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  May 2, 2015

Protestors Defy the Curfew

TRNN's Paul Jay went down to Baltimore City Hall on Friday night
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CHANTING: Hey hey, ho ho, this curfew has got to go. [Chant repeats]

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: We're in front of the square, in front of City Hall. There's a small group of young activists who are chanting, hey hey, ho ho, this curfew has got to go! It is now 10:00 PM. And the curfew is about to--actually started about five seconds ago. There's a bunch of police lined up in the streets behind us, and in theory are going to move in and try to clear these kids out. It seems to be that they have decided to defy the curfew tonight, and I guess we'll see where this leads.


- We have a right to be here.

- Geraldo is a racist scum.

- Guys, guys, guys, guys. Let him talk.

- Geraldo is a racist scum, and you need to get the fuck out of here.

- Shut the fuck up, Geraldo.

- Geraldo, get out of here.

- The [inaud.] man over here. The [inaud.] man over here.

- Fuck you and all the media, this is Baltimore's issue. Get the fuck out.

- Go home, we don't want you here. You already talked bad about us, get the fuck out of here.


POLICE OFFICER: Sir, step back. Step back from us. You can film all you want, but don't come into police operations, understood?


PROTESTER, ARRESTED: Can I sit up, is that okay? Seriously, I'm not joking. My left shoulder is really fucked up. Can you get me an ambulance, please? Quickly, man. Shit. You guys get--that white, that dude in the white police officer's uniform. He--I don't know what his deal is, but I was like--he literally said I had two seconds, then he just started fucking me up. And I didn't even say anything to him, I was like, I just said, dude, can you please calm down? I swear to God.

I really--all right, I'm being serious, I need a fucking ambulance. Dude, I--shit. I need a--dude, can you please, like, can one of you guys cut this and cuff me back up in the front? Like, I'm being serious. My left arm is really beginning to bug me. Could you un--could you cut this, and then you can re-cuff me in the front. I don't--like, from this position it really hurts. It really hurts. Damn it. Shit.


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