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  November 11, 2016

Mass Protests in the Streets of Baltimore After Donald Trump's Election

The Real News speaks to protestors that marched in Baltimore against Donald Trump's stunning victory. Video by Cameron Granadino
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JAISAL NOOR, TRNN: Welcome to the Real News. I’m Jaisal Noor in Baltimore. We’re here at this massive protests against Donald Trump. Hundreds of people took to the streets today. We’ve livestreamed a lot of it. It was hours long. It snaked through Baltimore, it ended up in the Harbor and it’s still going.

[[CHANTING]]: No hate. No fear. Blacks lives, they matter.

SPEAKER: I feel enlightened to see people stepping together in what they believe and you know sometime you have to take over and make a stance so you can some noise so people can listen. That’s all. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s peaceful. No drama. It’s just a point getting across. Hopefully he gets the message.

NOOR: You see people that are lined up to enter the Ravens game. There’s hundreds of protestors that have marched down here.

[[CHANTING]]: Not my president.

NOOR: What are your thoughts right now.

SPEAKER: Fuck Donald Trump.

SPEAKER: Flat out man.

NOOR: How do you feel about all these people out here?

SPEAKER: That’s beautiful man. Fuck Donald Trump.

NOOR: Do you wish you were out here right now?

SPEAKER: Yea I’m out here. I’m going to the game now. We were walking with them from all the way up there. We had to pull over at the game though.

NOOR: So you’re in line for the game right now?

SPEAKER: Hell yea. Fuck Donald Trump.

NOOR: Do you wish you were out here with the people right now?

SPEAKER: I got tickets to the game. Huge Bernie fan. Go Bernie Sanders.

[[CHANTING]]: Not my president.

SPEAKER: My entire family’s from Egypt. They’re all strict Muslims. I’m not as good of a Muslim. But my sister should not have to ask me to go to the fucking mall with her because she’s too scared to wear her [inaud.].

SPEAKER: My dad came here from Ethiopia. He is an immigrant. My dad’s done 4 years in prison for protesting like we are. So this is a beautiful thing that we are doing. Donald Trump says he doesn’t want immigrant. Does my father not matter? Do I not matter?

[[CROWD]]: You matter.

SPEAKER: And all my Muslims and all my Hispanic brothers and sisters, I love you and you matter. You matter. And all my brothers, my white brothers, my black brothers, all of you guys, when us women says my pussy grabs back, I want y’all to say, pussy grabs back. Because without y’all we are not safe. Donald Trump is a sexist. He is a rapist. He’s on trial for touching a 13 year old little girl. You guys need to be the change that y’all want to see. Y’all men need to check each other okay? My pussy matters to me. My pussy grabs back. So when I say that I want y’all to say it too. Black lives matter okay. My beautiful black queens, I know your struggle okay? Alright? Thank you guys.


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