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the peoples summit

Sanders Activist Says Progressives Should Not Accept Clinton as the Nominee Without Protest
Annabel Park tells Paul Jay that there should be no more excuses made for the Democratic Party ignoring the demands of its supporters
DATE: 2016-07-03 | LENGTH: 10:35

Kendrick Sampson: The Movement is About Change from the People
The Vampire Diaries actor says he will continue to support the movement borne from the Bernie Sanders campaign
DATE: 2016-07-01 | LENGTH: 11:23

The Conflict is Between Wall Street and Main Street within the Democratic Party
Thanks to the Sanders movement, corporate interests in the Democratic Party are a little weaker now than a year ago, says Michael Lighty of National Nurses United
DATE: 2016-06-30 | LENGTH: 15:16

Nina Turner: The Oligarchy Must Be Challenged by Everyday People
At the People's Summit, former Ohio Senator Nina Turner tells Paul Jay that the Sanders campaign fought for policies that have mass support, but the Democratic Party will adopt them only if ordinary people hold its feet to the fire
DATE: 2016-06-26 | LENGTH: 03:59

Sanders Delegate: People Understand that the System Is Rigged in Favor of the Billionaire Class
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa tells Paul Jay that the corporate media won't take this message to the people, so we have to bring it directly to them
DATE: 2016-06-26 | LENGTH: 07:10

Sanders Delegate: Climate Change and the Israeli Occupation Must be Raised at the Convention
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa tells Paul Jay that a progressive victory in the White House must begin with wins at the local level
DATE: 2016-06-25 | LENGTH: 06:01

To End War in Syria, Adopt "First, Do No Harm" Diplomacy
Institute for Policy Studies fellow Phyllis Bennis tells Paul Jay that the 51 State Department officials' call for airstrikes against Syrian President Assad gets it wrong, and what we really need is a full withdrawal of US troops and an international arms embargo
DATE: 2016-06-24 | LENGTH: 08:50

Sanders Delegate - If No Significant Concessions at Dem. Convention, Then There Will be Civil Disobedience Inside and Out
Carlos Ramirez-Rosa tells Paul Jay if Clinton doesn't 'move left' at the convention, 'protests and civil disobedience are not off the table'
DATE: 2016-06-24 | LENGTH: 10:15

Where's the Anti-War Movement in the 'Political Revolution'?
At the People's Summit in Chicago, Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Phyllis Bennis says the peace movement needs to link with the coalition associated with the Sanders campaign
DATE: 2016-06-24 | LENGTH: 09:27

Kshama Sawant: Attempting to Work Within The Democratic Party Only Stymies Outside Strategy
At The People's Summit in Chicago, Kshama Sawant tells Paul Jay that to create real political change, movements must abandon the Democratic Party
DATE: 2016-06-23 | LENGTH: 18:51

RoseAnn DeMoro: Sanders Campaign a Historic Source of Political Education
At The People's Summit in Chicago, Executive Director of National Nurses United Roseann DeMoro says that the Sanders campaign has made the immense influence of Wall Street on the Democratic Party apparent, and that many don't have faith that the party is reformable
DATE: 2016-06-21 | LENGTH: 10:05

Naomi Klein on the Ousting of President Rousseff
At the People's Summit in Chicago, Naomi Klein tells Paul Jay that the suspension of Dilma Rousseff's presidency in Brazil should be called a coup
DATE: 2016-06-21 | LENGTH: 01:53

The People's Summit: RoseAnn DeMoro
RoseAnn DeMoro, executive director of National Nurses United, explains how the Sanders movement does not exist in isolation
DATE: 2016-06-20 | LENGTH: 09:20

The People's Summit: Saturday Morning Speeches
Featuring National Nurses United Executive Director RoseAnn DeMoro, Former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard
DATE: 2016-06-20

Naomi Klein on the US Elections, the Democratic Party, and What the Movement Does Next
At The People's Summit in Chicago, Naomi Klein and Paul Jay discuss how to build a movement independent of the Democratic party, yet capable of waging a struggle within it
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