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  March 24, 2017

Boyah J. Farah: A voice for refugees

The Somali-born American writer discusses his early life in the war-torn country and becoming an American.

Boyah J. Farah's nonfiction work has been featured in Salon, the Guardian and Truthdig. Farah, who came to the United States in 1993 as a teenage refugee, participated in the memoir incubator at GrubStreet (a creative writing school) in Boston. In their conversation, Farah discusses the dangers of President Trump's "tribal" rhetoric and the parallels he sees with the incitement of violence in Somalia during that country's war. He talks about the glorification of war by those who have never experienced it firsthand and how those people can never understand the alternative "galaxy" of living through war. And Farah tells Scheer about how writing has been a therapeutic experience for him.

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