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  August 27, 2015

National Day of Action Pushes Democratic Senators to Support Iran Deal

Supporters of Iran nuclear deal attempt to counter AIPAC spending by targeting key Democratic Senators who remain on the fence
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David Dougherty began working with The Real News Network in 2011, covering contemporary social movements and international relations in the Americas. He is a regular collaborator with TeleSur TV. David lives and works in both La Paz, Bolivia and Baltimore, Maryland.


National Day of Action Pushes Democratic Senators to Support Iran DealDAVID DOUGHERTY, TRNN: The deadline for Congress to review the Iran nuclear deal is fast approaching, and opponents have poured more than $40 million into sinking it.

On Wednesday, August 26 the liberal advocacy group Move On held a national day of action at the offices of Democratic senators who remained on the fence about the deal. Like here in Baltimore, outside the office of Maryland Senator Ben Cardin.

DEMONSTRATOR: We're telling folks to please contact Senators Mikulski and Cardin, and please ask them to support the Iran deal. They have not yet taken a position on it. Extremely important that they do. As President Obama said, the alternative could be another stupid Mideast war that we do not need.

DOUGHERTY: Senator Cardin is the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, and a top Jewish congressman. He has ties to powerful pro-Israel lobby groups. Demonstrators expressed concerns that Democratic senators threatening to block the deal could lead to another war in the Middle East.

WINIFRED DEPALMA, DEMONSTRATOR: We'll simply be promoting an escalation instead of a de-escalation of the tensions in the Middle East. Iran poses no threat to the United States. Iran has not invaded any other country in literally centuries.

DEMONSTRATOR: Congress has until September 17 to reject the deal, and opponents need a Congressional supermajority of 67 senators to have enough votes to override President Obama's veto. Leading Republicans have acknowledged that they likely won't have enough votes, but advocates on both sides of the issue are keeping up the pressure ahead of the September vote.


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