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  January 20, 2017

As Trump Takes Office Baltimore Remains Defiant

City residents remain wary of Trump's commitment to address the city's long neglected problems
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MAN: Well, uh... they deserve a chance, but, uh, you know, that's basically all I can say. I think he deserves a chance. So, sorry Obama had to go, but his time just ran out. So, you know, I mean... fact of the matter is -- he won. So, there's nothing anybody can do about changing that. Just gotta be prepared for the next four years, you know?

MAN: But give him a chance. He's a hustler. You want to give Barack Obama a chance the first time; you gotta be able to give Donald Trump a chance. Who's to say that you gotta be a politician to run America? Give that man a chance. Aren't you tired of riding past all the job sites and seein' illegal aliens?

What about the Americans who were born here, who you can't do a background check on? Give Donald Trump a chance. I didn't vote for him, but I'm a hustler, so I love him. Give him a chance.

WOMAN: Make the people mad. Because they say his background, he don't have no political background. He's just a businessman. They say a good businessman. But then he say he's a liar and a cheater, you know? Fraud is in his history and how he don't even pay taxes.

WOMAN: That's right.

MAN: You know? He... oh, he uses other people's money to get rich. You know, that's what he be saying. I sure hope he do help Baltimore.

WOMAN: You know, I...

MAN: We've been needing help. We got... 'cause we got a lot of vacant buildings up around Monro and ... We got a lot of stuff that he could really help us out with down here.

MAN: Can't make no more aggressive than what they are. You know, can't make 'em no more aggressive than what they are. I mean, you know, uh... the inner city, the police, they... they basically, it's like they have something against, you know, low caste... low class people, you know? Individuals. You know? But... I don't know. I heard all about... something about them, them that pat-down thing?

WOMAN: Yeah. Stop and... stop-and-frisk.

MAN: Yeah. Well, I mean, that's... basically, that's illegal anyway, but they're gonna do it anyway, ain't gonna stop 'em. So, just be prepared. Just don't carry nothing, you know, so when they stop and frisk you, you just, don't be dirty.

MAN: I don't think Donald Trump will make a good president.

WOMAN: Okay. And...

STEPHEN JANIS: You think he's going to help Baltimore?

MAN: I hope so. I... yeah. I would like to see him do something to help Baltimore. I'll only believe it when I see it.

MAN: I understand the part about, we have a lot of presidents that might've been prejudiced, or has different issues, that we feel as though they should not be president.

But... this man, actually disrespected females, Muslim, on national TV, rather he was honest about it, or whatever. I don't think it was the appropriate thing to do. He has the attitude of a no-care, because man's prejudiced, obnoxious, and the way he just... the way he says... the things he says about people, females, especially. I don't think it's appropriate.

You're a president. He's going to head... he wants to... and now he's going to have to, like, everybody of different colors, different races, different forms or fashion.

WOMAN: Right.

MAN: He's going to have to respect them because without us, he's not going to have anything. I don't believe that he wants to help us in the way that we need to be helped. I don't believe that.

I'm talking about the way of... that I believe that, not only him, but Obama, a lot of presidents should've done. Come down in the neighborhood, the neighborhood. That means something.

WOMAN: I can't believe... I don't believe that he's going to do all the things that he said he was going to do, and 'cause the poor, the rich might be getting some, but the poor, we need some school, getting our schools fix... just fixed up. We need... you know, we need a lot.

TAYA GRAHAM: Do you think that he's really going to be a president for everybody, black, brown, Christian, Muslim?

WOMAN: No, I don't. No, I don't. I think he's doing it... well, I think he's gonna help the rich. And I don't know, sometimes I feel like that he's gonna take from the poor, because... I don't think that's fair. We need... you know, we need some things. We need schools, like I said, houses. A lot of people are homeless, land ... and... it's just a lot going on.

MAN: No. Actually, it would be... actually, uh... it would be, like, taking our rights away as we walk as human beings. I don't think that's fair, especially people that's like, working citizens. You can... you can just... just take for instance where I live at, in Cedonia. You don't see this crowd around in Cedonia. But you come down here, and they'll stop you automatically for no reason at all.

What I would like Donald Trump to do is, come from behind the bench, and actually come in the city, and walk with a guy named Alvin Norman Scroggins, Junior(?), so we can show him our struggle on a day-to-day basis. How black folks and, yes, 'cause how black Americans have this struggle to provide for their families and homes, but yet he's talking about taking health insurance, all these things...

MAN: He's not fit to run a country.

TAYA GRAHAM: Okay. And is there anything in particular that made you think that, was it something he said, or...?

MAN: It's everything about him. That's it.

TAYA GRAHAM: So, when he... today in his speech said that he was going to help urban communities. Do you believe him when he says he's going to help cities like Baltimore?

MAN: I don't believe anything he says.

WOMAN: They was gonna pull the plug on me because my insurance had lapsed. Thank God my mother and my daughter showed up at the clinic I was going to. They flew me over there that same week. They flew me over there, my...




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