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  June 9, 2015

As News Trucks Leave, the Music Stays

A month after the Baltimore uprisings over the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody, the political hip hop duo Rebel Diaz gave a free concert in the Gilmor Homes
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RODRIGO VENEGAS (AKA RODSTARZ), MEMBER OF REBEL DIAZ: My name is RodStarz. I'm one half of the hip hop group Rebel Diaz.

[music plays]

TEXT ON SCREEN: The political hip hop duo Rebel Diaz gave a free show at the home of Freddie Gray a month after his death while in police custody.

R. VENEGAS: The day that Freddie Gray died, we were actually in the area, we were in D.C. doing a show. So we were bugging out, 'cause we were on tour, and, you know, that's our livelihood is working, traveling.


R. VENEGAS: I'm going to try and roll up there to the studio.


R. VENEGAS: Alright.


VENEGAS: Respect.


VENEGAS: Thank you, man. You're the man.


VENEGAS: That's the reason I'm here, bro. You know, I couldn't even--I can't even put that into words. We met Eddie Conway, you know what I'm saying, obviously knowing about his history, 44 years behind bars. That was one of the main people that I was thinking about, you know what I mean, when I was like, man, Baltimore, you know, the young people set it off, it was an uprising; I've got to link up with up with Eddie.


GONZALO VENEGAS, MEMBER OF REBEL DIAZ: In the South Bronx, we're facing the same deal. You know what I mean? Blacks, Latinos, poor people. You know what I'm saying? We're getting pushed out of our neighborhoods, and they're doing it with a terror style, bringing in the tanks and all that. So when we talk about today's hood solidarity, we're talking about peace, we're talk about culture, we're talking about linking the older generation with the babies. And this is what's happening. So we're blessed to be with you all here today. Come on.

R. VENEGAS: Let's go.

G. VENEGAS: And we still put our fist up, though, too.


R. VENEGAS: I mean, one thing is, like, we do concerts. That's my profession at this point in life. It's what I do for a living.


But to me these are the type of shows that you bring them home with you in your heart. You know what I mean? 'Cause to see these young people and their faces, and they're smiling, and the little kids dancing, there's no price you can put on that. You know what I'm saying? Like, that's a beautiful--I'm inspired, man. I'm about to go back home and try to do an event like this in the Bronx. I'm leaving here feeling like I owe them a thank you, 'cause they inspire me.

Gilmor Homes, we love you all, man. We're coming back for sure.


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