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  November 25, 2016

Johann Hari: Chasing the scream

Robert Scheer sits down with journalist Johann Hari to discuss what he has discovered about addiction and the war on drugs.

British journalist Johann Hari's work has appeared in many publications including the New York Times and the Nation, but he was forced to step away from journalism for a period of time after accusations of plagiarism. His recently published book Chasing the Scream documents the history of the drug war in the United States as well as the different approaches to illegal drugs and addiction around the world. In their conversation, Hari tells Robert Scheer about the first unofficial drug czar, Harry Anslinger, and his role in criminalizing drugs in the 20th century. Hari discusses the research he found that demonstrates a lack of connection in one's life can lead someone to “bond” with drugs. And he tells Scheer about the success Portgual and Switzerland have had in legalizing certain narcotics.

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