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  December 2, 2016

Blase Bonpane: A priest who defied the church

Robert Scheer sits down with priest Blase Bonpane to discuss his career working for peace in Central America and his conflicted relationship with the Catholic Church.

Blase Bonpane is the director of the Office of Americas, which works on advancing peace in the region, and author of the recent book The Nicene Heresy: Christendom and War, Reverence and Critique. Bonpane talks with Robert Scheer about his peace missions in Central America, including his work in Guatemala in the 1960s during that country's revolution. He talks about the Catholic Church's disassociation from him after his work and his eventual marriage to a nun. He also discusses the parallels he sees between the "religiosity of nationalism" in the United States and ISIS in the Middle East.

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