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  April 21, 2017

Cullen Hoback: What Lies Upstream

The documentary filmmaker discusses digital privacy and his latest film about the safety of drinking water.

Cullen Hoback has made several documentaries including Terms and Conditions May Apply, about the demise of peoplesí privacy online, and What Lies Upstream, which questions whether government is doing all it can to keep drinking water safe. Hoback tells host Robert Scheer that despite the damning information revealed by Edward Snowden about government spying, he was surprised at the lackluster response from the general public. He says private companies that monitor peoplesí data online, including one used by Donald Trump's campaign during the election, now claim to have thousands of data points on people. And, he discusses why there have been so few whistle-blowers to come forward about government monitoring and to stand up for safe drinking water.

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