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  November 4, 2016

Lizbeth Mateo: An immigration activist using herself as an example

In this week's Scheer Intelligence, Robert Scheer sits down with immigration rights activist Lizbeth Mateo to discuss what should be done for immigrants and her own status.

Lizbeth Mateo came to the United States with her family at 14, attended college and law school. Mateo returned to Mexico for several days in 2013 and has subsequently been denied DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) calling into question her ability to live and work in the United States. In their conversation, Mateo tells Scheer why she decided to become an activist and self-deport, knowing it was a risky move. She discusses why President Obama has been called by some "The Deporter-in-Chief." And she tells Scheer that whatever happens in the presidential election, fellow immigrants will not forget the politicians who remained silent while Donald Trump insulted them.

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