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  November 1, 2015

Coat Giveaway In Housing Project Where Freddie Gray Was Killed

7 Year Old Zachariah Barber talks to Gilmor Homes residents about pre-Halloween festivities.
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Coat Giveaway In Housing Project Where Freddie Gray Was KilledVIDEO CAPTION: Gilmor Homes is a housing project in West Baltimore, where Freddie Gray was fatally beaten by police on April 12, 2015.

On October 29, 2015 the local American Friends Service Committee's Coalition of Friends organized a coat giveaway and Halloween party for the youth residents of the project.

The host of this segment is Zacheriah Barber, a 7 year old resident of the homes.

ZACHERIAH BARBER: Well, today people is getting face painted because today is a happy day, because today they're giving out coats because to--well, two more days it'll be Halloween because Halloween is on Saturday. But let's see the face painting. Who are you going to be?

- I don't know yet.

BARBER: What are you going to be?

-I'm gonna be [nothing].

BARBER: Okay, let's go over here. Well, today people was getting their moonbounces, which is a special day for all of the kids. What's your name?


BARBER: Where do you live?

POWELL: Where do I live? I live in Govans, like, Northeast Baltimore.

BARBER: What is it like being here?

POWELL: What's it like? Fun. A little anxious, you know, watching all these kids in this moonbounce, it's a little dangerous. I get kind of nervous when kids are bouncing all up in the air, you know. I have a four-year-old, so you know. It gets my nerves going. Can y'all get in again? Yeah, you just got to wait in line, though.

BARBER: Are you going to be anything for Halloween?

POWELL: Am I--? Yeah, actually, I'm going to be Robin, from Batman. I'm going to be Robin. And my kid's going to be Batman.

BARBER: Both of them?

POWELL: No, my kid's going to be Batman and I'm going to be Robin. I'm going to be his sidekick.

BARBER: What's your wife going to be?

POWELL: I don't have a wife.

BABBA: What you be doing here?

MORVIN POOH JACKSON: I'm a community organizer.

BARBER: Do you do anything?

JACKSON: Yeah, I organize the community, trying to do things for y'all. Trying to get us a center. We have Mr. Mosby here. We're going to, might be opening up a center here, we might have a youth center for y'all. I'm also organizing, trying to bring the community together.

BARBER: Is y'all going to get a playground in here?

JACKSON: Yeah. We used to have a playground here. We're going to try to get one back. We're going to put one back here for y'all. We just did the basketball court not too long ago. But hopefully, we have some supporters out here like Mr. Mosby, we're trying to get him to help us out with these things that we need for y'all.

BARBER: Mr. Mosby. [Inaud.]

NICK MOSBY: What's up, big man?

BARBER: What do you like to do?

MOSBY: What do I like to do? I like to be a good public servant for young guys like you, making a good example for you. What do you like to do?

BARBER: Well, like help people do stuff, do arts and crafts. Do stuff in the community, too.

MOSBY: What's your favorite subject in school?


MOSBY: Okay. All right, what other question did you have for me? Because you're supposed to interview me, I'm not supposed to be interviewing you.

- I want to interview you.

MOSBY: You want to interview me?

BARBER: What are you going to do today while you're here?

MOSBY: Well, I came and I dropped off some coats. I got a call yesterday that they're having a coat drive, so I dropped off five boys' coats, nice winter coats, and I'm just hanging out.

BARBER: How do you do that stuff when you put it on your nose?

ANDREAS “SPILLY” SPILIADIS: You know, I'm glad you asked. It's really, it boils down to three things. And these three things, by the way, if you remember them they will help you to do anything that you want in life. Okay, you ready for the three? First thing is practice. You know what that is, right? Right, you know what practice is. All right. Second thing, practice. You want to guess what the third thing is?

BARBER: Practice.

SPILIADIS: You already know. Go ahead.

BARBER: Can you do it real quick in front of the camera?

SPILIADIS: Sure, I'll show you basically what it is.

BARBER: Watch out.

SPILIADIS: You want to balance it on your head. And then if you want to get fancy--excuse me for a second. Excuse me. [Inaud.]

BARBER: You did good!

SPILIADIS: Thanks. What is your name?

BARBER: Zacheriah.

SPILIADIS: Zacheriah. Nice job interviewing. Awesome.


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