberal economics in a context of high dissatisfaction with government  December 31, 2016

Obama and the Decline of the Left in Latin America

Obama's presidency treated the prospect of democratic nationalism in Latin America similarly as other US presidents, and nearly everybody who was allied with Chavez is now gone, says Consortium News contributor Ted Snider  December 12, 2016

Baltimore's Latino Youth Speak Out After Donald Trump's Victory

Casa de Maryland organizer Lydia Walther-Rodriguez says Obama's record deportations have already prepared the Latino community for Trump  November 21, 2016

Two More Land Rights Activists Assassinated in Honduras

Honduran activists continue to suffer repression at the hands of state authorities and private companies, says filmmaker Jesse Freeston  October 21, 2016

For Indigenous Lenca People in Honduras, Rebellion Is a Centuries-Old Story

The assassination of one of the world's most celebrated activists earlier this year is a reminder that indigenous peoples in Honduras and other parts of Latin America face the same sort of plutocracy they faced hundreds of years ago  October 17, 2016

Who Really Is Tim Kaine?

For most Americans, last week's Vice Presidential debate is the only time voters will get acquainted with the relatively unknown Tim Kaine, so the Real News asks: 'what about Kaine was left out of the discussion?'  October 12, 2016

Second Presidential Debate A Missed Opportunity to Discuss the Need for Feminism

Liza Featherstone says that neither candidate put Trump's remarks on sexual assault in the context of prevalent gendered violence and inequality  October 11, 2016

Report: Obama Admin Paid Private Prisons $1 Billion to Detain Asylum Seekers

The push to warehouse asylum-seeking women and children in a private facility as a deterrent violates US obligations to international law, says Mark Fleming of the National Immigrant Justice Center  August 17, 2016

Venezuelan Opposition Unlikely To Secure Recall Referendum Before Year's End

Steve Ellner: The image of Venezuela as an oppressive failed state is really very far from what's happening on the ground.  August 14, 2016

Ex Counselor to Bill Clinton: Hillary's Economic Justice Incompatible with Her Corporate Relationships

In response to Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech, Bill Curry, former counselor to Bill Clinton's White House, says that progressives should focus on building an independent political movement  July 29, 2016

Danny Glover: Democratic Party Leadership in Damage Control

Danny Glover talks to Paul Jay about his impression of the Democratic National Convention so far  July 28, 2016

DNC: Tim Kaine Speech

Tim Kaine full Speech at the DNC Convention July 27 2016  July 27, 2016

Jill Stein: RNC Celebrating the 'Theatre of the Absurd'

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says the Republican National Convention is glorifying war abroad and the police state at home - it's about "Make America Hate Again"  July 20, 2016

Could The Anti-Trump Latino Vote Tip the Scales in the California Primary?

Bernie Sanders has broken with Obama's legacy of record deportations, which could earn him the support of Latinos who have mobilized against Trump, says writer Gabriel San Roman  June 3, 2016

Sanders Draws Huge Crowds in California While Clinton Holds Exclusive Meetings With Black Leadership Class

The rift between Black millennials and the Black political leadership class is widening ahead of the California primary, says Margaret Prescod, host and producer of Sojourner Truth  June 2, 2016

The Resurrection of a Honduran Journalist

Days after suffering a double attempt on his life, Felix Molina gets back to work covering the case of slain indigenous leader Berta Caceres  May 13, 2016

Four Men Arrested for the Murder of Berta Caceres

Grahame Russell of Rights Action Canada says there are too many serious irregularities with the investigation to trust it  May 4, 2016

The Real News of the Day - May 3, 2016

Detroit schools closed for 2nd day; Middle East and North Africa may be uninhabitable in 2050; gas and oil phase out best option; Indiana primaries; US Navy Seal killed in Iraq; Spain parliament dissolved; murder arrests in Honduras; Kirchner accused of corruption; Brazil's former presidential candidate accused of corruption; Whatsapp closed in Brazil; Venezuelan opposition recall referendum  May 3, 2016

Brazil's Impeachment Vote a Political Trial to Subvert Democracy

If President Dilma Rousseff is successfully impeached it will shake confidence in the entire Brazilian democratic system, says Maria Mendonca of the University of Rio de Janeiro  April 19, 2016

The Real News of the Day - April 12, 2016

House Majority Leader declines possible nomination, Honduras journalists protest, Zika virus is scarier, 400 Democracy Spring arrests, Macedonian police attack refugees, Venezuelan amnesty law nullified, Ecuador calls for all Panama Papers, massive heat wave in India  April 12, 2016

The Real News of the Day: April 7, 2016

Sanders and Clinton Tied, ACLU Sues US Gov't, Increasing Global Military Spending, Panama Papers Fallout, Puerto Rico Suspends Debt Payment, Greeks Strike, Haiti Election Postponed  April 7, 2016

Brazil's Legal Order as the Source of Political Disorder

Boaventura de Sousa Santos analyzes the state of Brazil's political and legal system  April 5, 2016

Washington Post Attacks Clinton's Role in Honduran Coup

Mark Weisbrot of CEPR says Hillary and the Obama administration helped the coup to succeed in large part by helping to prevent Zelaya's return to the presidency before the November 2009 elections  March 15, 2016

Clinton and Sanders Spar over Coups and Deportations

Scholar Meleiza Figueroa says that by evoking the history of US interventions in Latin America, Sanders offered a "teachable moment" for the American people  March 10, 2016

Indigenous Rights Leader Assassinated in Honduras

Jesse Freeston, the director of the documentary "Resistencia," tells us how Berta Caceres has become a martyr in the struggle against the Honduran post-coup regime and how the Obama administration bears responsibility for the current situation in Honduras.  March 3, 2016

How the Democratic Candidates Can Adopt a More Progressive Immigration Platform

Author and activist David Bacon says increasing deportations will not increase wages, but strengthening unions and workers' rights and raising the minimum wage will  February 26, 2016

Clinton and Sanders' Record on Deportation and Guest Worker Policies

Activist and author David Bacon says based on Bernie's record, it is clear he would support family reunification and guest worker rights - but when it comes to Hillary, it's not so clear  February 25, 2016

When ICE is at the Door

The Real News speaks to Central American immigrants in Maryland and Georgia about the most recent wave of deportations and the crippling fear communities feel because of it  January 29, 2016

Clinton in Denial About Impact of Trade Policy on Immigration

David Bacon, author of Right to Stay Home: How U.S. Policy Drives Mexican Migration, says asylum seekers are being sent back to desperate conditions created by U.S. policy in Central America  January 25, 2016

Days of Revolt: America's Death Squads

In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and investigative journalist Allan Nairn break down the mechanics of U.S. intervention across the globe, and the consequences still unraveling today.  January 5, 2016

Empire Files: The U.S. School That Trains Dictators and Death Squads

Abby Martin investigates this notorious school that is largely hidden from the American public; its crimes around the world, its star graduates, why it exists and the movement to shut it down. Featuring interviews with School Of the Americas Watch founder Father Roy Bourgeois and other SOAW leaders. Watch more on teleSUR  December 5, 2015

Will COP21 Lead to Carbon Markets and an Unenforceable Agreement?

Chris Williams and Amy Miller discuss the shortcomings that could find their way into the final text at Paris  December 4, 2015

The Global African: How Brazil's War on Drugs Replicates Failed U.S. Policies

In this episode of The Global African, we hear from Dr. Carl Hart, neuroscientist at Columbia University, on how the Brazilian government has implemented repressive drug laws that ultimately repeat the same mistakes made in the U.S. - In the second half of the show we cover new changes to the Rwandan Constitution that could mean that President Kagame ends up staying on until 2034. What is driving the push for this term extension?  November 14, 2015

Days of Revolt: Neoliberalism as Utopianism

In this episode of teleSUR's Days of Revolt, Chris Hedges and author John Ralston Saul discuss neoliberalism as an ideology, the breakdown of that ideology, and what comes next.  October 27, 2015

Latin American Leaders Demand UN Reforms

Journalist Andrea Ixchiu and Alex Main of the Center for Economic and Policy Research weigh in on the statements of the most outspoken leaders of Latin America and their call on larger nations to pay for the economic and environmental havoc unfolding across the world  October 1, 2015

Greg Grandin: Empire and Resistance

The Laura Flanders Show talks with professor and author Greg Grandin about his latest book, Kissinger's Shadow. Then we look at the US-supported coup in Honduras in 2009, plus some words from Laura on Guatemala.  October 7, 2015

Resistencia: Trailer

Feature documentary from former Real News journalist, Jesse Freeston, on the plantation occupation movement that rose up in response to the 2009 coup d'etat in Honduras.  June 28, 2015

Senate Tackles Root Causes of Central American Migration, But Ignores Trade Deals

The Senate Homeland Security Committee said that crime is driving the recent uptick in immigration to the U.S., while ignoring the effects sweeping trade deals like NAFTA and CAFTA  April 2, 2015

Summit of the Americas: All Eyes on Cuba

Glen Ford, executive editor of Black Agenda Report talks about the implications of having Cuba at the table and the growing calls to lift sanctions on Venezuela  April 10, 2015

The Summit of the Americas in the Context of US Imperialism

Scholar and activist Gerald Horne traces modern-day US foreign policy in Latin America to its colonial roots  April 10, 2015

The Global African: The Summit of the Americas & Reparations Conference

In this episode of teleSUR's The Global African, host Bill Fletcher examines the upcoming Summit of The Americas, recent Nigerian elections, and a conference on reparations.  April 10, 2015

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Criticizes Solidarity of Latin American Countries for Venezuela

Miguel Tinker-Salas says the U.S. plan to destabilize and isolate Venezuela has backfired as most Latin American states resent the interference and threats against Venezuela  April 9, 2015

Summit of the Americas: U.S. Hopes to Regain Control of the Political Process

Alex Main says the U.S. prefers a capitalist democracy to dictatorships, as long as it can control the outcome of elections  April 9, 2015

Venezuelan Gov. Releases Audio of Coup Plotters

On Thursday, Venezuela officials released recordings of what it said was proof that opposition figures and some military officers were plotting to overthrow the government - Analysis with Miguel Tinker Salas and Paul Jay  February 27, 2015

Bill O'Reilly May Have Covered-Up a Massacre

Greg Grandin, columnist for The Nation, reports that Bill O'Reilly may have deliberately ignored the 1982 massacre of hundreds in El Mozote, El Salvador while reporting as a foreign correspondent for CBS Nightly News  February 25, 2015

Christmas, Charity, and the Revolutionary Jesus

Chris Hedges and Rev. David Bullock discuss the real meaning of Christmas with Paul Jay  December 24, 2014

U.S. Border Patrol Influence Expands Down to Mexican Southern Border (2/2)

Journalist Todd Miller traveled to the southern Mexican state of Chiapas to uncover the reach of ICE and the military funding being pumped into the system  October 20, 2014

New Senate Bill Fails To Address Root Causes of Central American Migration

David Bacon: Senate Democrats' $2.7 billion proposal would escalate border enforcement but ignore the trade policies that drive migrants to the United States in the first place  July 28, 2014

Security, Refugees, and Profit at the U.S. Border

As record numbers of child migrants from Central America arrive at the U.S.- Mexico border, journalist Todd Miller says the crisis should be a treated as a refugee issue, not a security issue  July 11, 2014

Israel, World Capital of Homeland Security Industries - Shir Hever on Reality Asserts Itself (3/4)

Mr. Hever says Israel sells weapons and equipment of repression to countries with extreme inequality  July 11, 2014

Destroy Their Economic Livelihoods, and They Will Come

Jeff Faux: 95% of immigrant children who cross the US-Mexico border are from countries that the US has dominated or controlled during the past century  June 17, 2014

Child Detainees Victims of US Immigration Policy Based On Mass Incarceration & Detention

As the harsh conditions faced by children in overcrowded immigration detention centers dominate headlines, The Real News looks at the policy that created these conditions  June 15, 2014

Fighting Reagan's Secret, Illegal Wars - Michael Ratner on Reality Asserts Itself (6/7)

Mr. Ratner tells Paul Jay that Reagan ushered in a period of murderous suppression of opposition to US hegemony in Latin and Central America  March 12, 2014

An Apology From Fidel - Medea Benjamin on Reality Asserts Itself (2/4)

Ms. Benjamin tells Paul Jay about her love/hate relationship with Cuba  February 17, 2014

Fewer Crossing But Increased Deaths at US-Mexico Border

140 people died crossing the US-Mexico border in 2013  December 30, 2013

Thousands in Honduras Decry "Fraudulent" Election and Call for Recount

Activists and some election observers in Honduras vow to call for free and fair recount in election they say as rigged in favor of the ruling conservative party  December 2, 2013

Alleged Voting Irregularities Mar Honduran Elections

Left leaning opposition Libre Party decries electoral fraud, refuses to recognize official results indicating win for ruling right wing National Party  November 26, 2013

Honduran Presidential Election In Limbo

Honduran presidential candidate and wife of ousted-leftist president Xiomara Castro cries fraud in election, as nations seen as US proxies congratulate ruling party candidate.  November 24, 2013

Political Repression Intensifies Ahead of Honduran Presidential Election

Jesse Freeston: Violence and political repression by western-backed Honduran military raises questions if Sunday's presidential election will be open and fair  November 23, 2013

Honduras' Banana Coast: Ripe for Development?

Garifuna communities and developers battle over mega-tourism projects  October 21, 2013

Should Obama be Welcomed at 50th Anniversary of March on Washington?

Writer and activist Ajamu Baraka explains why President Obama should not be welcomed at the March on Washington Commemoration  August 26, 2013

Tens of Thousands Mark 50 Year Anniversary of the March on Washington

The Real News' Jaisal Noor speaks to Gary Younge, Cornel West and Amaju Baraka on relevance the 1963 March on Washington and if today's civil rights leaders are true to the movement's legacy  August 26, 2013

How the Media Got Guatemala's Dos Erres Massacre Wrong

Keane Bhatt: NPR received a Peabody award for their piece on the 1982 massacre, but they omit one important fact; the US directly sponsored the Guatemalan special forces that brutally killed thousands of civilians  August 1, 2013

The Far Reaching Tentacles of Border Militarization

Central American Migrants feel brunt of increasing border security in Mexico  July 7, 2013

In Mexico City Protesters Denounce Obama Deportations

Deported workers, families and activists rally outside US embassy demanding amnesty and reunification of broken families  May 5, 2013

Obama Visits Mexico - US Policy Helped Create a Land of Government Corruption and Narco Gangs

While the media concentrates on energy, trade talks and securing the border, the real issue is Mexico's descent into a narco-state  May 2, 2013

Oliver Stone's Journey from Cold Warrior to America's Untold History (1/2)

Oliver Stone Pt.1: I volunteered to fight in Vietnam and voted for Reagan; I started seeing through the lies and realized I had to start by understanding why we dropped the atomic bomb  March 29, 2013

The Ugly Canadian: Harper Policy in Latin America

Yves Engler: Canada has been openly hostile to Venezuela and leftward swing in Latin America - except in Cuba where Canada has large commercial interests  January 17, 2013

Broken Anvil: Human rights groups push for Washington investigation

Annie Bird of Rights Action discusses May 11th killings  October 30, 2012

Broken Anvil: Miskitu Communities Fight Militarization

Communities organize amid escalating violence in Honduras  October 30, 2012

Foreign Policy Debate Ignores Honduras, Congo and Repression in Egypt

Jihan Hafiz, Adrienne Pine and Kambale Musavuli discuss the Presidential debate on foreign policy  October 22, 2012

The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico is a Deadly Failure

Mark Karlin: Approximately 50,000 or more Mexicans have been killed since Mexican President Felipe Calderon launched a so-called war on drug cartels.  September 15, 2012

Collateral Damage of a Drug War

Alexander Main on the May 11 Killings in Ahuas and the Impact of the U.S. War on Drugs in La Moskitia, Honduras  August 21, 2012

Broken Anvil: Victims Fight for Justice After DEA Operation Leaves Four Dead in Honduras

Soldiers opened fire from U.S. government helicopters, killing four people, including two pregnant women  August 21, 2012

Media Repression in Honduras Speaks to U.S. Congress, but is anyone Listening?

TRNN speaks with the director of Honduran Radio Progreso about the state of terror that has killed more than twenty-five journalists in Honduras over the last three years as he waits to testify before the Human Rights Commission.  July 30, 2012

Romney Will Bring Far Right to Power At All Levels of His Administration

Jeff Faux PT4: Romney will attack unions and introduce extreme austerity  July 22, 2012

Ed Herman, Co-Author of 'Manufacturing Consent' Pt 1

Ed Herman, who wrote the famous book with Noam Chomsky, looks back at his life and what formed his thinking about the world  July 1, 2012

Honduran Scholars Call on US to Cease Support for Military and Police

Adrienne Pine: 40 Honduran scholars, supported by 300 academics from 29 countries, sent a letter to President Obama demanding the end of U.S. support for Honduran military and police training—and that the war on drugs is not a rationale for supporting a regime that is violently suppressing its own people.  June 11, 2012

Honduran President Lobo Given Leadership in International Relations Award at CHLI Gala

Right wing CHLI started by same Cuban American politicians who backed the 2009 Honduran coup and subsequent fraudulent elections that brought Lobo to power  May 15, 2012

US Isolated at Summit of Americas

Alex Main: From Cuba to the war on drugs, only Canada supports US policy  April 17, 2012

US Blocking Cuba Attending Summit of Americas

Alex Main: Latin America moving away from US control with CELAC, an alternative to OAS  March 24, 2012

Hundreds Killed in Honduras Jail Fire Shows Post-Coup Impunity

Guards fired at prisoners trying to escape, part of a militarization of security that does not hold police, soldiers or generals accountable for crimes and human rights violations  February 24, 2012

An Evening With Larry Wilkerson

Larry Wilkerson joins a panel of Real News members and Paul Jay as part of the special programming for the 200k fundraising challenge  December 12, 2011

The Deadliest Place in the World for a Journalist

Mini-documentary on the Honduran journalists that have watched 15 colleagues assassinated in 19 months under the Lobo regime, a government Barack Obama praises for its "strong commitment to democracy"  October 8, 2011,, The Real News Network, Real News Network, The Real News, Real News, Real News For Real People, IWT are trademarks and service marks of Independent World Television inc. "The Real News" is the flagship show of IWT and The Real News Network.

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