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  February 12, 2017

Daughter of Undocumented Parents Speaks Out As Hundreds March in Baltimore Against ICE Raids

A preview of our full report on Baltimore march against ICE raids happening nationwide
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TIFFANY NANO-MIRANDA: My name is Tiffany Nano-Miranda. I'm from Long Island, New York. I'm currently a loyalist, I've been a junior and the reason I'm here today is for my parents who are undocumented, I was born here and I need to use my voice so does everyone else, you know, we just gotta unite, everyone...

JAISAL NOOR: And so, there's been a hundred people detained across the country, people detained in Baltimore. How does that make you feel, knowing that's someone that's personally impacted you?

TIFFANY NANO-MIRANDA: I wasn't gonna to live through an ICE raid, my dad was almost captured, I've had parents, mothers who were captured during ICE raids, and it hurts my heart to know that another generation is growing up with that same fear. So, I'm here fighting for them. I am here fighting for every little kid who has to grow up with a un-documented parent, scared for their lives, scared to lose their parents, their people...

CROWD: ... Woo! ...

JAISAL NOOR: Thank you so much...




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