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  October 21, 2016

David Dayen: The untold stories of the mortgage crisis

Robert Scheer sits down with writer David Dayen to discuss the fallout from the housing crisis.

David Dayen is a contributor to several publications, including the New Republic and His new book Chain of Title: How Three Ordinary Americans Uncovered Wall Street's Great Foreclosure Fraud details three homeowners' attempts to take on the complicated and at times fraudulent system of home mortgages that led to millions of foreclosures.

In their conversation, Dayen and Robert Scheer discuss the muted response from the federal government to the millions of people who suffered from the mortgage fallout. Dayen tells Scheer that the anger from the foreclosure crisis has contributed to the bitter and unusual presidential race this year. And they talk about why, despite the book's subjects' best efforts, little has been done to mitigate homeowners' losses.

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