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  September 22, 2016

MST Occupies Government Building in Salvador, Bahia

TRNN Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with MST activists about the political and economic crisis in Brazil
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EDDIE CONWAY, TRNN: I’m Eddie Conway reporting for the Real News.

I’m inside a building that’s being occupied by MST the Landless Workers Movement in response to what they called the coup against the former president. There’s actions taking place all across the country. This is one particular action here and I’m talking to several of the active militants that are occupying this particular government building.

SPEAKER: I am a militant of MST Bahia and this building is the anchor, is the headquarters, in the State of Bahia, of the institution that makes laws about the land. There is a transformation of the class struggle in our country and the aim of the transformation is to rip off all the rights of the working class. So us the poor people of the lands, could be peasants. We do not recognize this government because this government they don’t have any votes. They don’t have the programs that is approved by the people. They have a coup that is trying to take all the rights. So we are here occupying this building and in several other states the MST is occupying buildings like this and we do not recognize this government. There are thousands and thousands of families living in camps fighting for the land and we want those families to have their lands.

SPEAKER: The agrarian reform represents education, healthcare, and improvement of infrastructure. MST seeks to democratize access to land and has inspired hundreds of people towards these causes. Here in Brazil, MST has sparked many of the important changes and transformations. As a leader in the party, I passed laws that sought to address racial inequality in the State of Bahia.

SPEAKER: At the time I joined MST there were more than 10,000 people involved, leading initiatives related to nutrition, healthcare, and education. It was during the time that I became involved with MST. Women were becoming involved, there was gender equality. Women and men became involved in all positions MST and across the natural directive. The representation throughout of women has only increased and improved the visibility of women in the struggle.


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