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  December 28, 2015

The Story of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising Told Through the Voices of the People

The TRNN staff's coverage of the transformative year when the people demanded to be heard
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The Freddie Gray Case
Freddie Gray and the Baltimore Uprising
Discrepancies Continue to Emerge in Officer's Statements During Freddie Gray Case, and the Media Keeps Ignoring It
Medical Examiner: Police Brushed Aside Requests for Evidence in Gray Case
Would the Cops Be Convicted if #FreddieGray was White?
Outrage after Officer Accused of Murder in Freddie Gray Case Found Not Guilty of All Charges
#FreddieGray Case Spurs Activism and Action in Baltimore Classrooms
Opening Arguments Presented in Second Freddie Gray Trial
Second Trial in #FreddieGray Case to Begin Thursday
Judge Orders William Porter To Testify in Trial of Fellow Officers in Freddie Gray Case
The Story of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising Told Through the Voices of the People
Anger in Streets of Baltimore as Mistrial Declared in Freddie Gray Case
Media Hypes Potential Unrest as Jury Says It's Deadlocked in Freddie Gray Case
Jury Hears Closing Arguments During Trial of William Porter in Freddie Gray Case
Former Cop: Officer in Freddie Gray Trial Does Not Have Discretion to Break the Law
Defense Rests its Case in Trial of First Officer Charged With Killing Freddie Gray
Neill Franklin Testifies in Trial of Third Officer in Freddie Gray Case
NAACP Official: Freddie Gray Case Shows Baltimore Police Need Overhaul
Officer Grilled Over Inconsistent Statements in Freddie Gray Trial
Accused Officer Takes Stand for First Time in Freddie Gray Case
Analyst: Prosecutors Present Strong Case Against Cop Accused in Death of Freddie Gray

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