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  November 16, 2016

Nationwide Protests Against Trump and Dakota Access Pipeline Tuesday

Students walked out of school en masse to protest Trump's election, as hundreds of actions were held demanding President Obama reject the Dakota Access Pipeline
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JAISAL NOOR, TRNN: Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline were held in hundreds of cities across the world Tuesday. Meanwhile hundreds of school students walked out of classes in Washington to protest against the presidential victory of Donald Trump, marking a second week of demonstrations around the United States.

The protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline targeted the Army Corps of Engineer offices across the country.

In DC, some 250 sat in at the headquarters of the Army Corp as hundreds more rallied outside. Thus far, it’s unclear if any had been arrested.

Among those speaking out were Indigenous leaders,

SPEAKER: Now people are thinking about water is life. So we’ve got to go to the White House now because we’ve got to tell President Obama, step up, step in.

NOOR: Actor Shaeline Woodly.

SHAELINE WOODLY: We have to take action now. And the way to do that is hold this current administration accountable.

NOOR: And former NAACP head Benjamin Jealous.

BENJAMIN JEALOUS: If we are organized, then organized people can Trump organized money every day.

NOOR: Jealous said Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders would be joining a protest to the capital Tuesday night demanding the pipeline be stopped.

On Monday, the corps announced they are delaying their decision on whether or not the pipeline can be built on public land, saying the Standing Rock Sioux need meaningful input in the decision. But activists are pushing for Obama to make a decision before Trump takes office because its believed he would approve the pipeline

The Anti-Trump demonstrations Tuesday followed several nights of unrest around the United States in response to the upset victory.

Students chanted phrases like "not my president" after walking out of classes across the country.

The latest protests came as critics slammed Trump's selection of right-wing firebrand Stephen Bannon as his chief strategist, with many fearing the move could lift the white nationalist movement into the top levels of the White House.

Peaceful demonstrators in cities have said Trump threatens their civil and human rights. They have decried Trump's often inflammatory campaign rhetoric about undocumented immigrants, Muslims, women, as well as allegations the former reality TV star sexually abused women.

Civil rights groups and police have monitored violence against U.S. minorities since Trump's win, citing reports of attacks on women in Islamic head scarves, of racist graffiti, and of bullying of immigrant children.

Go to the for ongoing coverage of the election of Donald Trump. On Thursday, we will be livestreaming and reporting on a rally in Washington, uniting labor and environmental and consumer groups which will feature Bernie Sanders and the National Nurses United.

For the Real News, this is Jaisal Noor.


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