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Bernie Sanders and Danny Glover Exclusive on The Real News
In an exclusive interview with TRNN, Bernie Sanders says Clinton will have to defy the oligarchs if she is to earn active campaigners from his supporters
DATE: 2016-04-23 | LENGTH: 11:55

Hillary Clinton's Emails and the Dangers of Conducting Diplomacy in Private
Bill Curry and Terry O'Neill join Paul Jay to discuss the FBI statement and the need for all government official's communications on public matters to be FOIA-able
DATE: 2016-07-05 | LENGTH: 15:22

Sanders Activist Says Progressives Should Not Accept Clinton as the Nominee Without Protest
Annabel Park tells Paul Jay that there should be no more excuses made for the Democratic Party ignoring the demands of its supporters
DATE: 2016-07-03 | LENGTH: 10:35

Revolution Must Continue (2/2)
Paul Jay is joined by Yvette Carnell, founder at, and Salon columnist Bill Curry, discussing Sanders' address Thursday encouraging people to run at every level of government
DATE: 2016-06-18 | LENGTH: 14:25

Sanders: Defeat Trump, but Political Revolution Must Continue (1/2)
Paul Jay is joined by Yvette Carnell, founder at, and Salon columnist Bill Curry, discussing Sanders' address Thursday night about what he thinks the movement should do next
DATE: 2016-06-17 | LENGTH: 21:36

Why is Sanders Holding Back on Endorsing Clinton?
Norman Solomon of says Sanders should leverage his power to secure a suitable vice-presidential nominee that will defend a progressive platform
DATE: 2016-06-16 | LENGTH: 09:12

Clinton Wins DC, Sanders Still in the Fight
Bernie Sanders met with Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night but he did not endorse her; Sanders says he will continue to fight to reform the Democratic Party and insist on progressive objectives in the party platform
DATE: 2016-06-15 | LENGTH: 02:11

Mr. Sanders Goes to Washington: Obama Presiding Over "Not a Marriage, But a Truce"
Bill Curry, former Clinton White House Counsel, says Sanders has built an independent political movement that is going to hold the Democratic Party accountable to the base; what is required is a frank recognition of the policy differences between the base and the leadership
DATE: 2016-06-10 | LENGTH: 20:31

Bob Scheer: Sanders' Accomplishments Miraculous, But The Movement Is About More Than Sanders
Robert Scheer says that the Sanders movement must develop a strategy to go beyond the convention and focus on electing progressives to Congress and state legislatures and supporting the Green Party
DATE: 2016-06-09 | LENGTH: 19:59

Danny Glover: Will the Sanders Movement Develop as an Independent Force?
Actor-activist Danny Glover and Paul Jay discuss how Sanders will balance stopping Trump with differences of interest and principal with Clinton
DATE: 2016-06-09 | LENGTH: 15:04

Clinton Wins California, the Struggle Continues says Sanders
Despite Hillary Clinton claiming victory in the Democratic race, rival Bernie Sanders tells supporters he will take demands for social, economic and racial justice to the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia
DATE: 2016-06-08 | LENGTH: 08:14

"Struggle Continues" Bernie Sanders California Primary Night Speech in Santa Monica, CA

DATE: 2016-06-08 | LENGTH: 15:29

Hillary Clinton California Primary Night Speech

DATE: 2016-06-08 | LENGTH: 17:58

Sanders Campaign Disputes Media Claims that Clinton is Presumptive Nominee
The Associated Press reported Monday that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee, but the Sanders campaign points out super delegates can still change their minds
DATE: 2016-06-07 | LENGTH: 03:08

Actor Kendrick Sampson: Why I'm Voting For Bernie Sanders
How to Get Away with Murder actor Sampson says the American people need a champion of progressive causes and can't wait for incremental change
DATE: 2016-06-06 | LENGTH: 17:35

Sanders or Clinton: Who Should "Unite" the Democratic Party?
Paul Jay hosts a debate between Clinton backer Paul Hodes and Sanders supporter Jeff Cohen on the eve of the California primary
DATE: 2016-06-06 | LENGTH: 25:27

Actor Greg Germann: Why I'm Voting For Hillary Clinton
Ally McBeal actor Germann says that Clinton can get progressive things done incrementally, and that Sanders cannot win a general election
DATE: 2016-06-06 | LENGTH: 15:54

Could The Anti-Trump Latino Vote Tip the Scales in the California Primary?
Bernie Sanders has broken with Obama's legacy of record deportations, which could earn him the support of Latinos who have mobilized against Trump, says writer Gabriel San Roman
DATE: 2016-06-03 | LENGTH: 08:22

Sanders Draws Huge Crowds in California While Clinton Holds Exclusive Meetings With Black Leadership Class
The rift between Black millennials and the Black political leadership class is widening ahead of the California primary, says Margaret Prescod, host and producer of Sojourner Truth
DATE: 2016-06-02 | LENGTH: 17:41

Clinton Positions Herself to the Right of Trump in National Security Speech
Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies says although Clinton rightfully used her national security speech to condemn the bigotry and outlandishness of Trump's positions, she laid out a much more militaristic foreign policy
DATE: 2016-06-02 | LENGTH: 12:36

What Can Sanders' Five Representatives Achieve at the DNC?
Bernie Sanders has appointed five progressive activists and thinkers to the Democratic platform writing committee, hoping to radically change political discussion within the party
DATE: 2016-06-01 | LENGTH: 05:48

Clinton Actively Promoted Fracking as Secretary of State
Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog investigates another set of Hillary Clinton's emails and finds the truth about Clinton's role in promoting fracking
DATE: 2016-05-30 | LENGTH: 09:08

Sanders Supports Universal Healthcare Amendment 69 in Colorado, Will Hillary?
We speak with T.R. Reid, Chair of the Colorado Foundation for Universal Healthcare
DATE: 2016-05-27 | LENGTH: 07:38

Clinton's Candidacy Will Unite the Corporate World
Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report says Hillary Clinton views this election as an opportunity to build a 'big tent' for the Democrats, welcoming Republican refugees from Trump
DATE: 2016-05-27 | LENGTH: 08:26

Democratic Nomination Battle is Not Over Yet
Jeff Cohen of says against the mainstream media's dismissal of Sanders, millions of people now reject democratic party establishment and the movement behind him will continue to grow
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 09:23

Bernie Sanders and the Widening Political Spectrum
Jeff Cohen of says Sanders has broken through mainstream media and proven the existence of the progressive left by running as a Democratic candidate
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 05:13

Will Sanders Appointees Shake Up the Convention?
Rania Khalek of the Electronic Intifada says that the Sanders campaign can either play a ceremonial part in the Democratic National Convention as the establishment wants, or use its five representatives on the platform committee to rock the boat
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 08:40

Unions and the Sanders/Clinton Split (2/2)
Fred Mason, head of the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO, tells Paul Jay there's a war going on in America on workers, and that what we need are working class warriors
DATE: 2016-05-25 | LENGTH: 16:52

Unions and the Sanders/Clinton Split (1/2)
Fred Mason, head of the Maryland/DC AFL-CIO, says unions struggle against anti-worker legislation in Annapolis despite its overwhelmingly Democratic Senate and House of Delegates
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 21:58

The Occupation of the American Mind - RAI with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters (3/3)
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, legendary musician Roger Waters and producer Sut Jhally say Rachel Maddow and most liberal media express one-sided support for Israel, while Bernie Sanders has staked out a more balanced position
DATE: 2016-05-23 | LENGTH: 19:55

Corbyn and Sanders Reigniting Democratic Socialism
Prof. Leo Panitch says Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are opening up space for people who want economic democracy and socialism
DATE: 2016-05-07 | LENGTH: 12:33

Is Sanders the Better Candidate to Defeat Trump?
Robert McChesney analyses the Indiana primary outcomes and the election trajectory for the candidates and the voters
DATE: 2016-05-04 | LENGTH: 11:12

Indiana Primary: Trump Knocks Out Cruz & Sanders Upsets Clinton
Emerging victorious in Indiana, billionaire Donald Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination, meanwhile Sanders vows to fight for every vote and keeping campaigning into the Democratic convention
DATE: 2016-05-04 | LENGTH: 04:12

Sanders Holds Massive Rally in NYC, Narrows in on Clinton's Lead
On Wednesday night, Democrat Bernie Sanders drew some 27,000 supporters in and around Manhattan's Washington Square Park ahead of Thursday's debate and just days before the New York primary
DATE: 2016-04-14 | LENGTH: 02:45

Sanders Vs. Clinton on Palestine-Israel: A Primer with Phyllis Bennis
An assessment of Clinton's AIPAC speech and Sanders's Middle East speech reveals their divergent approaches to the US's closest ally, Israel
DATE: 2016-03-23 | LENGTH: 16:14

Clinton and Sanders' Record on Deportation and Guest Worker Policies
Activist and author David Bacon says based on Bernie's record, it is clear he would support family reunification and guest worker rights - but when it comes to Hillary, it's not so clear
DATE: 2016-02-25 | LENGTH: 10:36

Sanders Loses Nevada In Close Election
Author David Bacon explains how influential unions' neutral stance allowed the Sanders campaign to come back from a 25-point deficit in the polls
DATE: 2016-02-20 | LENGTH: 04:13

Corporate Media Endorses Clinton to Defend Their Own Interests
Norman Solomon, co-founder of, says the New York Times' anti-Sanders Bias is rooted in its desire to maintain the status quo
DATE: 2016-02-06 | LENGTH: 08:42

Democratic Primary Candidates Define Their Foreign Policy
Gareth Porter says Hillary wants to support the Syrian opposition and overthrow Assad, while Bernie's priority is to defeat ISIS
DATE: 2016-01-20 | LENGTH: 10:20

Why is the Mainstream Media Ignoring Sanders' Campaign?
Joe Biden's decision to not run for president and Jeb Bush's lagging campaign have received far more coverage than Bernie Sanders
DATE: 2016-01-04 | LENGTH: 04:22

What Influence Does Wall Street Have Over Candidates Clinton and Sanders?'s Will Tucker and former financial regulator Bill Black respond to Hillary Clinton's comments on her ties to Wall Street
DATE: 2015-12-22 | LENGTH: 17:33

Sanders Sues DNC Over Access to Voter Database
A data breach into Clinton Campaign records by a Sanders staffer prompted the Democratic National Committee to suspend its access to vital voting records on the heels of one of Sanders' biggest days yet
DATE: 2015-12-17

Bernie Sanders Tours Sandtown with Baltimore Clergy
TRNN spoke to Baltimore residents about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' visit to the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood and the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center
DATE: 2015-12-08 | LENGTH: 06:57

Sanders Defines his Social Democracy
Doug Henwood and Paul Jay discuss the speech by Bernie Sanders explaining his vision of what social democracy means in the U.S. today
DATE: 2015-11-21 | LENGTH: 25:13

Sanders Punctures Clinton's Foreign Policy Experience Bubble
FAIR co-founder Jeff Cohen says that if it were not for Bernie, Hillary would be running high with her foreign policy experience narrative, uncritically upheld by the mainstream media
DATE: 2015-11-17 | LENGTH: 09:07

Has Bernie Sanders Shifted the Domestic Debate to a Progressive Agenda?
FAIR co-founder Jeff Cohen says Sanders has brought socialism out of the closet and put wealth inequality centerstage
DATE: 2015-11-17

Postal Workers and Nurses Unions Endorse Bernie Sanders
Kamau Franklin says Sanders has brought the concerns of social movements into the Democratic presidential primary.
DATE: 2015-11-13 | LENGTH: 13:49

How Far Will the Sanders Insurgency Go?
Bernie Sanders says he wants superdelegates to support him as he tries to reform and even weaken their influence within the Democratic electoral system, but how far is he willing to go with this fight?
DATE: 2016-05-17 09:33:07 | LENGTH: 06:49

Sanders and Class Struggle in the Democratic Party
On Reality Asserts Itself with Paul Jay, Sanders' supporters Bill Curry and Jonathan Tasini discuss the fight in Nevada and the significance of the battle between Sanders and Wasserman Schultz
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