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  February 24, 2017

Juan Cole: Be wary of strongmen in the US and abroad

Robert Scheer sits down with actor and activist Mike Farrell to discuss his involvementThe history professor and essayist talks about Islamophobia and foreign relations under President Trump. in the anti death penalty movement.

Juan Cole teaches at the University of Michigan, has written extensively on the Middle East on his blog Informed Comment, and has authored several books on the region and Islam. In his conversation with Robert Scheer, Cole discusses what he sees as the over-reporting of Islamic terrorism in the United States and an unfounded association between violence and the religion. They talk about President Trump's stated interest in re-setting relations with Russia and whether that could be a positive development. And Cole tells Scheer that in spite of many attempts for peace in the Middle East, he sees a bleak future for the "stateless" Palestinian people.

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