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Once a Poster Child for Austerity, Latvia Becomes a Hotbed of Corruption

Austerity didn't produce recovery in Latvia, it produced the semblance of recovery, says white-collar criminologist Bill Black. It also led to rampant criminal activity in the banking sector, such as money laundering, taking bribes, and violating sanctions against North Korea
DATE: 2018-02-21 | LENGTH: 09:53

Saudi Arabia's Unholy Alliance with Israel
Scholar As'ad AbuKhalil says Saudi Arabia is a strategic partner of the U.S. and Israel, promoting Zionism though its powerful media while increasing its hostility to Iran
DATE: 2018-02-21 | LENGTH: 20:39

Is Russia a Threat?
Alleged election-meddling aside, there is a great deal of exaggeration of Russia's power and its threat to the U.S., says author and scholar Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2018-02-20 | LENGTH: 18:45

President Ramaphosa: From Militant Revolutionary to Corporate Magnate
The ANC's revolutionary leadership became low-level allies of international capital--the same capitalist classes that exploited South Africa's working people, says scholar Horace G. Campbell
DATE: 2018-02-20 | LENGTH: 29:16

Can Trump's Neocons Exploit Russiagate? (2/2)
However much Russiagate may annoy Trump personally, administration officials like H.R. McMaster are seizing on it to advance a militarist agenda at home and abroad. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss
DATE: 2018-02-20 | LENGTH: 10:12

Colombian Peace Agreement with FARC on the Brink of Collapse
The peace agreement that the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia signed last year is on the verge of collapse, as violence against social leaders and former FARC fighters continues unabated
DATE: 2018-02-19 | LENGTH: 15:44

Philippine War on Drugs a Cover for President Duterte's Fascism?
President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines is waging an all-out war on drugs and drug addicts, with as many as 12,000 killed since it started in mid 2016. With backing from the Trump administration, Duterte is also using this war to crack down on leftist rebels and other critics
DATE: 2018-02-19 | LENGTH: 17:50

The Return of Berlusconi: Can A Fractured Left Defeat Him?
Uncertainty reigns as Italy gears up for an election on March 4, with most observers saying it will end with a hung parliament. University of Bologna Professor Raffaele Laudani discusses the election's unpredictability, the weakening of the left, and Silvio Berlusconi's political comeback
DATE: 2018-02-18 | LENGTH: 19:03

South Africa: Criminality and Deep Rot in the ANC Will Continue Under New President Ramaphosa (2/2)
When Cyril Ramaphosa talk about corruption he is duplicitous, since he was a part of the ANC leadership for decades, aiding and abetting in the very criminality, he now pledges to eradicate, says Vishwas Satgar. Watch part 1
DATE: 2018-02-18 | LENGTH: 29:16

Max Blumenthal in Gaza: Netanyahu Faces Scandal, Palestinians a Crisis
Reporting from the Gaza Strip, journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal says Netanyahu's domestic corruption case has not even registered to a besieged Palestinian population under Israeli blockade
DATE: 2018-02-15 | LENGTH: 14:00

Leftist Hopeful's Lead Signals Upheaval for Mexico
Leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador enjoys a double-digit lead in Mexico's presidential race despite an active smear campaign against him. A tactical alliance between divided leftist groups might still be possible, says John Ackerman
DATE: 2018-02-14 | LENGTH: 20:44

Merkel's Grand Coalition Could Strengthen Germany's Far Right
Germany's Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Union reached an agreement to renew their coalition-but the agreement comes at a steep cost for both parties, as the far-right AfD party continues to grow in popularity
DATE: 2018-02-13 | LENGTH: 14:03

Koreas Talk Peace, But Does Trump Want War?
The thaw between North and South Korea at the Olympic Games culminated in an invitation to Moon Jae-in to visit Pyongyang. But the Trump administration's militarism in the region could stand in the way, says professor Christine Hong
DATE: 2018-02-13 | LENGTH: 13:04

Corporate Looting: Sub-Saharan Africa Loses $100B A Year
A recently released World Bank report shows that the wealth of sub-Saharan Africa has been steadily declining over the past several decades, as transnational corporations extract mineral wealth without adequately compensating the region, says economist Patrick Bond
DATE: 2018-02-12 | LENGTH: 14:43

Venezuelan Opposition Undecided Over Whether and Who to Run in Presidential Race
Following several months of negotiations between Venezuelan government and opposition representatives, the opposition refuses to sign the agreement, despite pressure from Spain's ex-Prime Minister. Venezuela's Charge D'Affairs in DC explains the panorama from the government's perspective
DATE: 2018-02-12 | LENGTH: 16:16

Tillerson Tries and Fails to Rally Latin American Support for Sanctions Against Venezuela
US Secretary of State recently completed a tour of Latin American countries where he unsuccessfully tried to rally support for regional sanctions against Venezuela. However, as Venezuela's Charge D'Affairs in DC explains, US unilateral financial sanctions against Venezuela is causing significant problems for the country
DATE: 2018-02-11 | LENGTH: 19:35

Syrian War Spirals in Trump's Dangerous New Phase (1/2)
As top US officials speak openly of targeting Iran and Assad now that ISIS is defeated, reporter Ben Norton and Syrian analyst Ehsani discuss the escalating Syrian war on multiple fronts
DATE: 2018-02-11 | LENGTH: 21:00

Syrian War Spirals in Trump's Dangerous New Phase (2/2)
As top US officials speak openly of targeting Iran and Assad now that ISIS is defeated, reporter Ben Norton and Syrian analyst Ehsani discuss the escalating Syrian war on multiple fronts
DATE: 2018-02-11 | LENGTH: 21:00

Trump, Pence Rain on Koreas' Olympic Unity Parade
In a show of unity, athletes from North and South Korea marched at the Winter Olympics' Opening Ceremony under the same flag. But the Trump administration is doing its best to thwart hopes for peace on the peninsula, says Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ
DATE: 2018-02-09 | LENGTH: 13:35

Assange's Arrest Warrant Continues to Expose Him to Danger of Extradition to US
Julian Assange's lawyers tried to have his arrest warrant dismissed because Sweden dropped its extradition request last May. However, a UK judge reaffirmed the warrant, which exposes him to the possibility of a secret US extradition request
DATE: 2018-02-07 | LENGTH: 02:58

Far From Hurting Putin, US 'Oligarch' List Could Help
The Trump administration has admitted a new report about Russian oligarchs is based on a Forbes list. Stephen F. Cohen, professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University, says the report could ultimately help Putin force wealthy Russians to bring their overseas money back home. Cohen also discusses Russia's upcoming election
DATE: 2018-02-06 | LENGTH: 16:34

Max Blumenthal: US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Max Blumenthal reports that the US has provided military assistance to the Azov Battalion, known as a bastion of neo-Nazism within the Ukrainian armed forces. He also discusses US and Israeli ties to the far-right government in Poland, where neo-Nazism is on the rise
DATE: 2018-02-05 | LENGTH: 13:51

Is the Conflict Within Ecuador's Center-Left a Turn to the Right?
In a crushing blow to former president Rafael Correa, his hand-picked successor Lenin Moreno overwhelmingly won a referendum that reverses some Correa's policies and bars him from running again. Is this a left-right conflict or something else?
DATE: 2018-02-05 | LENGTH: 07:41

Poland's New Holocaust Denial Law Erases History
A new law passed in Poland criminalizes references to Polish complicity in the holocaust and is designed to shore up the rightwing Polish government's nationalist credentials. Carol Schaeffer discusses the law's background
DATE: 2018-02-04 | LENGTH: 08:50

Trump Preemptively Dismisses Upcoming Venezuelan Presidential Vote
In an effort to discredit Venezuela's upcoming presidential election, the Trump administration is rallying conservative governments in Latin America to discredit the vote and isolate Venezuela. If the opposition enters the race divided and if new economic measures work, President Maduro could still win explains Lucas Koerner
DATE: 2018-02-03 | LENGTH: 17:34

Activists Call on Senators to End Catastrophic US-Saudi War in Yemen
Protesters outside the New York City office of Senators Schumer and Gillibrand demand Congress take action to stop US support for the devastating war in Yemen, Ben Norton reports
DATE: 2018-01-30 | LENGTH: 06:02

Lula's Prosecution in Brazil a Travesty of Justice
Brazil's political elite is going after Lula and the Workers Party to stop them from running in this year's presidential election, says CEPR co-director Mark Weisbrot
DATE: 2018-01-28 | LENGTH: 15:56

Honduras: the Never-Ending Coup (1/2)
A special report from the hemisphere's most controversial Inauguration
DATE: 2018-01-27 | LENGTH: 07:01

Honduras: President Hernandez's Inauguration Rejected by Protesters
Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez is proceeding with his inauguration, despite massive fraud allegations, protests, and a major new drug corruption scandal involving the head of Police. US, Canada, Mexico, and the OAS give him a green light to proceed
DATE: 2018-01-26 | LENGTH: 20:42

Special Report: The Never-Ending Coup in Honduras (2/2)
The Inauguration of an Unelected President
Reportaje Especial: El golpe sin fin (1 de 2) (en espanol)
Reportaje Especial: El golpe sin fin (2 de 2) (en espanol)
DATE: 2018-01-26 | LENGTH: 10:11

Britain Helps France Build a Wall to Stop Refugees
Britain will pay £44.5 million to establish anti-refugee security on French soil
DATE: 2018-01-25 | LENGTH: 02:49

DOJ Lends a Hand in Prosecuting Lula
The "kangaroo court" upheld former Brazilian President Lula's conviction without an iota of evidence, says journalist Brian Mier
DATE: 2018-01-25 | LENGTH: 15:33

Falsely Accused Terrorism Suspect Released After 10-Year Ordeal
Sociology professor Hassan Diab, who was accused of a terrorist attack in Paris over ten years ago, and who Canada extradited to France three years ago, was just released. Diab talks to TRNN about his ordeal in one of his first interviews upon his return
DATE: 2018-01-25 | LENGTH: 09:12

Puerto Rico's New Power Struggle: Privatization
Four months after Hurricane Maria and with close to half of its residents still without power, Puerto Rico has announced it will privatize its debt-ridden public electric utility, PREPA. We speak to Petra Bartosiewicz of Harper's Magazine
DATE: 2018-01-24 | LENGTH: 11:01

Will Trump Really Challenge World Economic Forum's Neoliberal Agenda?
President Trump will attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, days after introducing significant tariffs on Asian imports. However, these tariffs and Trump's overall economic agenda won't challenge the world's elite at Davos, says Prof. Leo Panitch
DATE: 2018-01-23 | LENGTH: 20:48

Real Media: Former British Diplomat Turned Anarchist
Carne Ross resigned from the UK foreign office over the Iraq war, and has since been on a journey that has led him to believe in anarchism. Here he talks about his journey, the trigger, and the problems with top down society
DATE: 2018-01-22 | LENGTH: 09:57

Korean Olympic Unity Gives US War Plans a 'Bloody Nose'
North and South Korea will march together at the upcoming Winter Olympics, raising hopes of de-escalation. This, amid talk of a new U.S. strategy dubbed "Bloody Nose" and a U.S.-led summit promoting other aggressive steps. Christine Ahn, who organized a counter-summit of women peace activists, explains
DATE: 2018-01-20 | LENGTH: 12:18

Trump Keeps US in Syria and Sets Off New War
Just days after the announcement of a U.S.-backed Kurdish "border force" and an indefinite U.S. military presence in Syria, Turkey is shelling Kurdish areas and threatening a ground assault. We speak to Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton about what the Trump administration's renewed commitment to both regime change and confronting Iran means for Syria.
DATE: 2018-01-19 | LENGTH: 28:49

'Zero Legitimacy' for New Government in Honduras
Independent Filmmaker Jesse Freeston reports from Honduras on how the newly inaugurated President Hernandez lacks all legitimacy in the general population, not only because of the fraud allegations, but also because of the massive corruption scandals his government is covering up
DATE: 2018-01-18 | LENGTH: 20:07

Cape Town Water Wars: A Literal Shitstorm
In Cape Town, one of the most unequal cities in the world, poor people are taking the buckets they use for chemical toilets and turning them into weapons, as the water shortage intensifies class conflicts
DATE: 2018-01-18 | LENGTH: 18:02

Repression Against Honduran Opposition Intensifies
Over 200 demonstrators were injured in last week's demonstrations against the incumbent president, whose reelection lacks legitimacy according to the opposition and international observers. The opposition is now gearing up for a national strike in the lead-up to the inauguration, explains Heather Gies, reporting from Honduras
DATE: 2018-01-18 | LENGTH: 10:18

Yemen's Crisis is Far Worse Than We're Told
UNICEF says the war in Yemen is killing or wounding five children every single day. But Shireen Al-Adeimi says the figure drastically under-counts the real toll of the Saudi-led, U.S.-backed bombing and blockade
DATE: 2018-01-18 | LENGTH: 11:27

The Grenfell Community's Silent Steps for Justice
On the seven-month anniversary of Grenfell Tower fire in London, the local community hold their monthly Silent Walk and share their thoughts on how they are coping and the wider reasons for the tragedy
DATE: 2018-01-18 | LENGTH: 04:51

Catalonia Independence Crisis Intensifies Spain's Political Divide
Political parties in Spain are struggling to navigate an increasingly polarized political landscape, says Professor Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College
DATE: 2018-01-17 | LENGTH: 15:02

Abbas Gives Up on US, but Palestinians Give Up on Him
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is publicly distancing himself from the US, but that won't be enough to save face with a Palestinian population fed up with his failed leadership, says former PLO legal adviser Diana Buttu
DATE: 2018-01-17 | LENGTH: 14:10

UN Mission Helped Plan Haitian Raid that Ended in Civilian Massacre
A UN-backed anti-gang operation in the Grand Ravine area of Port-au-Prince ended in the summary execution of civilians on a school campus -- but the killings have been largely ignored. We speak to Jake Johnston, who reported on the incident for the Intercept
DATE: 2018-01-16 | LENGTH: 11:27

Activists Who Protested UK's Biggest Arms Fair Found Guilty
Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade talks about the verdicts, the reasons for protesting arms fairs, and the impact of activism
DATE: 2018-01-13 | LENGTH: 07:17

From Haiti to Africa, US Owes More Than a Trump Apology
Donald Trump's racist "shithole" comments offer the US a new opportunity to reckon with its longtime destabilization and plunder of the countries he insulted, says Haitian writer Jean Saint-Vil
DATE: 2018-01-13 | LENGTH: 16:38

Paramilitary Forces Threaten to Derail Colombia's Peace Agreement
The peace agreement commits the Colombian government to dismantling paramilitary groups--but authorities aren't taking action, Tom Power reports from Colombia
DATE: 2018-01-12 | LENGTH: 13:31

Senate Bill to Reverse FCC's Net Neutrality Repeal Gains Traction
As awareness of net neutrality gets more public attention, a Senate resolution that reverses the FCC's net neutrality repeal has 45 supporters, but major obstacles remain. The fight to reinstate net neutrality is also taking place in states and courthouses. Craig Aaron of Free Press has more
DATE: 2018-01-12 | LENGTH: 11:39

Far-Right Governments in Poland and Hungary Confront the EU
The European Union is trying to sanction Poland for undermining its judicial branch. However, the real issue seems to be Poland's refusal to accept refugees, as required by the EU. Poland is now allying itself with Hungary, another right-wing government, in order to avoid sanctions
DATE: 2018-01-09 | LENGTH: 11:06

Finkelstein: Hamas Isn't The Threat That Israel Claims (2/4)
In part 2 of our interview on his new book "Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom," Norman Finkelstein argues that Israeli propaganda -- sometimes with Hamas' help -- has wildly exaggerated Hamas' arsenal and the effectiveness of the "Iron Dome" missile defense system
DATE: 2018-01-09 | LENGTH: 16:52

Why is US Cutting Aid to Pakistan?
President Trump began the year with a tweet denouncing Pakistan, and followed up by announcing a new reduction of U.S. aid. Junaid Ahmad, director of the Center for Global Dialogue, explains the significance of Trump's decision
DATE: 2018-01-08 | LENGTH: 13:55

Just How Democratic Is Mexico?
As neoliberalism caused greater inequality and more poverty in Mexico ever since the 1990's, the country's leaders stifled press freedom and democratic rights in order to maintain power. Now Mexico has one of the world's highest murder rates of journalists explains CEPR's Mark Weisbrot
DATE: 2018-01-02 | LENGTH: 15:00

Let Down by Reformists, Working-Class Iranians Join Widespread Protests
Thousands have taken to the streets in Iran's largest and deadliest protests since 2009. Exiled Iranian activist Dariush Arjmandi says demonstrators are challenging economic mismanagement and repressive state control, not pushing the regime change agenda of Iran's global foes
DATE: 2018-01-02 | LENGTH: 17:07

The Under-Covered News Stories of 2017 (Pt.1)
From African-American voter suppression to the U.S. role in Yemen's humanitarian crisis, Adam Johnson of the Los Angeles Times and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting breaks down the under-covered stories of 2017 (part 1 of 2)
DATE: 2017-12-31 | LENGTH: 16:16

Did Russiagate Just Escalate Ukraine's War?
President Trump has agreed to arm the Ukrainian military in its fight with Russian-backed forces in the Donbass region. Leading Russia scholar Stephen F. Cohen says it's the latest Russiagate-driven escalation of the new Cold War
DATE: 2017-12-30 | LENGTH: 14:47

Conflict in the Dem. Rep. of Congo Leads to World's Worst Refugee Crisis
A flare-up of conflicts between Congolese, Ugandan, and irregular forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo has caused one of the world's worst refugee crises and also contributed to the killing of at least 14 UN peacekeepers in the Congo in early December
DATE: 2017-12-29 | LENGTH: 15:12

As Russian Election Begins, Will Russiagate End?
Russian politician Alexi Navalny is calling for a boycott of next year's presidential election after being barred from running over corruption charges. We speak to Professor Stephen F. Cohen about Navalny, the Russian election, and how Russians are viewing the never-ending Russiagate controversy in the US
DATE: 2017-12-28 | LENGTH: 16:49

Hope is Rising that the Greek Crisis Will be Overcome
Prof. Aristides Baltas, a former member of the Syriza cabinet, talks about his experience in Greek politics, Greece's relationship to the Trump administration, and the country's efforts to recover the Parthenon Marbles from Britain
DATE: 2017-12-26 | LENGTH: 27:11

Can This Generation End World Hunger?
Famine has historically claimed more lives than war, but author and scholar Alex de Waal says the size and frequency of famines has been decreasing in recent years, and that overcoming world hunger may be within our reach
DATE: 2017-12-25 | LENGTH: 18:59

Will New ANC President Ramaphosa Bring Real Change to South Africa?
Cyril Ramaphosa, who was recently elected to head South Africa's ANC, is closely associated with major economic interests in South Africa, and therefore unlikely to bring about real change, says author and scholar Patrick Bond
DATE: 2017-12-24 | LENGTH: 10:50

Five Corporations Hire Two Intelligence Firms to Spy on Activists
The Guardian exposes corporate espionage against human rights groups
DATE: 2017-12-23 | LENGTH: 04:36

US Works to Uphold Flawed Honduras Vote
The Trump administration is trying to legitimize the conservative incumbent's position in office by convincing friendly governments to recognize the deeply flawed vote in Honduras, despite growing calls for a new vote, explains Mark Weisbrot
DATE: 2017-12-23 | LENGTH: 12:51

UN Defies Trump Threats on Jerusalem Vote
Despite a threat from US Ambassador Nikki Haley to pull United Nations funding, the UN General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved a measure rejecting President Trump's decision on Jerusalem
DATE: 2017-12-22 | LENGTH: 10:17

Catalan Separatists Defy Obstacles to Win Parliament Majority
Catalan independence parties won the regional parliamentary vote, defeating the central government's effort to weaken the movement, but the parties will have a difficult time forming a government, explains Prof. Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College
DATE: 2017-12-22 | LENGTH: 15:24

US Pressure Led to Massacre of Colombian Farmers
Empire Files' Abby Martin says the massacre of unarmed coca farmers in Tumaco, Colombia was in response to pressure from the Trump administration to undermine the government's crop substitution agreement and use force in the "war on drugs"
DATE: 2017-12-21 | LENGTH: 16:30

Will Honduras Get New Presidential Elections?
Amid ongoing protests against President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras, he will be sworn in this week for a second term in office. Luther Castillio returns home to fight the stolen election supported by Danny Glover and Sacramento City Councilman Allen Warren.

Electoral observers from the OAS are calling for new elections, but they still won't use the word "fraud." Gerardo Torres, international coordinator of the Opposition Alliance Against the Dictatorship, and Luther Castillo, former Vice Minister in the Department of Health, discuss next steps
DATE: 2017-12-21 | LENGTH: 27:22

Jeremy Corbyn's Geneva Speech
Speaking in Geneva in honor of International Human Rights Day, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn says that climate change and "grotesque" levels of inequality are among the greatest threats to our common humanity
DATE: 2017-12-21 | LENGTH: 35:46

Conservative Billionaire Wins Chile's Election, But A New Left Emerges
Conservative former President Sebastian Pinera won a new term in office, but that doesn't mean that a majority of Chileans support a right-wing agenda, says scholar Rene Rojas. In fact, a main issue was that the center-left candidate wasn't progressive enough
DATE: 2017-12-19 | LENGTH: 17:26

Marikana Massacre Hangs Over South Africa's New Extremely Rich ANC Leader
After a tight race that exposed stark divisions within the party, the African National Congress elected Cyril Ramaphosa, an anti-apartheid crusader, business tycoon, and key suspect in the 2012 Marikana Massacre is positioned to be the country's next president. But will he root out corruption, or is he part of the problem?
DATE: 2017-12-19 | LENGTH: 08:53

British Media Against Corbyn (pt 2/2)
Columnists and journalists are contributing their part to the effort to marginalize Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the UK's Labour Party explains Prof. Leo Panitch of York University
DATE: 2017-12-18 | LENGTH: 12:05

Real Media: Why We Need to Rethink Transport
AirPublic co-founder Hannah Gardiner talks about the need for progressive and radical policies to improve air quality, especially in transportation
DATE: 2017-12-18 | LENGTH: 10:56

Fight Within UK Labour Party Pits Career Politicians Against Radicals Pt. 1/2
The fight between pro-Corbyn and anti-Corbyn forces within the UK's Labour Party is intensifying as the anti-Corbyn camp attempts to stop Corbyn supporters from being on the ballot. Prof. Leo Panitch of York University explains
DATE: 2017-12-16 | LENGTH: 17:15

Ecuador's Vice-President Sentenced to Six Years Prison for Corruption
Ecuador's Vice-President Jorge Glas has been sentenced to six years prison for taking $13 million in bribes from the construction company Odebrecht. However, the case is being complicated by a split within the ruling party and between President Moreno and ex-President Correa
DATE: 2017-12-15 | LENGTH: 02:30

TRNN Exclusive: On 9th Anniversary of the Iraqi Journalist that Shoed Bush
TRNN REPLAY: Paul Jay interviews Muntadhar Al-Zaidi from Beirut: I expected to be killed the day I threw my shoes at President Bush
DATE: 2017-12-15 | LENGTH: 07:12

Putin 'Quite Muted' in Response to Russian Olympic Doping Scandal
Russian President Vladimir Putin has been encouraging athletes to follow the steps to demonstrate that they are clean and worthy of competing as "neutrals" in the Winter Olympics, says author and scholar Jules Boykoff
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 10:00

Prince of Darkness: Ex-Blackwater CEO Wants to Launch a Private Spy Network
Former Blackwater CEO and Trump crony Erik Prince is pushing for a global, private spy network that could circumvent official agencies and have even less public scrutiny and accountability than the notoriously shadowy CIA
DATE: 2017-12-14 | LENGTH: 10:43

Can Mindfulness Help the Resistance?
Robert Wright, founder of the website Mindful Resistance and author of the bestseller "Why Buddhism is True," argues that mindfulness meditation can help us become more effective political actors
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 13:21

Forced Privatization of The Greek Port of Piraeus, One Year Later
Dimitri Lascaris in Greece, speaks with Giogros Gogos, general Secretary of the Dockworkers Union at the Port of Piraeus. The Troika forced the privatization of 67% of Port of Piraeus, this means that the most secure and lucrative asset in Greece, that could have generated money to pay the debt, is now the hands of Chinese shipping company Cosco
DATE: 2017-12-12 | LENGTH: 28:30

Greece Emerges from Economic Crisis with Increased Inequality
Greece is "coming out of the crisis with a more polarized society, with an opened gap between the rich and the poor," says economic scholar John Milios
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 22:52

Reporter's Harassment Sparks a #MeToo Moment at WNYC
As Time names the women who publicly confronted sexual predators the magazine's "Person of the Year," we speak to journalist Suki Kim, who outed a longtime radio host at WNYC for targeting her and several of his female colleagues
DATE: 2017-12-08 | LENGTH: 11:49

Bankrupt Greece Becomes a Major Military Spender and 'Sales Agent' for NATO
Costas Isychos, the former Deputy Defence Minister of Greece, discusses the Syriza Government's policy of expanding NATO's military might
DATE: 2017-12-07 | LENGTH: 18:28

Brazil's Corruption Scandal Ensnares Anti-Corruption Judge
New testimony in Brazil's on-going corruption investigations lays bare Judge Sergio Moro's conflict of interest and the possibility that he and his wife might have taken bribes for reducing sentences. Brian Mier of Brazil Wire reports
DATE: 2017-12-06 | LENGTH: 11:08

Preemptive Strike on North Korea: Is Trump Wagging the Dog?
"If I were going to divert the American people's attention away from my troubles with the FBI, with Russian oligarchs, and so forth, I'd pick a lesser target," says Col. Larry Wilkerson. "That's not to say that this administration is not stupid enough" to do it
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 16:51

The First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy Visits Baltimore to Build International Solidarity
Miguel Fraga, First Secretary to the Cuban Embassy visits Baltimore to speak on international relations, ending the U.S. blockade of Cuba, and the importance of the 1959 revolution that started socialism in Cuba
DATE: 2017-12-05 | LENGTH: 11:05

Robert Wright on Mindfulness, Buddhism, and Overcoming Delusions
In part one of our interview, bestselling author Robert Wright discusses his new book "Why Buddhism Is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment." Wright argues that mindfulness can help overcome constraints on the human mind imposed by natural selection, allowing us to see the world more clearly
DATE: 2017-12-04 | LENGTH: 18:05

What Does Saleh's Killing Mean for Yemen?
Yemen's longtime ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh has been killed by his former allies, the Houthi rebels. Sheila Carapico of University of Richmond says the devastating Yemen war could now expand to even more fronts
DATE: 2017-12-04 | LENGTH: 08:29

Trump Takes Post-9/11 Islamophobia to New Lows
President Trump has caused outrage for retweeting three anti-Muslim videos from the fringe right-wing group Britain First. We speak to Aymann Ismail, whose new Slate series "Who's Afraid of Aymann Ismail?" explores Muslim identity and Islamophobia
DATE: 2017-12-03 | LENGTH: 10:59

Real Media: Doctors Against Diesel
Co-founder of Doctors Against Diesel Chris Griffiths on why he has expanded his work from research to lobbying and protesting about what he sees as a medical emergency in our cities
DATE: 2017-12-02 | LENGTH: 08:54

Real Media: Worker Union Takes Fight to Universities
The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain launched a landmark legal case to bring collective bargaining rights to outsourced workers at the University of London. If they win, the case will set a historic precedent that could aid zero-hours and precarious workers all around the country
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 02:09

Honduras Election: One of the Worst Elections in Recent Memory
Evidence is mounting that the Honduran presidential election is being stolen so that the conservative incumbent, President Juan Orlando Hernandez, remains in office. According to CEPR's Mark Weisbrot, the lack of credible elections in Honduras is a direct result of the 2009 military coup, which was aided by the US government, that put the National Party in power.
DATE: 2017-12-01 | LENGTH: 13:04

Real Media: Fighting Air Pollution with Direct Action
Roger Hallam, PhD researcher at Kings College London, has been studying protest movements and putting his theories into practice to address air pollution
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 08:25

Poland's Far Right Gains Strength with Government's Tacit Approval
The ​current ​form of ​Islamophobia and xenophobia expressed by the far right in Poland is​ rooted in the history of​ anti-semitism says Konrad Pędziwiatr of Krakow University of Economics, Poland.
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 22:51

Protests Erupt as Honduras Presidential Election Results Reversed
The country's electoral authority reversed the initial presidential election results, now giving the conservative incumbent a lead in the vote count. Tensions are mounting as protesters clash with the police. Heather Gies reports from Tegucigalpa, Honduras
DATE: 2017-11-30 | LENGTH: 14:13

CNN Crusades Against Slave Trade in Libya, but Knew About It for Years
U.S. corporate media "does not report on the slaughter and the persecution of people by these U.S.-backed governments until most of them are dead," says Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford
DATE: 2017-11-29 | LENGTH: 15:40

Real Media: Ineos Vs. The People
Talk Fracking' founder, Joe Corre, talks about challenging a wide-ranging legal injunction brought by the huge chemical company, Ineos, in order to prevent protest and comment on their fracking activities across England
DATE: 2017-11-29 | LENGTH: 06:01

Iranian Workers Urge Labor Activists' Release
Members of Iran's labor movement are demanding the release of activists Mahmoud Salehi, who is reportedly close to death, and Reza Shahabi, from government detention
DATE: 2017-11-27 | LENGTH: 10:55

Mugabe, China and the US - What is Next for Zimbabwe?
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 6
DATE: 2017-11-26 | LENGTH: 03:19

Will Eastern European Countries Be Drawn Into Russia-U.S. Conflict?
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 5
DATE: 2017-11-26 | LENGTH: 02:44

Myanmar's Policy Towards Rohingya Minority Being Called 'Apartheid'
Amnesty International released a report in which it calls Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya minority 'apartheid' because they are being targeted as an ethnic group. Tun Khin of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK and Shir Hever of TRNN discuss what this means
DATE: 2017-11-26 | LENGTH: 24:41

Europe's White Supremacists Have Powerful Allies
After a massive neo-fascist march in Poland and new reports of neo-Nazi influence in Ukraine, Lev Golinkin, an author who fled then-Soviet Ukraine as a child, says both the US and Russia have troubling ties to Europe's far-right
DATE: 2017-11-25 | LENGTH: 14:44

'The Saudis are Going to Fight Tehran to the Last Dead American'
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, Part 3
DATE: 2017-11-25 | LENGTH: 09:01

Will Europe Break with the United States Over Isolating Russia?
Paul Jay talks with Larry Wilkerson, part 4
DATE: 2017-11-25 | LENGTH: 06:08

After Collapse of Coalition Talks, What's Next for Germany?
"The problem is that many people in Germany are really sick of all the old parties; they don't believe any of them, they're unhappy and dissatisfied," says author and journalist Victor Grossman
DATE: 2017-11-23 | LENGTH: 16:02

Report: Civilian Death Toll in Iraq 31 Times Higher Than US Claims
U.S. officials repeatedly tout the bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq as the most precise in history, but a new investigative article in the New York Times Magazine, co-authored by Anand Gopal, tells a different story
DATE: 2017-11-21 | LENGTH: 14:12

From Argentina to Greece: The Legacy of Che Guevara
Che Guevara's childhood friend Calica Ferrer and Greek filmmaker Thimios Kakos discuss Che Guevara's legacy for the left in Latin America and Greece
DATE: 2017-11-20 | LENGTH: 10:39

Saudi Financial Crisis at Heart of Princely Rage
The severe financial crisis and foreign policy failures ​are making Prince Mohammed bin Salman increasingly belligerent, says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2017-11-20 | LENGTH: 14:14

Mugabe's Resignation May Present New Opportunities for Zimbabwe
The military coup in Zimbabwe and a leadership crisis within the ruling party has created an opportunity for a "national transitional authority," which may be the best option for long-oppressed Zimbabweans, says Horace Campbell of the University of Ghana
DATE: 2017-11-18 | LENGTH: 26:03

As US Fuels War Crimes in Yemen, House Says US Involvement is Unauthorized
Overwhelming support for the nonbinding resolution, which passed the House 366-30, shows opposition to Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen is growing, but more pressure is needed to stop U.S. involvement, explains economist Mark Weisbrot of CEPR
DATE: 2017-11-17 | LENGTH: 14:23

Brazilian Women Protest Legislation that Could Ban Abortion
A constitutional amendment in Brazil has passed a key committee in the legislature and, if passed, would criminalize all abortions, even in cases of rape and risk to the mother's life. Mike Fox reports from Brazil
DATE: 2017-11-15 | LENGTH: 03:52

What Happened to Trump's Trade War With China?
Despite all his posturing, President Donald Trump's maiden trip to China was mostly just symbolic, says author and scholar Jeffrey Wasserstrom
DATE: 2017-11-14 | LENGTH: 16:26

Aleksandr Buzgalin On The Centenary of the Russian Revolution
The spirit of the revolution is still alive and the centenary is being celebrated in Russia by the democratic left, it is convening people from the former soviet republics and the world
DATE: 2017-11-13 | LENGTH: 14:40

Saudi Arabia Threatens Famine, Genocide in Yemen
To achieve its goals and defeat the Houthi rebels, Saudi Arabia is pushing Yemen into what the UN warns could be the worst famine in decades. We speak to scholar Asher Orkaby of Harvard University
DATE: 2017-11-13 | LENGTH: 16:16

UK Minister of Development Resigns Over Undisclosed Meetings in Israel
UK-Israeli joint agenda of repression in Palestine is brought under renewed scrutiny by the Priti Patel scandal
DATE: 2017-11-11 | LENGTH: 08:03

German Green Party Abandons Key Demands to Join Conservative Coalition
Initial coalition negotiations in Germany between the Christian Democrats, the economic liberals (FDP), and the Green Party indicate that the Green Party has decided to abandon specific target dates for the phasing out of combustion engines and coal mining
DATE: 2017-11-10 | LENGTH: 12:36

Tensions Mount in Greece as the Trial of Europe's Most Brazen Neo-Nazi Party Drags On (1/2)
University of Athens Professor Michael Spourladakis discusses the endless criminal trial of Golden Dawn, Greece's Neo-Nazi party
DATE: 2017-11-09

Greek Oligarch Evangelos Marinakis Faces Criminal Charges (2/2)
Professor Michael Spourladakis of the University of Athens discusses Syriza's unfulfilled promise to 'crack down' on Greece's oligarchy
DATE: 2017-11-09

Spain Is Turning the Political Problem of Catalan Independence into a Judicial Issue
As Spain issues European arrest warrants for Catalan independence leaders who are in Belgium, the conflict is becoming a judicial matter when it really should be political, says Sebastian Faber
DATE: 2017-11-08 | LENGTH: 19:13

Iran Accused of Using Afghan Child Soldiers in Syria
Human Rights Watch says Iran has sent thousands of Afghan refugees to fight in Syria, including children as young as 14. We speak to journalist and author Emran Feroz.
DATE: 2017-11-08 | LENGTH: 16:03

Join The Dots: Data WTF?
Kam Sandhu and Matt Kennard discuss the ways in which our data is being used by data brokers, tech elites and financial technology companies in order to make assessments of us. Is all data credit data?
DATE: 2017-11-08 | LENGTH: 41:36

Can Syriza's Use of 'Soft Power' Be Reconciled with the Values of the Radical Left?
Costas Douzinas, the Syriza MP who chairs the Greek Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, defends Syriza's efforts to act as an 'honest broker' in international affairs
DATE: 2017-11-07 | LENGTH: 33:50

'Paradise Papers' Leak Details How Major Corporations Evade Taxes
The latest leak of documents known as the 'Paradise Papers' provide important details about how the world's largest corporations are evading taxes through a variety of tricks and keep their earnings from being taxed. Economist and investigative reporter James S Henry explains
DATE: 2017-11-07 | LENGTH: 14:56

Real Media: 'Stop Killing Londoners' Escalate Action Until Demands Met
In just five days, London breached its annual air pollution limit. In 2018, 9,000 people are estimated to die from air pollution in the city. Stop Killing Londoners - Cut Air Pollution is a non-violent direct action group who say they will continue action until London Mayor Sadiq Khan meets them to hear their demands
DATE: 2017-11-07 | LENGTH: 03:06

Did the Saudis Force Lebanese PM to Resign?
Scholar Rania Masri says it's clear from a number of factors--from the dialect of his resignation speech to the location where delivered it--that Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was forced by the Saudi Arabian government to resign
DATE: 2017-11-06 | LENGTH: 15:29

Saudi Prince Salman's Chess Game with Hezbollah in Lebanon
Prince Salman's counter coup d'etat in Saudi Arabia​ has resulted in the forced resignation of ​Prime Minister Hariri in Lebanon says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2017-11-06 | LENGTH: 13:44

UK Interest Rate ​Hike​ Ignores Equitable Policy Options
In order to slow inflation, the Bank of England is raising interest rates for the first time in a decade--but this move ignores policy options that could potentially ease high levels of inequality in the UK, explains Positive Money's Ed Smythe
DATE: 2017-11-04 | LENGTH: 08:17

Spanish Judge Orders Arrests of Catalan Independence Leadership
A Spanish judge has detained eight former Catalan ministers and issued arrest warrants for Catalan leader Carles Puidgemont and his cabinet. Protesters have taken to the streets to demand their release. Professor Sebastiaan Faber has more from Madrid
DATE: 2017-11-03 | LENGTH: 13:10

What Will Cutting 'Quantitative Easing' Mean for Europe?
The European Central Bank (ECB) announced that it will reduce its cash injection program, known as quantitative easing, by half. Economist Heiner Flassbeck discusses the consequences this will have for Europe's struggling economy
DATE: 2017-11-01 | LENGTH: 11:19

Activists Acquitted in Effort to Prevent British Fighter Jet Delivery to Saudi Arabia
A UK court has acquitted two activists for breaking-in to a BAE Systems factory to disarm Typhoon fighter jets meant for the Saudi war on Yemen
DATE: 2017-10-31 | LENGTH: 09:39

#SaveAmna Campaign Emerges After Saudi Woman Disappears
A Saudi woman's video asking for help from an abusive home environment goes viral as womens' rights activists continue fighting for the end of male guardianship in Saudi Arabia
DATE: 2017-10-31

The Prelude to the Russian Revolution of 1917
The contradiction of feudalism, military capitalism, and imperial ambitions, along with an unambitious bourgeoisie, were the prelude to the Russian Revolution of 2017, explains Prof. Aleksandr Buzgalin of Moscow State University
DATE: 2017-10-30 | LENGTH: 24:23

Catalonian Independence: What are the Economic Stakes?
The conflict has a lot to do with Spain's economic failure since the world financial crisis of 2008 and its impact on young people and the long-term unemployed, says Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research
DATE: 2017-10-28 | LENGTH: 13:28

Real Media: Media & Mistrust
Sociologist and author Tom Mills talks about growing public mistrust of the media, who owns the print media, and how the broadcast media tends to draw its journalists from certain sectors of society
DATE: 2017-10-28 | LENGTH: 11:07

IMF Worried that High Inequality Could Threaten Global Capitalism
All income growth of the past few years is going to the top 10 percent, without paying more in taxes. IMF says that higher taxation of the top earners would not impinge on economic growth, explains economist Michael Roberts
DATE: 2017-10-27 | LENGTH: 14:48

Methane Emissions From Livestock Are Much Higher Than Estimated
A new NASA-sponsored study shows that animal agriculture's global methane emissions are 11% higher than previous estimates - co-author Dr. Ghassem Asrar explains the numbers
DATE: 2017-10-27 | LENGTH: 14:40

British Government Wants to Criminalize Web Use
The British government is set to expand terrorism offenses to include the act of viewing content online. Jim Killock of Open Rights Group says the move amounts to criminalizing thought
DATE: 2017-10-27 | LENGTH: 07:25

Catalonia Vows to Resist Madrid's Direct Rule
Expect to see acts of civil disobedience, resistance from public servants, and election boycotts in the weeks ahead - as well as criminal persecution of Catalonia's political leaders, says Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College
DATE: 2017-10-27 | LENGTH: 19:17

Why do Far-Right White Nationalists Support Zionism?
The state of Israel is a model for the extreme right in the US and in Europe
DATE: 2017-10-26 | LENGTH: 06:08

Twitter Bans RT and Sputnik Ads, Who's Next?
Twitter has announced it will ban advertising from the Russian-backed media outlets RT and Sputnik. We speak to journalist and best-selling author Max Blumenthal
DATE: 2017-10-26 | LENGTH: 12:07

Spain to Take 'Nuclear Option' on Catalonia
Spain's central government went 'even more nuclear than anybody had expected' when it announced plans to completely strip Catalonia of its autonomy, says Professor Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College
DATE: 2017-10-24 | LENGTH: 14:39

IMF's Concern with Equality Not Reflected in Its Policy Recommendations
Recently the IMF's analyses have shown greater concern about the dramatic rise in inequality, but its policy recommendations make the problem worse, explains economist Mark Weisbrot of CEPR
DATE: 2017-10-23 | LENGTH: 14:12

Real Media: Fintech & Your Reputation
Tom Fisher of Privacy International explains how financial technology companies are making assessments from the data that users create online, and how these judgements can be discriminatory and ultimately affect users' credit ratings
DATE: 2017-10-23 | LENGTH: 10:25

'Appetite for Destruction': How Feeding Livestock Strains the Planet
We are eating more meat than at any other time in history, and the largest environmental impact actually comes from what the animals are being fed, says Duncan Williamson, food policy manager for the World Wildlife Fund UK
DATE: 2017-10-22 | LENGTH: 14:43

Venezuela Elections: Why Does the Corporate Media Keep Crying Fraud?
The international media was quick to report on potential fraud in Venezuela's regional elections, in which the ruling socialist party won a majority of governorships. But there isn't any evidence of massive fraud, says Alex Main from the Center for Economic and Policy Research
DATE: 2017-10-22 | LENGTH: 22:10

The 'Resistance' Forgets George W. Bush is a War Criminal
Don't allow the media to sanitize the legacy of Bush II
DATE: 2017-10-22 | LENGTH: 02:51

Expelling ISIS from Raqqa Does Not End ISIS--or Syrian War
The U.S.-backed SDF has declared victory in Raqqa after a long battle that left the city in ruins. But the loss of Raqqa does not mean the end of ISIS, says Charles Glass
DATE: 2017-10-19 | LENGTH: 13:38

56 Years After Paris Massacre, State Racism Lives On In France
On October 17th, 1961, hundreds of French Algerians were killed when French authorities attacked a large protest. France's racist legacy continues with the profiling and targeting of France's Muslims today, says human rights advocate Yasser Louati
DATE: 2017-10-18 | LENGTH: 13:11

Many Parties Complicit in Rohingya Ethnic Cleansing
The persecution of Rohingya Muslims goes beyond religious intolerance, says Dr. Elizabeth Hurd, professor of politics at Northwestern University
DATE: 2017-10-17 | LENGTH: 10:00

Somalia Bombing an Outgrowth of Foreign Meddling
Unless the U.S. and African Union change their failed strategy, Somalia faces many more deadly bombings like the killing of over 300 in Mogadishu, says Professor Abdi Samatar of the University of Minnesota
DATE: 2017-10-17 | LENGTH: 13:48

Slain Maltese Journalist Had Powerful Enemies
Daphne Caruana Galizia, a Maltese journalist who exposed the financial corruption of Maltese elites, has been assassinated in a car bombing. We discuss her life and work with economist and attorney James Henry of the Tax Justice Network
DATE: 2017-10-17 | LENGTH: 09:12

Real Media: The Value of Data
Tom Fisher of Privacy International talks to Real Media about why and how companies are able to exploit users' personal data
DATE: 2017-10-16 | LENGTH: 10:33

Real Media: Councils, Kickbacks, and the KCTMO
Financial journalist Joel Benjamin discusses evidence passed to the Grenfell inquiry regarding the connections between KCTMO ex-Councilor Tom Fairhead, Rona Fairhead, Council Tax Rebate schemes, and HSBC
DATE: 2017-10-15 | LENGTH: 12:28

Colombian State Escalates Violence Against Activists
Coca cultivation and the lack of alternatives to escape poverty continue to lie at the root of the ongoing violence in Colombia, despite the peace accords, explains Mario Murillo of Hofstra University
DATE: 2017-10-14 | LENGTH: 18:01

UK Activist Convicted Under Terror Law for Refusing 'Digital Strip-Search'
The British anti-terrorism measure Schedule 7 has just been used to convict Muhammad Rabbani for an offense that has nothing to do with terrorism: refusing to give authorities his computer password
DATE: 2017-10-12 | LENGTH: 12:34

Anti-Nuclear Group Wins Nobel Peace Prize as US Arsenal Expands
As the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to a group that was instrumental in pushing through the landmark UN treaty banning nuclear weapons, the U.S. has quietly made its nuclear arsenal even more lethal
DATE: 2017-10-11 | LENGTH: 14:22

Labour Expels Jewish Anti-Zionist for 'Anti-Semitism'
Moche Machover, an Israeli-born mathematician, philosopher and radical activist, received an expulsion letter from the Labour Party for his article, 'Anti-Zionism Does Not Equal Anti-Semitism'
DATE: 2017-10-10 | LENGTH: 12:44

Real Media: Rona Fairhead, HSBC and the BBC
Real Media interviews HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilson about the UK's newly appointed International Trade Minister Rona Fairhead and her controversial past as BBC Trust chair and HSBC director
DATE: 2017-10-09 | LENGTH: 11:36

Will Congress Help Trump Kill the Iran Deal?
President Trump is just days away from his expected decision to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, leaving the deal -- and a whole lot more -- in the hands of Congress, says scholar William Beeman
DATE: 2017-10-09 | LENGTH: 08:31

Macron Leans Further Right as His Popularity Tanks
As French President Emmanuel Macron continues his push for a stronger EU, it's becoming 'very clear that his agenda is a traditionally right-wing, pro-business agenda,' says author and journalist Laura Raim
DATE: 2017-10-08 | LENGTH: 11:41

UK Household Debt has Reached Unsustainable Levels
Consumer and student debt in the UK have reached unprecedented levels and are a warning that austerity could lead to a new financial crisis, explains Edward Smythe of Positive Money
DATE: 2017-10-08 | LENGTH: 10:58

Real Media: Challenging the Narrative with Grenfell MediaWatch
Toyin and Angie from Grenfell MediaWatch discuss the misleading stories and PR campaigns surrounding the Grenfell Tower disaster, and what justice would look like to them
DATE: 2017-10-07 | LENGTH: 14:51

Colombian Government and Second Rebel Group Implement Ceasefire
Colombia's National Liberation Army, the ELN, and the government of Colombia implement a ceasefire agreement after 50 years of war. Peace negotiations are now underway, with the aim of eliminating violence from politics, explains the ELN's head negotiator, Pablo Beltran
DATE: 2017-10-06 | LENGTH: 16:15

Rebuking Trump, Nobel Prize Goes to Group That Opposes Nuclear Weapons
"No right hands for the wrong weapons" - Nobel Peace Prize Winner ICAN
DATE: 2017-10-06 | LENGTH: 02:24

Real Media: Property Rights, Deregulation and Think Tanks (2/2)
Open Democracy's Laurie Macfarlane talks about the UK government's deregulation strategy and its effects on housing, as well as the influence of think tanks on national debate and an explanation of the 'positive feedback loop'
DATE: 2017-10-04 | LENGTH: 10:07

Big Capital May Punish the UK For Corbynomics
City of London financial expert and Marxist economist Michael Roberts says much is to be gained from the economic proposals of Jeremy Corbyn. However, Big business is likely to punish any government seeking to move away from the "Neoliberal consensus"
DATE: 2017-10-04 | LENGTH: 14:41

Can the Spain-Catalan Crisis Be Resolved?
The only way to diffuse the situation would be for Madrid and Catalonia to sit down and discuss a serious reform of Spain's constitution--but current Spanish leadership is unlikely to take that step, says Oberlin professor Sebastian Faber
DATE: 2017-10-04 | LENGTH: 13:09

This Week in Russiagate: Facebook and Black Lives Matter
The response to reports of Russian-linked Facebook ads reveals the disdain by elite pundits and lawmakers to dissenting voices like Black Lives Matter, says Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report
DATE: 2017-10-03 | LENGTH: 10:03

Join The Dots: What's the Deal? Brexit, Arms and Corporate Power
Real Media's senior editor Kam Sandhu and investigative journalist Matt Kennard discuss UK Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox - his history and ties to US corporations, what this means for Brexit negotiations and what's it's really like inside the world's largest arms fair
DATE: 2017-10-03 | LENGTH: 25:11

Hamas and Fatah​ Meet in Gaza: Will They​ Strike a​ Unity​ Deal?
A number of regional changes have weakened Hamas, making the group more open to reconciliation with its Fatah rivals, says award-winning journalist Daoud Kuttab
DATE: 2017-10-03 | LENGTH: 12:55

Catalonia Strikes Over Suppression of Independence Vote
Tens of thousands took to the streets to oppose a police crackdown that left hundreds hospitalized
DATE: 2017-10-03 | LENGTH: 02:20

Real Media: The UK Obsession with Property Rights (1/2)
Open Democracy's Laurie Macfarlane on the recent history of UK property ownership, the obscene rise in property values that is mirrored in rent increases and personal debt, and some possible solutions to consider
DATE: 2017-10-02 | LENGTH: 11:39

The US is Backing Saudi War Crimes in Yemen
Col. Larry Wilkerson says many Republicans are ready to cross the aisle to stop the war in Yemen as the Saudis are using US position-guided missiles to bomb port side cranes that offload food and water during a cholera epidemic
DATE: 2017-10-02 | LENGTH: 10:26

Spanish Police Attack Voters During Catalan Independence Vote
Mayor of Barcelona and others called for Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to resign in the wake of police violence against Catalonia citizens during Sunday's vote, in which 90% voted in favor of independence
DATE: 2017-10-01

Trump Confronts North Korea With Japanese PM's Help
President Trump is siding with right-wing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe over South Korea President Moon Jae-in on North Korea, says journalist Tim Shorrock
DATE: 2017-09-28 | LENGTH: 11:18

Confident Corbyn Puts Tories on Notice at Labour Party Conference
Corbyn's message is shifting the ground of British politics says Labour scholar Leo Panitch
DATE: 2017-09-28 | LENGTH: 15:42

Spanish Government Cracks Down on Catalan Independence Vote
The government of Mariano Rajoy is cracking down on efforts to conduct an independence vote on October 1, but this just increases Catalan opposition to Spain's central government, explains Carlos Delclos
DATE: 2017-09-27 | LENGTH: 13:21

Kurdistan Independence Vote Faces Fierce Opposition (1/2)
Defying threats from Baghdad and nearly every other state in the region, Kurdistan overwhelmingly voted for independence--but it's unlikely to lead to formal statehood, and the timing of the vote could be a costly mistake, explains Sabah Alnasseri, a professor at York University
DATE: 2017-09-27 | LENGTH: 12:57

Kurdistan Independence Vote Faces Fierce Opposition (2/2)
Defying threats from Baghdad and nearly every other state in the region, Kurdistan overwhelmingly voted for independence--but it's unlikely to lead to formal statehood, and the timing of the vote could be a costly mistake, explains Sabah Alnasseri, a professor at York University
DATE: 2017-09-27

Spain's Economy is Growing, but Leaving Most Spaniards Behind
CEPR's Mark Weisbrot explains that even though Spain's economy has been growing recently, this is mostly due to external factors, without benefitting the majority of the population, making Spain Europe's most unequal country
DATE: 2017-09-25 | LENGTH: 13:22

Far-Right Enters Germany's Parliament for First Time in 60 Years
The Alternative for Germany party, which has moved so far right that it includes neo-Nazis, now has a seat at the table. Meanwhile, both the Christian Democrats and the social democrats lost big, explains TRNN's Shir Hever
DATE: 2017-09-25 | LENGTH: 14:19

Real Media: New Warfare & Transparency
Chris Cole of Drone Wars UK talks about the current state of the technology, the march to lethal autonomous warfare, and the absolute secrecy and lack of democratic scrutiny around the developing drone program
DATE: 2017-09-24 | LENGTH: 06:29

Real Media: The Nomadic War Machine
Paul Watt discusses the fight against social cleansing and gentrification, and specifically what he calls the 'Nomadic War Machine,' where campaign groups occupy spaces to shift the power balance with the landlord or local authority
DATE: 2017-09-22 | LENGTH: 08:07

Killer Robots: The War Over Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence companies and other AI experts are urging the UN to ban the technology in weapons, but are they exaggerating the danger and threat for their own interests?
DATE: 2017-09-21 | LENGTH: 14:06

Real Media: Art & Militarism
From the 'Conference at the Gates' organized by 'Stop The Arms Fair', Real Media explores a workshop on art and militarism that was held during protests against the 2017 Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair in London
DATE: 2017-09-19 | LENGTH: 09:50

UK Activist Risks Prison Challenging 'Digital Strip-Search'
CAGE International Director Muhammad Rabbani is about to stand trial for refusing to give UK police the password to his laptop, which contained information about torture survivors. He's using his case to challenge Britain's anti-terrorism legislation, Schedule 7
DATE: 2017-09-17 | LENGTH: 15:37

Real Media: Drones, Nationalism and the Future of Warfare
Author of Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade Andrew Feinstein talks about the the future of warfare, the effects of drones on the military industrial complex and the role of nationalism in an increasingly unstable world
DATE: 2017-09-17 | LENGTH: 11:17

Russian Progressives Challenge Putin From Below
A grassroots coalition has made gains in Moscow's municipal election, signaling opportunities for Russian progressives at the local level, says Russian-American independent journalist Alyona Minkovski
DATE: 2017-09-15 | LENGTH: 20:37

UK Parliament 'Beheads Democracy' With EU Exit Bill
Public interest organisations and opposition leaders slammed the EU Withdrawal Bill as the biggest threat to parliamentary democracy in decades, explains journalist Steve Topple
DATE: 2017-09-15 | LENGTH: 11:38

Brazil's Corruption Scandals: No Winners, No End in Sight
The political elite has completely lost control of the situation, but the left is unable to take the reins, says blogger Alex Hochuli, who produces the Aufhebunga podcast
DATE: 2017-09-13 | LENGTH: 12:39

Venezuela's President Maduro Presents New Economic Measures
CEPR's Mark Weisbrot explains that the new measures can help alleviate some of Venezuela's economic problems, but do not address the heart of the problem, which is an inflation-depreciation spiral that has given the country an extraordinarily high inflation rate. Trump's recent illegal sanctions will make the situation even more difficult
DATE: 2017-09-11 | LENGTH: 13:19

Activists Blockade Massive Arms Fair in London
In London, activists have staged a week of protest against the Defense and Security Equipment International, DSEI, one of the world's largest arms fairs
DATE: 2017-09-09 | LENGTH: 09:29

Rwanda's Paul Kagame Tightens Hold on Power
Western backers are looking the other way as Rwandan President Paul Kagame grows increasingly authoritarian, says Claude Gatebuke of the African Great Lakes Action Network
DATE: 2017-09-09 | LENGTH: 15:50

Real Media: Biggest Arms Deal in History
As the world's largest arms fair gets underway in London, author of The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, Andrew Feinstein talks to Real Media about corruption and justification of arms deals
DATE: 2017-09-09 | LENGTH: 11:33

Sanctions Against North Korea a Dangerous Dead-End
Veteran North Korea journalist Tim Shorrock explains that Russia's Putin is right that sanctions will not cause North Korea to back down on its nuclear weapons program. Negotiations that put U.S. military maneuvers on the table are necessary
DATE: 2017-09-06 | LENGTH: 21:03

BRICS Summit in China: A Missed Opportunity
Patrick Bond, who held a keynote address at the BRICS counter-summit in Hong Kong, says that critics consider the 9th BRICS summit in Xiamen, China, a missed opportunity to challenge corporate-led globalization
DATE: 2017-09-06 | LENGTH: 18:45

Unmasking the Horror of Duterte
Executive Producer Eddie Conway speaks with Nerissa Balce, professor of Asian and Asian American Studies at SUNY Stonybrook in Long Island, examining the extra-judicial killings in the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte
DATE: 2017-09-05 | LENGTH: 13:27

Big Business Dominates Brexit Negotiations
Brexit ministers in the UK had six corporate lobby meetings for every one meeting with civil society groups, says Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now
DATE: 2017-09-02 | LENGTH: 15:30

Did Monsanto Write Seed Policy in Malawi?
Tim Wise from the Small Planet Institute explains how a new seed policy in the southern African country of Malawi threatens farmers' rights to save, exchange, and sell their seeds, and how a former Monsanto official turned out to be one of the policy's co-authors
DATE: 2017-09-01 | LENGTH: 18:22

Media Downplays Millions Affected by Climate Change-Linked Floods in Asia
Over 1200 people have been killed in rains that have inundated a third of Bangladesh along with portion of India, Nepal and Pakistan
DATE: 2017-09-01 | LENGTH: 07:57

Warlords of the World Assemble at UK Arms Fair
Defence & Security Equipment International, one of the world's biggest arms fairs, will showcase cutting-edge military equipment to some of the most brutal and repressive regimes in the world. TRNN speaks to CAAT's Andrew Smith about the campaign to stop it
DATE: 2017-08-31 | LENGTH: 13:19

The Rise and Fall of Syriza: Finding a New Way Forward for Greece's Radical Left (2/3)
Syriza is the culminating expression of the long history of the Greek left, says author Helena Sheehan
DATE: 2017-08-30 | LENGTH: 15:22

The Rise and Fall of Syriza: Finding a New Way Forward for Greece's Radical Left (1/3)
Author Helena Sheehan details her experience with Syriza, a Greek coalition of radical leftist groups, from its victory at the polls in 2015 to its surrender to the austerity measures it once promised to stand against
DATE: 2017-08-29 | LENGTH: 15:36

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan: What Happens Next?
The U.N. Security Council will likely try to pass another round of sanctions, but sanctions have done nothing to stop North Korea from advancing its nuclear missile program, and will probably exacerbate an already volatile situation, says Christine Ahn of Women Cross DMZ
DATE: 2017-08-29 | LENGTH: 16:36

'Donald Trump of Brazil' Runs for President
Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's bombastic, homophobic, sexist, and dictatorship-defending presidential candidate is rising in the polls. Mike Fox reports from Brazil
DATE: 2017-08-25 | LENGTH: 05:45

How the US Helped Set 'Ukraine on Fire'
The documentary "Ukraine on Fire" from producer Oliver Stone tells the hidden story of how the ongoing conflict began, including the pivotal US role
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 18:56

Bolivia's Evo Morales Re-Launches Controversial Forest Reserve Road
NACLA's Emily Achtenberg explains the background of President Morales's decision to re-launch the TIPNIS road and how the move is being received among different sectors of Bolivia's population.
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 18:09

The Social Cleansing of London
Rapper and artist Potent Whisper discusses how London is being deliberately turned into a 'playground for the rich' by dispossessing londoners from their communities and their roots via a process known as 'regeneration'
DATE: 2017-08-22 | LENGTH: 07:01

What South Koreans Can Teach US About Resisting Trump
As thousands of South Koreans protest the U.S. THAAD missile system in their country, journalist Tim Shorrock says the grassroots movement that drove out a corrupt president in 2016 offers lessons to Americans resisting Donald Trump
DATE: 2017-08-19 | LENGTH: 04:45

Nearly 8 Million Face Starvation in Congo as Kabila Clings to Power
Maurice Carney says Congo's crisis can be traced to its mineral wealth, long exploited by the west, and the country's elites who refuse to let go of their power
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 13:10

Brexit and the Single Market
Professor emeritus of economics, John Weeks, goes through the labyrinth of misconceptions around the EU, single market, and the customs union all within the context of Brexit
DATE: 2017-08-18 | LENGTH: 19:35

Ecuador: President Moreno In Battle with Former President Correa
Ecuador's former president Rafael Correa is accusing recently elected president Lenin Moreno of moving the country to the right, using corruption accusations against Vice-President and Correa friend Jorge Glas as cover. TRNN's Greg Wilpert reports
DATE: 2017-08-16 | LENGTH: 11:55

30,000 Mexicans Have Disappeared in Past 10 Years
Laura Carlsen of the Center for International Policy says that as thousands disappear the Mexican government has turns a blind eye instead of investigating and preventing disappearances
DATE: 2017-08-13 | LENGTH: 14:13

The History of Guam
Guam is a virtual US colony, whose residents have been denied the rights afforded to other Americans, says professor David Vine
DATE: 2017-08-11 | LENGTH: 13:28

Five Killed in Kenya as Opposition Leader Claims Election Fraud
While Kenya largely remains calm, sporadic violence has broken out as the country awaits official election results
DATE: 2017-08-10 | LENGTH: 07:26

UN Human Rights Report on Venezuela Ignores Opposition Violence
Prof. George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University analyzes the latest developments in Venezuela, including a new UN human rights report, US sanctions, and the begrudging admission by President Maduro's foes that he still has popular support
DATE: 2017-08-09 | LENGTH: 10:03

Shifting Battlefield in Syria's Proxy War
The Trump administration's halt to a CIA program arming anti-Assad militants makes the Syrian battlefield less complicated, but only the cooperation of outside powers can end the war, says veteran reporter Charles Glass
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 11:48

Has Trump Threatened Nuclear War on North Korea?
As President Trump threatens North Korea "with the fire and the fury like the world has never seen," the need for diplomacy is as urgent as ever, says veteran journalist Tim Shorrock
DATE: 2017-08-08 | LENGTH: 12:55

A New Generation of Paramilitary Groups is Killing Social Activists in Colombia (pt. 2/2)
On July 30th, 2017 armed gunmen went looking for Bladimir Sanchez Espitia at a relative's house in Bogota, Colombia, and forced their way into the building, terrorizing the housekeeper and some neighbors. Sanchez was not there, because he is hiding, sleeping in a different house every night
DATE: 2017-08-07 | LENGTH: 09:44

Real Media: The Special Relationship Between UK and Saudi Arabia
Adam Smith of Campaign Against the Arms Trade calls for a judicial review of the UK government's continued approval of arms sales to Saudi Arabia
DATE: 2017-08-06 | LENGTH: 08:39

Real Media: Northern Ireland, Conservatives & Dark Money (2/2)
Open Democracy editor Adam Ramsay discusses who the Democratic Unionist Party is and what Theresa May's potential deal will mean for the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Irish politics and the future (Part 2)
DATE: 2017-08-05 | LENGTH: 15:56

UK Court Protects Tony Blair from War Crimes Prosecution
The UK High Court has blocked a war crimes prosecution against Tony Blair for the Iraq invasion, but that won't stop the effort to hold him accountable, says author and activist Chris Nineham
DATE: 2017-08-04 | LENGTH: 15:43

Real Media: Northern Ireland, Conservatives & Dark Money (1/2)
Adam Ramsay of Open Democracy discusses his investigation into the Democratic Unionist Party and dark money during the Brexit campaign (Part 1) Real Media, UK, Northern Ireland, conservatives, Open Democracy, Democratic Unionist Party, DUP, dark money, Brexit, Adam Ramsey, Theresa May
DATE: 2017-08-04 | LENGTH: 11:45

Hacked Emails Reveal How UAE Buys Influence in D.C.
Hacked emails from the United Arab Emirates ambassador to the US show the Gulf monarchy has strong ties, including financial, to influential and politically connected Washington think-tanks, says The Intercept's Zaid Jilani
DATE: 2017-08-02 | LENGTH: 12:42

Pentagon Plan to Arm Ukraine Means Escalation with Russia
As U.S. and Russian relations hit a new low, the Pentagon and State Department have drafted a plan to arm Ukraine's fight against Russian-backed rebels, a move that would escalate the country's three-year war
DATE: 2017-08-02 | LENGTH: 11:55

A New Generation of Paramilitary Groups is Killing Social Activists in Colombia
A New Generation of Paramilitary Groups are Killing Social Activists in Colombia Colombia is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for social activists. We speak to Bladimir Sanchez Espitia, a TRNN collaborator who documents cases of human rights violations and has received a "death letter" himself
DATE: 2017-08-02 | LENGTH: 13:22

Grenfell Tower and the Violence of Austerity
TRNN's Mohamed Elmaazi speaks with attendees of the University of London's panel discussion on the "Grenfell Tower Fire: The Avoidable Tragedy," examining the political, social and economic environments in which the the fire occurred
DATE: 2017-08-02 | LENGTH: 10:56

Controversy Over Venezuelan Vote Count
The CEO of the company that sold and operates the voting machines in Venezuela says that there was a discrepancy of 1 million votes between the turnout figures announced by the CNE and those recorded by his systems. TRNN correspondent Gregory Wilpert and labor and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik discuss the implications. Shortly after this interview, CNE president Lucena said the pronouncement was irresponsible and is considering legal action against Smartmatic
DATE: 2017-08-02 | LENGTH: 19:03

Russians See Sanctions Regime as a Blessing in Disguise
Despite existing sanctions against Russia, German exports to Russia have gone up by twenty percent, and investments are increasing in the domestic economy, says Richard Sakwa, professor of Russian and European Politics at the University of Kent
DATE: 2017-08-01 | LENGTH: 14:37

Trump Sanctions Maduro
The U.S. imposed sanctions on President Nicolas Maduro after his sweeping victory in an election UN Ambassador Nikki Haley calls "another step towards a dictatorship." TRNN discusses the implications with author Steve Ellner and historian Miguel Tinker Salas
DATE: 2017-08-01 | LENGTH: 16:44

Could Maia Be the Next Brazilian President?
Rodrigo Maia, head of Brazil's lower house, could be next in line for the presidency if Congress decides to impeach President Michel Temer
DATE: 2017-08-01 | LENGTH: 03:11

UK Anti-Fracking Campaigners Face Increasingly Violent Police Tacticts
The Network of Police Monitors (NETPOL) have documented the mounting use of aggressive and at times violent tacticts against demonstrators. A month of anti-fracking campaigns -known as the 'Rolling Resistance' - was declared for July in the north of England, near Preston Road in Lancashire the location of the UK's first and thus far only fracking site.
DATE: 2017-07-29 | LENGTH: 08:18

UK Banks Profit from Israeli Crimes against Palestinians
A new report from War on Want reveals that some of the UK's top banks and financial institutions are investing in companies known to supply Israel with weapons and technology used in the oppression of Palestinians
DATE: 2017-07-23 | LENGTH: 09:03

Join The Dots: Geographical Displacement
Episode 2 - Real Media discusses geographical displacement, and the rhetoric and misleading language of the housing debate surrounding the Grenfell fire
DATE: 2017-07-19 | LENGTH: 15:38

Real Media: The Neighbourhood Effect
In this Real Media interview, Paul Watt discusses the 'Neighbourhood Effect,' a disputed proposal for bringing richer people into poor neighbourhoods through a process of demolishing social housing and gentrification
DATE: 2017-07-18 | LENGTH: 08:20

NATO-Russia Tensions Rise, Arms Makers Benefit
For the first time, the U.S. has deployed advanced Patriot missiles as part of military exercises in the Baltic region, escalating tensions with Russia and helping boost military industry stock prices to record highs
DATE: 2017-07-17 | LENGTH: 19:41

Real Media: Big Pharma & Brexit
Community activist Emma Friedmann explains the caution needed regarding pharma, Brexit and regulation
DATE: 2017-07-16 | LENGTH: 10:21

How US-Russia Ceasefire in Syria Impacts Iran
The ceasefire agreement reached by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin in southwest Syria appears aimed at weakening Iran and containing its influence inside Syria, says Alternet reporter Ben Norton
DATE: 2017-07-16 | LENGTH: 15:49

War & Cholera Decimate Yemen, But Saudi Bombing Gets More US Help
As Yemen's cholera epidemic spirals out of control and millions face famine, Alternet reporter Ben Norton says the U.S. is complicit in the humanitarian crisis caused by Saudi-led war
DATE: 2017-07-14 | LENGTH: 17:30

Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition
Abby Martin goes on the deadly front lines of the anti government protests in Venezuela and follows the evolution of a typical guarimba -- or opposition barricade. Watch more on TeleSur
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 26:39

Why Israel Doesn't Want UNESCO to Recognize Hebron
International law practitioner and researcher Dr. Valentina Azarova discusses the politics involved in UNESCO's decision to rule Hebron a Palestinian World Heritage Site in danger
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 14:32

Lula Expected to Appeal Conviction: What Does It Mean for the 2018 Election?
Judge Sergio Moro presented no hard evidence in convicting former President Lula on corruption charges and his family's political connections renders his judgment questionable says Independent Journalist Mike Fox
DATE: 2017-07-12 | LENGTH: 13:07

G20 Protestors Call for An Alternative To the Neoliberal Order
South African activist Patrick Bond says beyond the media focus on burning cars in Hamburg, tens of thousands of protestors called for the G20 to adopt policies that tackle inequality and climate change
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 19:02

UN Adopts Historic Nuclear Weapons Ban over US-Led Opposition
The United Nations General Assembly has adopted the first ever global treaty to ban the possession of nuclear weapons -- but all nine nuclear powers stand in the way. We speak to Rick Wayman of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation and Ira Helfand of Physicians for Social Responsibility, who were both involved in the global campaign to push the treaty through
DATE: 2017-07-11 | LENGTH: 19:11

Israelis Demand Truth on Violations Against Yemeni Immigrants
Richard Silverstein discusses Israel's silenced history of racially motivated medical malpractice
DATE: 2017-07-10 | LENGTH: 16:15

Haringey Council Vote Through £2BN Public Asset Deal with Lendlease
London's Haringey Council voted to approve a £2 billion sell-off of public assets to the notorious private developer Lendlease despite overwhelming opposition from the community
DATE: 2017-07-09 | LENGTH: 02:08

Max Blumenthal on How the Media Covers Syria
As the U.S. and Russia reach a new ceasefire in Syria, Max Blumenthal of Alternet's Grayzone Project and TRNN's Aaron Mate discuss foreign involvement in the Syrian war and how Western media across the political spectrum has covered it
DATE: 2017-07-09 | LENGTH: 23:47

Who is Served by Militarized Aid to Palestine?
Nora Lester Murad warns that aid to Palestine serves the Israeli occupation
DATE: 2017-07-09 | LENGTH: 14:47

Trump, Putin and Russiagate Collide at G20
Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss the long-awaited first meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, where Syria and Russiagate topped the agenda
DATE: 2017-07-08 | LENGTH: 21:56

Join The Dots: The Deregulators
In Real Media's new show Join The Dots, senior editors Ranjan Balakumaran and Kam Sandhu discuss the meaning and role of deregulation in the UK
DATE: 2017-07-08 | LENGTH: 16:40

How G20 Governments are Financing Climate Disaster
The G20 nations provide four times more public financing to fossil fuels than to clean energy, according to a new report from Oil Change International's Alex Doukas
DATE: 2017-07-07 | LENGTH: 09:34

Real Media: Food, Fraud & Brexit
Helena Paul from EcoNexus explains the potential pitfalls for food safety, labelling and GM in the wake of Brexit, and the relevance of her book 'Hungry Corporations' 15 years later as food giants merge
DATE: 2017-07-03 | LENGTH: 10:09

Venezuelan Opposition Largely Responsible for the Rising Death Toll and Violence in Venezuela
Lucas Koerner of says the death toll and violence are on the rise but according to the Attorney General's reports more of these deaths are being instigated and attributed to opposition supporters
DATE: 2017-07-02 | LENGTH: 13:22

Real Media: Libor, Testosterone & Flawed Economics
Ann Pettifor talks about male dominance, intellectual backwardness and the economics discipline
DATE: 2017-07-02 | LENGTH: 12:08

£1.5B Tory-DUP Deal Could Rupture the Northern Ireland Peace Pact
The way the money is actually being spent could create greater rift in an already divided community in Northern Ireland
DATE: 2017-07-02 | LENGTH: 10:28

Brazil's Labor Unions Stage Second Strike Against Neoliberal Labor Law Reform
The new labor law would disempower unions and lower standards of living more generally. Meanwhile, President Temer faces unprecedented charges for corruption, explains Michael Fox from Brazil
DATE: 2017-07-01 | LENGTH: 15:38

Real Media: Syria, Anarchism & Visiting Rojava
In the last part of Real Media's interview, a special discussion with anthropologist David Graeber about anarchism, Syria, the bureaucracy of activism and his visit to Rojava where a new kind of society is developing
DATE: 2017-07-01 | LENGTH: 18:39

London Grenfell Inferno: Who's to Blame?
The Grenfell Tower Block fire in London is a predictable consequence of policies that can be traced to Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, as well as those of David Cameron and Theresa May, says former financial regulator Bill Black
DATE: 2017-06-30 | LENGTH: 14:39

Debate: Is Putin a Threat to Democracy?
Atlantic Magazine contributing editor Jeffrey Tayler and former White House Clinton counselor Bill Curry debate the proposition that demonizing Putin is justified
DATE: 2017-06-29 | LENGTH: 27:18

Hersh: Trump Ignored Intel Before Bombing Syria
In an exclusive interview, veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh discusses his new report that President Trump bombed a Syrian military airfield in April despite warnings that U.S. intelligence had found no evidence that the Assad regime used a chemical weapon
DATE: 2017-06-27 | LENGTH: 20:39

Barclays Executives Charged with Paying $400 Million in Kickbacks to Qatar
The charges filed by Britain's Serious Fraud Office against Barclays Bank executives are unprecedented explains Ian Fraser, author of "Shredded: Inside RBS The Bank That Broke Britain"
DATE: 2017-06-25 | LENGTH: 17:47

Egypt's Alliance with Saudi Arabia Shows Signs of Stress
President Sisi of Egypt's transfer of two Islands to Saudi Arabia is unprecedented and rejected by much of its population. However, it is part of a new larger reversal in the Arab World's effort to normalize relations with Israel explains Professor Seif Da'na
DATE: 2017-06-25 | LENGTH: 18:04

Mexico Uses Israeli Spyware to Target Lawyers, Journalists and Activists
"We have an alliance between the Mexican government and the Trump administration against the Mexican people," says John Ackerman, editor-in-chief of the Mexican Law Review. "We're being massacred and spied on systematically in Mexico."
DATE: 2017-06-24 | LENGTH: 20:08

ISIS Flees Raqqa, Trump and Putin Escalate the War
With the potential defeat of ISIS in Syria, the U.S. and Russia are stepping up their operations in an effort to fill the likely power vacuum, says Chris Davidson, a Reader of Middle East politics at Durham University in the UK
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 13:05

US Supreme Court Declines to Hear Chevron Pollution Case
Steven Donziger, the lawyer representing affected indigenous communities in Ecuador, calls this "the probably the most outrageous act of industrial pollution in history related to oil."
DATE: 2017-06-22 | LENGTH: 12:09

Trump Risks War with Russia and Iran in Syria
Increasing U.S. military strikes against Assad-allied forces in Syria threaten to undermine the fight against ISIS and spark direct conflict with Russia and Iran, says Ben Norton of Alternet's Grayzone Project
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 16:17

Survivors of UK's Grenfell Tower Block Fire Demand Accountability for the Victims
One week after the disastrous fire that engulfed the whole of Grenfell Tower Block, survivors and their supporters demand justice and a reform of Britain's national housing policy
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 04:15

Israel Secretly Aids Anti-Assad Forces in Syria Proxy War
Beirut-based journalist Nour Samaha has uncovered extensive Israeli government support of anti-Assad forces in southern Syria
DATE: 2017-06-20 | LENGTH: 15:54

Venezuela's Opposition Receives Solid Support from International Media
Media analyst Joe Emersberger takes apart recent international media coverage of Venezuela, which is openly siding with the country's opposition in portraying the government as a dictatorship
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 13:23

The 41-Year Anniversary of the Soweto Uprising
June 16 marked the anniversary of the Soweto Uprising, in which hundreds of students were killed and which represented the beginning of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement, eventually leading to its downfall
DATE: 2017-06-19 | LENGTH: 03:18

Anti-Muslim Manchester Demo Unites Britain's Far-Right
An anti-Muslim protest in Manchester brought together far-right groups that had until recently been in decline-and theyre organizing across borders, says Dr. Joe Mulhall, Senior Researcher at Hope Not Hate
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 10:47

Ignoring Humanitarian Pleas, Senate OKs Saudi Weapons Sale
The Senate approval of a new $510 million weapons sale to Saudi Arabia puts arms industry profits over Yemeni civilian lives, says Code Pink's Medea Benjamin
DATE: 2017-06-16 | LENGTH: 18:03

What can the Left Learn from Corbyn's Stunning Election Performance?
Former Sanders Campaign Digital Organizing Director Claire Sandberg speaks to the Real News after spending the past month working in the UK to defeat Theresa May. Correction: Sandberg was the former Digital Organizing Director for the Bernie Sanders campaign.
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 14:02

France's New President Wins Parliament Vote, But Faces Problems Implementing Program
Even though French president Francois Macron will probably have an overwhelming majority in the new National Assembly, the low turnout and on-going resistance to neoliberalism will complicate his program, says CEPR's Alex Main
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 14:13

Abby Martin: World Ignores Opposition Violence at Venezuela Protests
Empire Files host Abby Martin just returned from Venezuela where she saw first hand how violent opposition protesters attempt to intimidate reporters and thereby give a false impression of what is happening
DATE: 2017-06-11 | LENGTH: 14:31

Labour Prevented the Tories from Increasing their Grip on Government
Theresa May's objective of improving her position in Brexit talks failed and will extremely difficult negotiations now, says Economics Prof. John Weeks of London University
DATE: 2017-06-10 | LENGTH: 13:25

Corbyn Lost Labour Party Elites, But Won Over Voters
"Corbyn has proven that there is a way forward for the Labour Party," says Leo Panitch, a professor at York University--but it isn't the future the Blairites envisioned
DATE: 2017-06-10 | LENGTH: 17:26

UK Voters Go Left, Theresa May Goes Right
To stay in power, Prime Minister Theresa May will try to join forces with the DUP, a far right-wing Christian party that opposes abortion and same-sex marriage
DATE: 2017-06-10 | LENGTH: 08:52

Hung Parliament a Stunning Victory for Corbyn's Labour Party in UK Elections
Election produces a breakthrough for left socialist Jeremy Corbyn, something only weeks ago was considered impossible - with Thomas Barlow and Kam Sandhu of Real Media and Aaron Bastani of Novara Media
DATE: 2017-06-09 | LENGTH: 11:17

Economic Dimensions Militarized Palestine
Alaa Tartir of the Palestinian Policy Network explains that the Palestinian Economy is unable to grow or develop because the Israeli occupation controls all aspects of the economy
DATE: 2017-06-07 | LENGTH: 15:28

Serious Fraud and Saudi Silence - The UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd
Amber Rudd's opponent Nicholas Wilson points out that her colourful business record should mean she's the last person who should be trusted to investigate high-scale corruption and fraud
DATE: 2017-06-07 | LENGTH: 06:21

Brazil Gets Ready to Roll Back Labor Rights
Brazil's labor reform is set to pass the legislature and workers fear a dramatic worsening of their living conditions as a result. A special report from Brazil by Mike Fox
DATE: 2017-06-07 | LENGTH: 06:24

The Economic Myths of UK's 2017 General Election Exposed
"The General Election is exposing once again the ignorance there is around the production of money and how easy it is for governments to finance expenditure," says World-renowned economist Ann Pettifor
DATE: 2017-06-06 | LENGTH: 12:07

Theresa May Blames 'Tolerance of Extremism,' But UK Policies Help Extremists
In the aftermath of recent terror attacks, British Prime Minister Theresa May says the British people have "far too much tolerance of extremism." But award-winning investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed says British government policies benefit extremists and endanger civilians
DATE: 2017-06-06 | LENGTH: 15:02

UK Election Polls: Can Corbyn Win?
Opinion polls for the June 8 UK General Election indicate an increasingly tight race between Labour and Conservatives, but most still give Conservative Theresa May an advantage, despite May's weaknesses as Prime Minister, says Real Media's Thomas Barlow
DATE: 2017-06-06 | LENGTH: 12:37

Sluggish Economic Growth in Britain Fails to Compensate for Austerity
Kam Sandhu, co-founder of Real Media, explains how slow economic growth means that Tories have not been able to achieve any of their economic objectives and have instead caused a "food bank crisis"
DATE: 2017-06-05 | LENGTH: 13:01

Poll Finds British Agree that UK Foreign Policy Contributes to Terrorism
Thomas Barlow, co-founder of Real Media, analyzes latest poll results in light of UK foreign policy, the Manchester bombing, and Thursday's general election
DATE: 2017-06-02 | LENGTH: 11:01

UK Election Polls Tighten to Three Points Between May and Corbyn
Tom Barlow, co-founder of Real Media, talks about how Britain's June 8 general election race is tightening between Labour and Tories and how the mainstream British media is losing credibility in the process
DATE: 2017-06-01 | LENGTH: 10:42

Cyprus: Why Reunification Matters
As tensions between Greece and Turkey heat up, reunification of the island is strategically vital to the region, says scholar Leandros Fischer
DATE: 2017-06--5 | LENGTH: 12:29

How will Brexit Trade Agreements Affect UK Workers?
Trade Campaigner Linda Kaucher talks about post-Brexit trade deals following the 2017 general election, trade liberalisation, food standards, and a possible UK-US trade deal and what these mean for workers (part 2)
DATE: 2017-05-31 | LENGTH: 06:20

From Libya to Manchester, Western Intervention Endangers Civilians
Max Blumenthal, Senior Editor for Alternet's Grayzone Project, says the Manchester bombing's ties to NATO intervention in Libya exemplify how Western policies overseas can help lead to attacks at home
DATE: 2017-05-30 | LENGTH: 17:47

Corbyn: War on Terror is not Working - We Need a New Solution
Kam Sandhu of Real Media UK, says that Corbyn has opened up a conversation in the UK that many people want to have but they have been under siege with ongoing terror attacks
DATE: 2017-05-29 | LENGTH: 10:28

IMF Concedes: No Debt Relief for Greece
Economist Heiner Flassbeck describes how Germany's "shocking" position on no debt reduction of Greece's debt, even though its debt is completely unpayable
DATE: 2017-05-28 | LENGTH: 10:43

UK Tory's Theresa May Coming Undone at the Seams with 'Dementia' Tax
Kam Sandhu of Real Media says 'strong and stable' May is showing her incompetencies and polling is beginning to reflect that as UK heads to an election on June 8th
DATE: 2017-05-28 | LENGTH: 08:25

Brazil's Most Important News Outlet Plays Kingmaker
Globo TV withdraws support from President Michel Temer by leaking incriminating recording and issues retraction that implicated former president Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff: report from Mike Fox in Brazil
DATE: 2017-05-27 | LENGTH: 10:55

Post Brexit Trade Deals - Who Will be the Winners and Losers?
Trade Campaigner Linda Kaucher discusses the dangers that lie ahead for the UK public in Post Brexit Trade deals. Will banks and corporations win at the expense of the population?
DATE: 2017-05-26 | LENGTH: 08:37

Manchester Mourns as the Right Attempts to Tie Labour's Corbyn to Terrorism
Theresa May's dwindling campaign gets the "terror attack" bump considered necessary for a victory on June 8th, while the right attempts to connect Jeremy Corbyn to the memory of the 1996 IRA Manchester bombing, says Richard Seymour of Salvage
DATE: 2017-05-25 | LENGTH: 09:18

'There's going to be a lot of people who vote for Theresa May who will deeply regret it'
Tax Specialist Richard Murphy describes the looming crash ahead for the UK after GE2017, and the myth of a 'strong and stable' conservative government
DATE: 2017-05-25 | LENGTH: 07:28

Vickie Cooper, The Violence of Austerity & GE2017
Co-author of new book 'The Violence of Austerity', Vickie Cooper talks housing, social policy and the ongoing pain inflicted on marginalised groups since the financial crisis, ahead of GE2017
DATE: 2017-05-24 | LENGTH: 09:29

John Pilger: Julian Assange is Cleared of Rape Allegations, but Far From Free
Filmmaker and journalist John Pilger says Swedish authorities should be 'embarrassed' for pursuing what he called trumped up accusations against Assange and also how journalists are increasingly targeted as enemies of the state.
DATE: 2017-05-22 | LENGTH: 16:17

Israel Siphoning Natural Gas from Gaza Says Dutch Report
US and Israeli companies are working with Israeli approval to siphon natural gas from Gaza's territorial waters, even though this is illegal according to international law, says TRNN's Shir Hever
DATE: 2017-05-21 | LENGTH: 08:51

UK's Conservative Party Manifesto Amounts to a Heist (2/2)
In part II with Real Media's Kam Sandhu, she explains how the Conservative Party's manifesto promotes fracking and robs the elderly from their pension and care
DATE: 2017-05-21 | LENGTH: 07:24

Can Europe Stop the Far Right if It Doesn't Stop Neoliberal Austerity?
As a second German soldier is arrested in an alleged plot to frame Syrian refugees for a shooting attack, Liz Fekete of the Institute of Race Relations in London says Europe's far-right movements are fueled in part by the impacts of neoliberal austerity
DATE: 2017-05-20 | LENGTH: 15:51

Laotian Victim of Sex Tourism Awarded Almost $1 Million in US Court
In an unprecedented judgement, a woman raped as a teen by an American visiting Laos, was awarded $950,000 by a federal jury. Her lawyers, Linda Miller and Patrick Arenz, spoke with TRNN about this groundbreaking outcome
DATE: 2017-05-20 | LENGTH: 10:02

UK Conservative Party Presents its Austerity Election Program (1/2)
The Conservative party presents itself as a good economic manager, but its austerity policies have so far only increased Britain's debt, explains Real Media's Kam Sandhu
DATE: 2017-05-20 | LENGTH: 09:18

Brazil's Spiraling Corruption Scandal Deepens with Temer at the Centre
A political earthquake hits Brazil again as the highly unpopular president Michel Temer is implicated in new corruption allegations and the calls for immediate elections grow stronger, reports Mike Fox from Brazil
DATE: 2017-05-19 | LENGTH: 13:11

Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: 'A Great Depression That Doesn't End'
Journalist, author, and Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez says the Puerto Rican debt crisis, now entering a critical bankruptcy phase, results from a legacy of U.S. colonial domination and predatory Wall Street debt
DATE: 2017-05-18 | LENGTH: 19:57

UK Corruption, the Election, and Austerity
David Whyte of Liverpool University explains how the Conservatives' election slogans are bound to deliver the opposite of what they are promising
DATE: 2017-05-18 | LENGTH: 10:29

Independence Leader Oscar Lopez Rivera is Freed as Puerto Rico Faces 'Colonial' Debt
Juan Gonzalez, a journalist, author, and Democracy Now! co-host, analyzes the release of Puerto Rican independence leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, which comes as Puerto Rico enters a critical bankruptcy process and prepares to hold a referendum on its political future.
DATE: 2017-05-18 | LENGTH: 10:19

Corbyn's New Labour Manifesto Fires Up Base, Angers UK Elites
Thomas Barlow of UK's Real Media says Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's new "For the Many, Not the Few" manifesto puts sweeping progressive change on the table, much to the chagrin of the British political and media establishment
DATE: 2017-05-16 | LENGTH: 12:14

Can UK Labour Woo the Young and the Restless on June 8th? (part 2)
Thomas Barlow of Real Media says the large number of young people that are registering to vote in this general election could mean unexpected results
DATE: 2017-05-14 | LENGTH: 07:27

David Graeber: Should We Vote?
Anarchist anthropologist and academic David Graeber talks about the choices in the upcoming UK General Election
DATE: 2017-05-14 | LENGTH: 03:58

Can UK Labour Woo the Young and the Restless on June 8th? (part 1)
Thomas Barlow of Real Media says the large number of young people that are registering to vote in this general election could mean unexpected results
DATE: 2017-05-12 | LENGTH: 08:44

UK: Progressive or Regressive on Tax?
Most people think the UK has a progressive tax system, but huge cuts to the corporation tax since 2010 alongside rises in VAT mean the system is becoming more regressive
DATE: 2017-05-12 | LENGTH: 01:20

Supporters Rally for Brazil's Former President Lula as he Testifies in Corruption Case
Mike Fox reports from Curitiba, Brazil, where former president Lula da Silva defended himself in court against corruption allegations for the first time
DATE: 2017-05-11 | LENGTH: 02:41

Hunger Strike to Get King's College to Divest from Fossil Fuels
Roger Hallam's 8-week civil disobedience and hunger strike at King's College London, finally resulted in fossil fuel divestment.
DATE: 2017-05-10 | LENGTH: 08:37

Assassination of 41 Activists in Colombia Threatens Peace Process
The Colombian government's peace agreement with the FARC rebels requires the government to protect activists and former FARC fighters, but their government is not living up to this requirement, says Prof. Mario Murillo
DATE: 2017-05-10 | LENGTH: 15:44

UK Conservative Party Members Accused of Violating Campaign Funding Law
Conservative party members of parliament are accused of obscuring party campaign spending shortly before the national election explains independent journalist Steve Topple
DATE: 2017-05-10 | LENGTH: 10:31

South Korea Voters Oust Conservatives, Usher in Dialogue with North
Author and journalist Suki Kim says South Korea's election of Moon Jae-in, ending a decade of conservative government, is a rejection of neoliberal policies at home and of U.S.-fueled tensions with the North.
DATE: 2017-05-10 | LENGTH: 11:24

Is Venezuela's Withdrawal from the OAS Justified?
Mark Weisbrot, of CEPR, argues that the Organization of American States is not a true multilateral body because the US largely controls it, often against the interests of individual member states
DATE: 2017-05-08 | LENGTH: 16:12

French President Elect: Unveiling The Golden Boy Emmanuel Macron
Macron takes 90% of the vote in bourgeois Paris but Le Pen got 56% of the workers across France says Serge Halimi of Le Monde Diplomatique
DATE: 2017-05-08 | LENGTH: 13:33

U.S.-Backed Saudi Assault Could Cause Famine in Yemen
Professor Sheila Carapico of the University of Richmond says the U.S. could help cause a famine in war-struck Yemen if its supports a looming Saudi-led offensive on the port of Hodeida.
DATE: 2017-05-07 | LENGTH: 09:34

Prime Minister Theresa May Accuses EU of Interfering in UK Elections
Kam Sandhu of Real Media explains that May is adopting far-right UKIP discourse towards EU in an effort to win votes and a better Brexit deal
DATE: 2017-05-07 | LENGTH: 10:26

Greece Passes New Austerity for New Loans
Bond holders, banks, and IMF bear responsibility for having made irresponsible loans to Greece, so it is not right for them to force yet more austerity on Greece, says Michael Hudson
DATE: 2017-05-06 | LENGTH: 15:48

French Presidential Elections: Choice of Lesser Evil Between a White Supremacist or Ultra Neoliberalist
Yasser Louati, says French voters face an impossible choice of an openly racist candidate Le Pen and uber neoliberal, former investment banker that will implement policies that will fuel, ignite and spark even more competitive hatred among French
DATE: 2017-05-06 | LENGTH: 11:33

Hamas Party Moves Towards Practical Politics
Imad Al-Soos discusses the new Hamas declaration of principles, and how it differs from the old Hamas charter of 1988
DATE: 2017-05-03 | LENGTH: 09:20

Wilkerson: U.S. Incoherence, THAAD Missile System Disrupt the Korean Peninsula
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says the Trump administration's mixed messages on North Korea and the new THAAD missile system are sowing confusion in the Korean Peninsula ahead of a crucial South Korean vote
DATE: 2017-05-02 | LENGTH: 14:39

May Day: Hundreds of Thousands Celebrate International Workers Day
In the face of different manifestations of social and economic injustice, demonstrators across the world rose up for workers' rights
DATE: 2017-05-02 | LENGTH: 07:06

Inequality Study in Countries of the World Fails to Show Its Continuing Rise
The Guardian newspaper's Global Inequality Project gives us a snapshot of current inequality, but fails to show how inequality is growing with the intensification of capitalism says Prof. Leo Panitch
DATE: 2017-05-01 | LENGTH: 15:11

Most of Brazil Paralyzed as Unions Implement One-Day General Strike
The strike is in response to draconian labor and pension reforms that the government of President Temer is trying to push through as rapidly as possible explains Mike Fox from Brazil
DATE: 2017-04-29 | LENGTH: 14:16

Britain's Labour Party Leader Undermined by Labour Members of Parliament
Thomas Barlow, the Senior Editor of Real Media, analyzes the electoral panorama for the upcoming June 8 general election in Britain
DATE: 2017-04-28 | LENGTH: 09:34

Dutch Arms Dealer Who Fueled Liberian Civil War Convicted
Andrew Feinstein, the author of The Shadow World, recounts the background of Guus Kouwenhoven's involvement in arms dealing for Liberia's civil war
DATE: 2017-04-27 | LENGTH: 13:51

French Elections: Macron Headed to the Presidential Polls on May 7th is Expected to Knock Out Le Pen
French media and the economic establishment made Macron the winner in the Sunday presidential ran-off say Alex Main of the Centre for Economic Policy and Research
DATE: 2017-04-25 | LENGTH: 17:11

London's March for Science Targets Brexit
Scientists and activists in London also organized a March for Science on Earth Day. One of the issues was how Brexit would impact Britain's commitment to counter climate change
DATE: 2017-04-25 | LENGTH: 02:09

France's Presidential Election Is Wide Open
If leftist candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon wins, he does not have enough of a social movement behind him to fulfill his campaign promises says Jean Bricmont.
DATE: 2017-04-22 | LENGTH: 11:51

Massive Pro and Anti Government Protests in Venezuela
While international media focused almost exclusively on the opposition protests and clashes with the police, the pro-government protests were equally as large, says Lucas Koerner from Venezuelanalysis
DATE: 2017-04-21 | LENGTH: 15:13

Erdogan's Deviant Referendum Manipulations Likely to Undermine His Presidency
The irregularities in Turkey's constitutional reform referendum were numerous and well documented says Conn Hallinan of Foreign Policy in Focus
DATE: 2017-04-20 | LENGTH: 15:03

Brazil's Corruption Investigation Expands to Almost Entire Political Class
The corruption investigation of Brazilian politicians expanded dramatically and is less biased against the center-left. However, the danger is that it will lead to de-politicization and opportunistic anti-politics explains Brazil analyst Alex Hochuli
DATE: 2017-04-19 | LENGTH: 11:41

UK Elections Called Before Full Impact of Austerity Kicks In
May's decision to call a snap election is an opportunistic move, she also has an eye on the electoral arenas in France and Germany says Prof. Leo Panitch co-editor of the 2016 Socialist Register titled "The Politics of the Right"
DATE: 2017-04-19 | LENGTH: 16:21

El Salvador Passes Historic Ban on Metal Mining
The Central American country is the first country in the world to establish a blanket ban on metal mining, protecting the environment following a 12-year political struggle
DATE: 2017-04-18 | LENGTH: 18:11

Germany's Left Must Find a New Strategy to Stop the Rise of the Right
Michael Brie, of Germany's Die Linke, explains that the German left needs to strengthen solidarity with those who have been excluded from Germany's economic successes
DATE: 2017-04-18 | LENGTH: 10:47

British Rendition Process "Worse than Guantanamo"
Britain has a rendition and detention process in place that is worse than the US system says Clive Stafford Smith of the human rights group Reprieve
DATE: 2017-04-17 | LENGTH: 08:48

Wilkerson on North Korea Crisis: U.S. Should Stop the Threats & Own Up to its Role
Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, says the U.S. should resolve the North Korea nuclear crisis through negotiations and should reckon with the impact of its previous actions.
DATE: 2017-04-17 | LENGTH: 20:19

Standard of Living Declined in Britain Due to Government Austerity
A new study shows that the standard of living in the UK has dropped for the first time since 2014. This is the result of government austerity says economist John Weeks
DATE: 2017-04-16 | LENGTH: 12:11

France's Left Presidential Candidate Melenchon Rising Rapidly in Polls
Jean-Luc Melenchon's rise in the polls could lead to a political upheaval in France, should he make it to the run-off vote on April 23, says Renaud Lambert of Le Monde Diplomatique
DATE: 2017-04-15 | LENGTH: 09:50

Opposition Protests in Venezuela Lead to Six Deaths
Clashes between protesters and police continued throughout the week in Venezuela, but polls indicate that the government is recuperating popularity and most Venezuelans disagree with opposition tactics says Lucas Koerner of
DATE: 2017-04-15 | LENGTH: 12:51

South African Demonstrators Demand Zuma's Resignation
ANC's leadership called into question as Zuma's corruption ridden Presidency is headed to an end, who will lead the country next, ponders Trevor Ngwane of the Johannesburg United Front and Professor Patrick Bond
DATE: 2017-04-13 | LENGTH: 16:34

Trump's Massive Bomb and Syrian Strike Both Deadly Propaganda Events
Vijay Prashad and Paul Jay ask if the US "mother of all bombs" dropped on Afghanistan and the missile attack on a Syrian airbase, are PR events to show Trump and the US military will "fight without restraint" and "take on Russia"
DATE: 2017-04-13 | LENGTH: 17:37

The Overlooked Past Behind U.S.-North Korea Tensions & How South Korea Could Forge Peace
Christine Hong of UC Santa Cruz and the Korea Policy Institute discusses the overlooked history behind U.S.-North Korea tensions and says the best hope for resolving them is a progressive government in South Korea willing to engage.
DATE: 2017-04-12 | LENGTH: 12:10

Did Bipartisan Russia Hysteria Help Fuel Trump's Rush to Bomb Assad?
In part two of our interview, journalist Rania Khalek argues that the U.S. strike on the Assad regime continues policy that tacitly helps Al Qaeda and ISIS, all the while raising the threat of conflict with Russia - a threat exacerbated by the recent bipartisan frenzy over President Trump's ties to Moscow.
DATE: 2017-04-10 | LENGTH: 14:08

As U.S. Politicians and Pundits Cheer Syria Bombing, Will ISIS and Al Qaeda Benefit?
Independent journalist Rania Khalek discusses the near-uniform media and political support for President Trump's decision to bomb a Syrian military airfield, the need for an independent investigation into the Idlid chemical attack, and why she thinks the U.S. strike may benefit ISIS and Al Qaeda.
DATE: 2017-04-08 | LENGTH: 12:23

Trump Attack on Syria a Deadly Political Game and Reflection of Deep Systemic Crisis
Gerald Horne and Paul Jay discuss the cynical politics behind the attack and the decay and dysfunctionality of the American state
DATE: 2017-04-08 | LENGTH: 16:55

Venezuelans Hold Demonstrations For and Against OAS Effort to Isolate Venezuela
Efforts to invoke the OAS Democratic Charter against Venezuela would only lead to more confrontation in Venezuela says Steve Ellner
DATE: 2017-04-07 | LENGTH: 11:13

Is Trump Going to Intervene to Save Al-Qaeda's 'Heartland' in Syria?
Western intervention would save Syria's beleaguered al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels.
DATE: 2017-04-07

Trump, Syria, and Chemical Weapons: What We Know, What We Don't, and the Dangers Ahead
Further military engagement by the U.S. is not the way to end the horrific carnage in Syria.
DATE: 2017-04-07

Is Trump Going to Commit the Next Great American Catastrophe in Syria?

DATE: 2017-04-07

Wilkerson: Trump Attack on Syria Driven by Domestic Politics
Former Chief of Staff to Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, tells Paul Jay that the Syrian Government may not be responsible for the chemical attack and that Trump's response was a violation of international law
DATE: 2017-04-07 | LENGTH: 17:44

US Syria Strike Was Illegal, No Matter Who Carried Out Gas Attack
Trump is receiving praise for his swift decision to bomb the Syrian airbase allegedly responsible for carrying out Tuesday's gas attack, but Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Phyllis Bennis says the President's grounds for action are shaky at best
DATE: 2017-04-07 | LENGTH: 22:57

Will Hamas Party Charter Accept a Two State Solution?
The leaked Hamas charter suggests a willingness to accept a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict says Imad Alsoos,
DATE: 2017-04-06 | LENGTH: 08:43

Defeated Ecuadorian Presidential Candidate Refuses to Concede
Guillermo Lasso, the conservative who lost Ecuador's presidential vote, is aiming to delegitimize the leftist winner, Lenin Moreno, before he takes office says TRNN's Greg Wilpert
DATE: 2017-04-06 | LENGTH: 13:11

Victims of political policing demand accountability at Undercover Policing Inquiry, in London
Two years have passed since the establishment of the Pitchford Inquiry into Undercover Policing. Participants say that as of yet, no oral evidence has been taken and that the police are seeking to delay the process in perpetuity. TRNN Researcher Mohamed Elmaazi attended the first Hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on April 04th 2017, and interviewed participants and their supporters.
DATE: 2017-04-06 | LENGTH: 10:23

UK Police Intensifies Crackdown on Environmental Protests
Police observer group Netpol has documented an increasingly harsh crackdown on anti-fracking protesters in the UK, often in collusion with fracking companies
DATE: 2017-04-05 | LENGTH: 11:14

After Deadly Navy SEAL Raid, Yemeni Villagers Suffer More U.S. Attacks
In part two of our interview on the U.S. role in Yemen's turmoil, independent journalist Iona Craig discusses her recent reporting that challenged Trump administration claims about the deadly U.S. operation in January that claimed the lives of at least 25 Yemeni civilians and one Navy SEAL. Weeks later, U.S. drone strikes killed more civilians.
DATE: 2017-04-05 | LENGTH: 07:41

Terror Attack in St Petersburg May be Blowback for Russian Military Actions
Russia no longer has a southern buffer-zone, it is exposed to ISIS says Col. Larry Wilkerson
DATE: 2017-04-04 | LENGTH: 09:00

Trump Greenlights Arms Sales to Bahrain and Many Other Countries
The decision to increase US arms sales to human rights violators and conflict zones places Trump on the side of those inflicting suffering and does not help the US economy much says William Hartung
DATE: 2017-04-02 | LENGTH: 11:11

Britain's Brexit Bill Gives Government Unprecedented Powers
The "Great Repeal Bill" repeals EU laws and gives the executive massive powers to rule by decree in the Brexit transition says Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now
DATE: 2017-04-01 | LENGTH: 12:43

International Outrage Over Venezuelan Supreme Court Decision
Venezuela's Supreme Court ratified a decision to invalidate the legislature, causing many to call the government a dictatorship. However, this move actually was the result of an opposition trap, says TRNN's Gregory Wilpert
DATE: 2017-04-01 | LENGTH: 11:32

Brazil's Tainted Meat Scandal Exposes Another Corruption Scheme
While corruption scandals proliferate, Brazilians take to the streets to oppose new austerity measures imposed by President Temer, says Mike Fox from Brazil
DATE: 2017-03-31 | LENGTH: 17:36

German Regional Vote Strengthens Chancellor Merkel for September General Election
Despite the social democrats' recent rise in polls, their lack of common ground with the Left Party makes unseating Merkel more difficult, says Victor Grossman in Berlin
DATE: 2017-03-31 | LENGTH: 10:58

As Mosul's Civilian Toll Grows, U.S. & Iraq Continue War Tactics that Helped Give Rise to ISIS
Sabah Alnasseri of York University argues that the increasing civilian death toll in Mosul shows the U.S. and Iraqi governments are repeating the same approach that helped launch ISIS in the first place.
DATE: 2017-03-31 | LENGTH: 21:01

Right-Wing Populism Permeates French Presidential Elections
The discontent of ordinary people with the political elite to deal with the effects of globalization is benefiting Marine Le Pen in the polls, says Le Monde Diplomatique's Renaud Lambert
DATE: 2017-03-30 | LENGTH: 16:31

Growing Discontent with Corruption Brings Thousands of Russians to the Streets
The Atlantic's Jeffrey Tayler says the opposition does not offer much of a political program beyond calling for removing Putin from power
DATE: 2017-03-28 | LENGTH: 09:00

The Protest-Resignation of UN Under-Secretary Dr. Rima Khalaf
UN Secretary General Guterres caves under pressure from Israel and United States and orders Under-Secretary Rima Khalaf to withdraw an incriminating investigative report on Israeli apartheid policies against Palestinians, says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2017-03-27 | LENGTH: 09:02

Were Haitian Police Behind Assassination Attempt on Aristide?
Jeb Sprague-Silgado says the firing on the former president's motorcade took place in the context of mass voter disenfranchisement and an attempt to rearrange the country politically away from left forces
DATE: 2017-03-24 | LENGTH: 11:19

Is Trump Dangerous for Russia?
The US and Russian right share a similar ideology, but it's one that sees each other as an excuse for military expansion and harmful internal economic policy, says professor Aleksandr Buzgalin
DATE: 2017-03-22 | LENGTH: 11:26

Anti-Boycott Law Denies London BDS Activist Entry to Israel
London Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Chairman Hugh Lanning says these laws are exposing the anti-democratic nature of the state
DATE: 2017-03-17 | LENGTH: 12:06

BJP Wins India's Largest State in Elections, Further Consolidating Modi's Power
NewsClick founder Prabir Purkayastha says the secular and social inclusion agendas have lost to the pro-business, anti-Muslim agenda of Narendra Modi - and no oppositional force looks ready to challenge the BJP in the 2019 elections
DATE: 2017-03-17 | LENGTH: 11:24

U.K. Increases Use of Stripping Citizenship as Anti-Terrorism Policy
Helena Wray and Caterina Aiena say the U.K. is showing a willingness to deprive people of their human rights and place them into a zone of lawlessness and statelessness
DATE: 2017-03-17 | LENGTH: 12:30

Has the Conservative Party in South Korea Lost Its 10-Year Grip on Power?
Asia Institute director Emanuel Pastreich says geopolitical uncertainties between the U.S., China, and North Korea could lead to great political and economic instability in the region
DATE: 2017-03-16 | LENGTH: 10:26

Netherlands Far-Right Leader Wilders Contained, But Far From Defeated
Alternet's Ben Norton says 'The Dutch Donald Trump' is going to remain a fixture in national politics - and this is just the beginning of a larger wave of far right movements across the globe
DATE: 2017-03-16 | LENGTH: 12:17

Russian, U.S. Geopolitical Interests in Growing Tension with Netanyahu's Political Self-Interest
Russia and the United States are in a strong position to protect their respective geopolitical interests in spite of Netanyahu's attempts at political self-preservation, says TRNN's Shir Hever
DATE: 2017-03-14 | LENGTH: 09:28

Tens of Thousands March Against Cuts and Privatization of the UK National Health Service
In one of the largest demonstrations of its kind, doctors and advocates called for a united front to demand a reversal of years of cuts and privatization to the NHS
DATE: 2017-03-11 | LENGTH: 11:43

Black Lives Matter on International Women's Day
We must bring the movement to those who are most marginalized, says Black Lives Matter - Canada co-founder janaya khan
DATE: 2017-03-08 | LENGTH: 15:16

Industrial Overcapacity Behind Stalled Wage Growth in China
Richard Vague says private-debt is financing harmful economic growth in the nation
DATE: 2017-03-07 | LENGTH: 09:39

Tens of Thousands Demonstrate to Protect Britain's Heathcare System
Stuart Tuckwood said participants call on the government to fund the NHS properly and to end the move towards privatization
DATE: 2017-03-05 | LENGTH: 08:56

Armed Conflict, Global Warming Intensify Mass Famines
Nnimmo Bassey explains why many of the world's poor are forced to migrate due to policies that allow western industries to continue polluting
DATE: 2017-02-28 | LENGTH: 10:15

UK 'Deradicalization' Program Shrouded in Secrecy
Islamic Human Rights Commission co-founder Arzu Merali says her organization will no longer participate in consultations about anti-terror laws because the government treated them as a mere rubber-stamping exercise
DATE: 2017-02-27 | LENGTH: 12:00

Will Social Democracy Prevail in Mexico's 2018 Election?
Andres Manuel Lopez Abradore and the Morena party could revive left-wing politics in Latin America, says National Autonomous University of Mexico's John Ackerman
DATE: 2017-02-26 | LENGTH: 11:37

German University Suspends Course After Instructor Criticized Israel
Eleonora Roldan Mendivil, who was set to teach an introductory course on political theory, says she was unable to defend herself against accusations of anti-Semitism
DATE: 2017-02-26 | LENGTH: 11:09

Greece's Debt Relief Conundrum
SYRIZA has failed to a develop the political capacities within its base that would provide room for the party to maneuver in case of a shift in the international balance of forces, says political science Leo Panitch
DATE: 2017-02-23 | LENGTH: 19:28

Argentina's President Macri Faces Increasing Scandals and Resistance to His Return to Neoliberalism
The political panorama for Argentina's conservative government looks increasingly difficult according to Prof. Atilio Boron
DATE: 2017-02-23 | LENGTH: 16:41

Ecuador Elections Appear Headed Towards Run-off
Despite Rafael Correa's success in improving infrastructure and social spending, the recent recession and attacks by private mass media have dampened enthusiasm for his former vice president Lenin Moreno
DATE: 2017-02-20 | LENGTH: 12:21

How E.U.'s Migration Policy Enables Migrant Smuggling
Statewatch's Chris Jones says the European Union Border and Coast Guard Agency is less concerned with human rights and far more preoccupied with border control, surveillance and the interception of migrants
DATE: 2017-02-20 | LENGTH: 17:38

Ecuador's Presidential Election is the "Stalingrad" of Latin America's Left
The outcome of the presidential election in Ecuador will determine the future of Latin America's left, argues political science Prof. Atilio Boron
DATE: 2017-02-19 | LENGTH: 16:58

IMF Lent to Greece Knowing It Could Never Pay Back Debt
There's a real need for international debtor rights, says economist Michael Hudson
DATE: 2017-02-17 | LENGTH: 13:06

Can Somalia's New President Help Rebuild the Country?
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed faces many challenges posed by war lords, the war on terror, and U.S. intervention, says professor Abdi Samatar
DATE: 2017-02-16 | LENGTH: 10:36

EU-Canada Trade Deal Will Undermine Domestic Regulations
Trade deals like CETA are in part a result of undemocratic policymaking, says Global Justice Now's Jean Blaylock
DATE: 2017-02-16 | LENGTH: 10:47

Secretive Proceedings Over CETA Trade Deal Draw Public Ire
With the European parliament set to vote on CETA this week, Jean Blaylock of Global Justice Now says the deal has little to do with trade, but instead emphasizes deregulation, privatization and increased corporate control over the economy
DATE: 2017-02-14 | LENGTH: 13:55

Behind Romania's Protests, A Struggle Between Unaccountable Judiciary and Corrupt Politicians
CriticAtac co-editor Florin Poenaru says Romania's political crisis is likely to deepen after the protests begin to recede
DATE: 2017-02-12 | LENGTH: 10:47

As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table? (3/3)
Former SYRIZA MP Costas Lapavitsas responds to the argument that the costs of transitioning from the Euro to a drachma would outweigh the benefits
DATE: 2017-02-12

As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table? (2/3)
Former SYRIZA MP Costas Lapavitsas explains that, so long as Greece remains in the Eurozone, it will not be able to reverse austerity and direct its fiscal policy towards unemployment.
DATE: 2017-02-10 | LENGTH: 19:58

Emmett Till in Israel: How False Allegations of Rape Are Used to Lynch African Refugees and Palestinians
Top officials implicated in sex crime scandals occupy top positions within Israeli state, says journalist David Sheen
DATE: 2017-02-08 | LENGTH: 14:12

Israel Announces Expansion of West Bank Colonization Amid Rise in Corruption Scandals
Political economist Shir Hever says the consequences of recent legislation will lead to a deterioration in foreign relations and deliver a major blow to the nation's culture industry
DATE: 2017-02-08 | LENGTH: 09:33

As Tensions Rise Between Greece and its Creditors, Is Grexit Back on the Table? (1/3)
By focusing on serving an unsustainable debt rather than addressing high unemployment, Syriza has set the stage for a right-wing victory in future elections, says former parliamentarian Costas Lapavitsas
DATE: 2017-02-08 | LENGTH: 16:18

50 Years Later, Film on Algerian War of Independence Continues to Inspire Freedom Struggles (2/2)
Sohail Daulatzai, author of "Fifty Years of The Battle of Algiers: Past as Prologue," sits down with former Black Panther Eddie Conway to discuss why the 1966 movie remains highly influential in the age of the war on terrorism and authoritarian capitalism
DATE: 2017-02-08

Will Correa's Party Survive Ecuador's General Elections?
President Rafael Correa has not built a movement in Ecuador capable of mobilizing in support of his chosen successor and current vice president Lenin Moreno, says TRNN correspondent Greg Wilpert
DATE: 2017-02-07 | LENGTH: 08:11

Natural Gas Fuels Cyprus Reunification Efforts (1/2)
Reunification of the Island is being marketed as a solution to its economic crisis along with the development of natural gas infrastructure enabled by better relations with Turkey, says political scientist Leandros Fischer
DATE: 2017-02-06 | LENGTH: 09:34

50 Years Later, Film on Algerian War of Independence Continues to Inspire Freedom Struggles (1/2)
Sohail Daulatzai, author of "Fifty Years of The Battle of Algiers: Past as Prologue," sits down with former Black Panther Eddie Conway to discuss why the 1966 movie remains highly influential in the age of the war on terrorism and authoritarian capitalism
DATE: 2017-02-05 | LENGTH: 14:14

Leading Candidate for French President Hit By Scandal
Left-wing candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon could face a very popular right-wing candidate in Marine Le Pen; if victorious, Melenchon would find himself surrounded by hostile actors like Syriza did when they took power in Greece, says Renaud Lambert
DATE: 2017-02-03 | LENGTH: 11:26

Brazilian Judge Presiding Over Car Wash Investigations Dies in Plane Crash
Plane crash occurred just as the judge was about to accept the testimonies of Odebrecht employees, says Joao Feres Jr.
DATE: 2017-02-02 | LENGTH: 05:15

Brazil's Corrupt Politicians, Media and the Courts in Cahoots
Officials close to President Temer could face indictment in the Car Wash Scandal, says Joao Feres Jr.
DATE: 2017-02-02 | LENGTH: 12:36

British Trident Missile Test Misfired Near Florida
David Webb of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament says the Houses of Parliament debated renewing its nuclear weapons system without any knowledge of the dangers
DATE: 2017-02-01 | LENGTH: 09:01

European States Pushing for Unbridled Retention of Its Citizens' Data
Mass surveillance policies often appease populist sentiment in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, but result in laws that are ambiguous and put citizens in danger, says former intelligence officer Asaf Lubin
DATE: 2017-01-31 | LENGTH: 13:39

Erdogan Poised to Consolidate Authoritarian Regime in Upcoming Referendum
Over the past year and a half, we've seen the emergence of an increasingly totalitarian regime centered around one individual who aims to radically shape and transform Turkish society, says Baris Karaagac
DATE: 2017-01-31 | LENGTH: 09:51

Edward Snowden: 'National Security' Really Means Protecting the Status Quo
Interview with based in Munich, Germany
DATE: 2017-01-30 | LENGTH: 55:32

Some Syrian Opposition Groups Begin to Abandon Armed Struggle
The mood at the Syria Peace Talks in Asnam suggests that the armed Syrian opposition's external supporters, like Saudi Arabia, have decided to wind down the war, says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2017-01-28 | LENGTH: 12:20

UK Court Ruling on Brexit Emboldens Right-wing of the Tory Party
Parliament must be consulted before the government can trigger an exit from the European Union, and Jeremy Corbyn has come under a lot of pressure to oppose attempts to negotiate quickly, says economist John Weeks
DATE: 2017-01-26 | LENGTH: 13:45

Is China's Economy Headed Towards Financial Crisis?
Economist Richard Vague says China is acting much like Japan did in the decade before its crisis in the 90's
DATE: 2017-01-25 | LENGTH: 12:43

Without Industrial Policy, Trump Can't Revive U.S. Manufacturing
Trump will nonetheless try to look tough on China to appease his supporters, says economist John Weeks
DATE: 2017-01-25 | LENGTH: 13:15

Millions Around the World March in Solidarity with Women's March on Washington
On Saturday, a record number of people in cities like New York, London, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto poured into the streets to support issues ranging from gender equality to living wages to LGBT rights
DATE: 2017-01-22 | LENGTH: 02:43

Theresa May Reassures British and Foreign Capital Over Brexit
Leaving the European Union won't have a major impact on capitalist globalization, but it reflects the political rise of a xenophobic right that could soon undermine the remaining environmental, labor, and social protections in Britain, says political scientist Leo Panitch
DATE: 2017-01-19 | LENGTH: 20:45

Low-Wage Workers in London Protest Against Management Taking Their Tips
Grassroots union, United Voices of the World, which represents low-paid precarious workers in London, held a protest outside Knightsbridge Harrods on 7th January over waiters' and chefs' tips. Credit: Real Media
DATE: 2017-01-18 | LENGTH: 02:18

Protest Against Mass Rapes in Korea During WW2 Prompts Recall of Japanese Envoy
The Japanese government has refused to accept the responsibility of being a former colonizer, says Aisa Kiyosue
DATE: 2017-01-16 | LENGTH: 08:04

Obama and Congress Just Made it Easier For Trump to Arm Syrian Rebels
Anti-aircraft weapons sent to vetted moderate rebels could end up in the hands of extremist groups as many work in coalition together, says journalist Ben Norton
DATE: 2017-01-16 | LENGTH: 16:10

U.S. Media Neglects to Report on Al-Qaeda's Presence Among Syrian Rebels
Journalist Rania Khalek, who recently returned from Syria, says that the rebels are despised even by many of those who loathe the government
DATE: 2017-01-11 | LENGTH: 21:24

How 'Misinvoicing' Masks Foreign Resource Exploitation in Africa
Leonce Ndikumana of the Political Economy Research Institute explains why as much as 67% of exports in some countries are simply not registered in trade data
DATE: 2017-01-10 | LENGTH: 20:12

Al-Jazeera Investigation Reveals Israel Lobby's Influence in the UK
Electronic Intifada's Asa Winstanley says Israel has set up astroturf organizations in the UK whose purpose is to sabotage Palestine solidarity
DATE: 2017-01-10 | LENGTH: 14:29

How Russian and American Oligarchs Benefit from Mutual Demonization
The US has sent observers to watch Russian elections for decades now, so why not have Russia send observers to the US, asks Professor Aleksandr Buzgalin
DATE: 2017-01-08 | LENGTH: 20:29

Opening Borders to Extremists Comes Back to Haunt Turkey
For Turkey, the difference between 2016 and 2017 might be very little, says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2017-01-08 | LENGTH: 18:05

Mexican Gov. Faces Crisis of Legitimacy After Consumption Tax on Oil Catalyzes Popular Protests
Deep disdain for President Enrique Pina Nieto has opened up the possibility of an electoral victory for the left, says Professor John Ackerman
DATE: 2017-01-08 | LENGTH: 13:33

Jovenel Moise Awarded Haitian Presidency as Opposition Parties Allege Massive Election Fraud
Haiti's electoral council limited access to the voter tally sheets as the opposition began uncovering fraud, says radio host Margaret Prescod
DATE: 2017-01-06 | LENGTH: 14:57

Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem Would Be a Dangerous Provocation
The Trump administration might make a historic break with US policy and draw international outrage by following through on its rhetoric, warns New Internationalism director Phyllis Bennis
DATE: 2017-01-05 | LENGTH: 13:22

What's Wrong with the Current Aid Model for Africa (2/2)
PERI's Leonce Ndikumana responds to Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stigltiz who argues unfair trade deals cost developing countries more than the West gives in aid
DATE: 2017-01-03 | LENGTH: 16:01

What's Wrong with the Current Aid Model for Africa(1/2)
PERI's Leonce Ndikumana discusses his recent report that finds what drives Western donors isn't always what's best for recipient countries
DATE: 2017-01-02 | LENGTH: 11:21

Latin America in 2016: The Resurgence of the Right Continues (2/2)
The second part of our look at how governments shifted to the right in Latin America in 2016, imposing neoliberal economics in amidst high dissatisfaction with government
DATE: 2017-01-02 | LENGTH: 18:20

Latin America in 2016: The Resurgence of the Right Continues (1/2)
In Part one, we look at how in Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, governments shifted to the right in Latin America in 2016, imposing neoliberal economics in a context of high dissatisfaction with government
DATE: 2016-12-31 | LENGTH: 17:06

Rhetorical Battles Over Settlements Overshadow Massive US Military Aid and Protection of Israel at the UN
There's no fundamental shift in US policy, but Kerry's remarks suggest that the US is opposed to Israel as a Jewish state as part of a two-state solution, says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies
DATE: 2016-12-29 | LENGTH: 17:13

Reflections from Cubans on Castro (2/2)
James Early and Paul Jay discuss the potential role of independent trade unions in Cuban politics and the future of relations with the US under President Trump
DATE: 2016-12-29 | LENGTH: 15:59

Russia Announces Syria Ceasefire Deal That Excludes the US
Author Reese Ehrlich details the many reasons why the deal could fall apart
DATE: 2016-12-29 | LENGTH: 08:56

Reflections from Cubans on Castro (1/2)
Street interviews with Cubans and a conversation with the Smithsonian's James Early about the future of the Caribbean island after the passing of Fidel Castro and a growing US presence
DATE: 2016-12-28 | LENGTH: 16:54

Economy Shrinks Under Modi-fied India
Raja M. Nah discusses how demonetisation has adversely impacted manufacturing and agricultural growth in India, and how cash stringency will compel firms to reduce labour cost and thus reduce income of the working class
DATE: 2016-12-28 | LENGTH: 11:38

UN Vote Reveals Growing Rift Between Israeli Settlements and US Interests
Netanyahu's response reveals that the Israeli government has no strategic plans beyond hoping that Palestinians will accept life under occupation, says economist Shir Hever
DATE: 2016-12-28 | LENGTH: 16:16

Aleppo, Mosul, and the US Strategy of Permanent War
The United States attempts to secure its national security interests in Syria and Iraq by sustaining conflict rather than pursuing political solutions, says professor Sabah Alnasseri
DATE: 2016-12-27 | LENGTH: 21:35

Are the Wheels about to Fall off of India's Economy?
Shankar Raghuraman of The Times of India says demonetisation has proved to be a farce. - TRNN/Newsclick Joint Production
DATE: 2016-12-27 | LENGTH: 12:25

An Interview with a Leader from Brazil's Landless Workers Movement
MST's Gilmar Mauro on the struggle to build a mass organization as an alternative to fascism amidst Brazil's ongoing political crisis
DATE: 2016-12-27 | LENGTH: 15:10

US Fines Deutsche Bank to the Applause of Shareholders
The fines for mortgage fraud had to be low so as not to endanger the viability of Deutsche Bank or Credit Suisse - but now it's not a real punishment, says economist John Weeks
DATE: 2016-12-26 | LENGTH: 12:10

Italy Needs Expansionary Fiscal Policy to Escape Six-Year Recession
Further cuts in government expenditure to compensate for the bailout will worsen the situation, says economist Heiner Flassbeck
DATE: 2016-12-23 | LENGTH: 10:42

'A Marriage Made in Hell': Construction Companies and the Brazilian State
Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht was recently fined $4.5 billion by the U.S. Department of Justice. The case shows the role played by nefarious infrastructure deals in Brazil's economic growth over the last 40 years, says Professor Rafael Ioris.
DATE: 2016-12-23 | LENGTH: 14:44

UK Fuels Carnage in Yemen Through Political and Military Support to Saudi Arabia
Theresa May's apologetics for arming Saudi Arabia reflects the arms industry's role in shaping British foreign policy, says Andrew Smith of the Campaign Against Arms Trade
DATE: 2016-12-22 | LENGTH: 14:07

Following Deadly Truck Attack, Islamophobia Fails to Gain Ground Among Germans
Liberal left and anti-fascist forces in Germany are keeping anti-Muslim politics at bay for the moment, says political scientist Lars Bretthauer
DATE: 2016-12-21 | LENGTH: 09:52

Kidnapping, Drug and Refugee Trafficking Behind the Financing of ISIS (3/3)
Journalist Loretta Napoleoni says European heads of state still refuse to see their foreign policy as the root of the crisis
DATE: 2016-12-20 | LENGTH: 15:56

Secret Mexican Government Report on Missing Students Shows Official Cover-up
The Unreleased Attorney General's report about the investigation of 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa implicates the investigators, says journalist Anabel Hernandez
DATE: 2016-12-20 | LENGTH: 14:57

20 Killed In Protests Demanding Congo President Step Down and Respect Term Limits
Friends of the Congo's Maurice Carney says the US shares responsibility for Congo's latest crisis because it backed corrupt Congo leaders when it served their interests.
DATE: 2016-12-20 | LENGTH: 05:04

EU Immigration 'Assistance' to Italy and Greece Seeks to Block Migrants From Leaving
Yasha Maccanico says suspicion of terrorism is often used as a pretext to ensure that people cannot have any possibility of determining their fate
DATE: 2016-12-19 | LENGTH: 11:13

Kidnapping, Drug and Refugee Trafficking Behind the Financing of ISIS (2/3)
The story of refugee trafficking begins with the disruptions to drug smuggling caused by the Patriot Act, says journalist Loretta Napoleoni
DATE: 2016-12-19 | LENGTH: 15:56

Defense Deal: India Caught in US Strategic Grip
Public policy analyst D. Raghunandan discusses India's new status of Major Defense Partner of the United States. - Newsclick/TRNN Joint Production
DATE: 2016-12-19 | LENGTH: 11:26

IMF Credibility Takes Hit After Managing Director Found Guilty of Criminal Negligence
Economist James Henry says the ruling is a slap on the wrist for Lagarde, who is now the third director in a row convicted of a crime
DATE: 2016-12-19 | LENGTH: 04:15

Russian Ambassador Assassination Part of Retaliatory Attacks Following Retake of Aleppo
As the Syrian government takes control of more territory, fighters pushed out of the country may take out their rage on Russia and regional governments like Turkey and Jordan, says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2016-12-19 | LENGTH: 10:41

Kidnapping, Drug and Refugee Trafficking Behind the Financing of ISIS (1/2)
Author and journalist Loretta Napoleoni discusses how jihadists make enormous amounts of money by taking freelancing journalists and aspiring aid workers hostage
DATE: 2016-12-18 | LENGTH: 14:20

The Story Behind the Gripping New Documentary 'Shadow World' (1/5)
In part one, Andrew Feinstein discusses being witness to a corrupt weapons deal in post-apartheid South Africa sparked his quest to uncover the world of war profiteers and weapons contractors
DATE: 2016-12-16

Trump Dredging the Swamp to Empower the Worst Elements of the 'Shadow World' (2/5)
In part two, Andrew Feinstein says the Trump administration will continue the revolving door between government and defense contractors
DATE: 2016-12-16

How the Arms Industry Perpetuate War and Undermine Security and Democracy (3/5)
In part three, Andrew Feinstein discusses how US weapons and allies like Saudi Arabia have fueled conflicts in Syria, Yemen and across the Middle East
DATE: 2016-12-16

"Shadow World:" Arms Dealers Boasting of Bribes, Corruption, and Impunity (4/5)
In part four, Andrew Feinstein discusses the story of now jailed arms dealer Riccardo Privitera, featured in "Shadow World"
DATE: 2016-12-16

Can the "Shadow World" of Corrupt Weapons Deals be Held Accountable? (5/5)
In part 5, Andrew Feinstein shares stories of citizens who took on the defense industry and won
DATE: 2016-12-16

Jury Finds Dylann Roof Guilty of Federal Hate Crimes in South Carolina Church Shooting
TRNN replays a 2015 interview with activist and organizer Kevin Alexander Gray, who says the US must continue to grapple with its history of white supremacy
DATE: 2016-12-15 | LENGTH: 10:41

Turkey Leads in Jailing Journalists in 2016
Countries are using their own national security laws against journalists who are critical of authorities, says Elana Beiser
DATE: 2016-12-14 | LENGTH: 13:20

Following Rebel Defeats in Aleppo, Will Trump and Putin Keep Assad Regime in Power?
Zenab Ahmed of discusses the change in relations between the US, Russia, Syria and Iran that could come when Trump takes office and how the battle of Aleppo will weaken international law
DATE: 2016-12-14 | LENGTH: 13:27

Renzi's Unpopularity in Italy and Revolt from Within his Own Party Drove the Referendum Defeat
Journalist Loretta Napoleoni says if the referendum won, it would've given total political control to whatever party comes to power
DATE: 2016-12-13 | LENGTH: 08:46

President of Brazil's Senate Renan Calheiros Joins the Ranks of Corruption Riddled Political Leaders
Leaders that carried out the legislative coup against Dilma Rousseff, embroiled in corruption scandals are systematically destroying political institutions and social progress in Brazil says Journalist Shobhan Saxena
DATE: 2016-12-11 | LENGTH: 11:12

Vijay Prashad: The Battle for Aleppo is Over
Several U.S. administrations have pursued a strategy of arming rebels to fight in proxy wars, and it has created a catastrophe in the Middle East, says Vijay Prashad
DATE: 2016-12-08 | LENGTH: 13:50

UN Admits Fault in Haiti's Cholera Outbreak as Country Faces Prospect of Famine
Haitians continue to endure the aftermath of the forgotten disaster of Hurricane Matthew, says lawyer Brian Concannon
DATE: 2016-12-07 | LENGTH: 12:54

Austrian Presidential Election Shows How United Front Politics Can Defeat the Far Right
Walter Baier, former national chairman of the Communist Party of Austria, says the next challenge will be to maintain alliances against the far right in the upcoming parliamentary elections
DATE: 2016-12-06 | LENGTH: 14:21

Rojava: An Experiment in Radical Direct Democracy Within a War-Torn Country
Janet Biehl discusses the significance and the achievements of the political project in Northern Syria that's led by the Kurds
DATE: 2016-12-05 | LENGTH: 24:25

Fatah-Hamas Reconciliation in the Works?
Journalist Daoud Kuttab says the 7th Fatah Congress may lead towards rapprochement between the two dominant Palestinian parties
DATE: 2016-12-05 | LENGTH: 11:30

The Empire Files: Inside the Hotbeds of Israeli Settler Terror
Abby Martin goes on-the-ground to the epicenters of state-backed settler terrorism in Palestine's West Bank, in Part II of her report on illegal Israeli settlements and home demolitions - teleSUR production Watch Part I here
DATE: 2016-12-05 | LENGTH: 26:33

Italian Referendum Defeat is No Victory for the Right Wing
Luciana Castellina says Italian trade unions, youth, and students led the vote against technocracy
DATE: 2016-12-05 | LENGTH: 09:54

Shady Submarine Deal Ties Netanyahu to Another Corrupt Scandal, Threatens Israeli-Germany Ties
The German arms company ThyssenKrupp pushed enormously expensive weapons on Greece while Germany was imposing austerity on the nation, says political economist Shir Hever
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 12:06

Pro-Regime Forces in Syria Respond to Trump's Election by Escalating Military Offensive
The only way to stop counterrevolutionary forces like the Islamic State is to end imperialist support for authoritarian regimes and foreign intervention in the region, says Joseph Daher
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 18:42

Protesters in Haiti Say Moise Victory Amounts to 'Electoral Coup'
Some parties maintain their supporters were denied the right to vote and many are taking to the streets despite campaign of intimidation, says journalist Margaret Prescod
DATE: 2016-11-30 | LENGTH: 15:59

Is Assad Poised to Reclaim East Aleppo?
Some 20,000 Syrians have fled rebel-held areas in the past two days, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross
DATE: 2016-11-29 | LENGTH: 04:38

Fidel Castro and Political Rights in Cuba
James Early and Paul Jay discuss the death of Fidel Castro and how corporate media deals with the question of political freedoms and human rights in Cuba
DATE: 2016-11-27 | LENGTH: 23:01

Trump and the Fascistization of Europe
Paul Jay and Robert Johnson discuss how the financialization of 'the system' and the economic despair about the future is fueling the far-right across the globe
DATE: 2016-11-26 | LENGTH: 12:13

Will the Revised Colombia Peace Accord Succeed?
The proposed revisions came primarily from the right-wing while social movements and peace activists around the country were left outside of the renegotiation, says Professor Mario Murillo
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 14:28

Awaiting Presidential Poll Results, Haitians Worry of Election Theft
Margaret Prescod discusses the problems Haitian voters faced in the presidential elections, and says the Lavalas party is extremely popular among the impoverished majority but this is not reflected in the polls
DATE: 2016-11-21 | LENGTH: 20:43

Islamophobia: An Acceptable Form of Racism in France?
Yasser Louati says the state confronts the problem of anti-Semitism but promotes Islamophobia, which is being used by the far-right National Front party to promote itself
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 13:33

One Year After Paris Attacks, France Moving Towards Permanent State of Emergency
French human rights and civil liberties activist Yasser Louati says extreme measures of mass surveillance targeting Muslims are not effective in deterring terrorism
DATE: 2016-11-17 | LENGTH: 07:59

Leonard Cohen Sang About Our Love Affair With Death and Destruction
The brooding singer-songwriter tried to humanize society's darkest wishes, and lamented its inability to ever be at peace
DATE: 2016-11-14

Brazil Poised to Return to Authoritarian Rule Under Temer
Cassia Bechara of MST says that the Temer government is repressing and criminalizing those who oppose its agenda - including social movements and former Presidents Lula Da Silva and Dilma Rousseff - in order to legitimize itself
DATE: 2016-11-09 | LENGTH: 15:33

Turkey Drifting Away From the European Union
Violence will escalate now that Turkey has left no peaceful space for the Kurdish movement, says Baris Karaagac
DATE: 2016-11-06 | LENGTH: 11:14

''State of Capture'' Another Incriminating Corruption Report Against President Zuma of South Africa
'State of Capture' and 783 other corruption related charges against Zuma, Democratic Alliance and Economic Freedom Fighters could take power out of the hands of the ANC in the 2019 elections, says political economist Patrick Bond
DATE: 2016-11-04 | LENGTH: 15:15

Are the CIA and Western Intelligence Services Covering Up Algerian Sponsorship of Islamist Jihadists? (1/2)
A Report by SOAS Professor Jeremy Keenan unveils the role of the Algerian Intelligence Agencies in running al-Qaeda camps in Northern Africa with the knowledge of the CIA, reports Dr. Nafeez Ahmed of Insurge Intelligence
DATE: 2016-11-04 | LENGTH: 14:57

Brazil's Landless Workers Movement: MST Under Attack By State Police
Joaquin Pinero, a member of the MST directorate in Rio de Janeiro says this type of repression and false allegations of social movement leaders has become rampant in Brazil since the Temer Government took office. MST has been organizing a national general strike that will take place on November 11th.
DATE: 2016-11-04 | LENGTH: 07:41

Larry Wilkerson: A Solution for Syria Will Require the United States to Concede on Assad
The US is making two fundamental mistakes by continuing to insist that Assad must go and supporting rebel groups that look a lot like Al-Qaeda, says Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
DATE: 2016-11-01 | LENGTH: 11:36

Iceland's Pirate Party Wins Big Gains in Parliamentary Election
The Reykjavik Grapevine's Paul Fontaine discusses the possible outcomes after Saturday's parliamentary vote
DATE: 2016-10-31 | LENGTH: 11:09

Will the U.S. Lose Its Southern Anchor in the Pivot to China?
Whether President Duterte is threatening more than a rhetorical break is still an open question, says Walden Bello
DATE: 2016-10-30 | LENGTH: 14:46

A New Framework for Global Agriculture is Afoot
Sophia Murphy from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy speaks with Newsclick on how for the past 20 years, the WTO's Agreement on Agriculture has failed to address basic inequities in world agriculture - Newsclick and TRNN Joint Production
DATE: 2016-10-30 | LENGTH: 13:32

Venezuelan Opposition Seeks Legislative Coup
The National Assembly does not have the constitutional power to remove a president from Venezuela, nor does the opposition have the right to launch a recall with illegal signatures, says George Ciccariello-Maher
DATE: 2016-10-28 | LENGTH: 13:17

People's Tribunal to Examine Legacy of Iraq War
TRNN Replay: CODEPINK's Jodie Evans and AFSC's Raed Jarrar say the tribunal is an attempt to bring the anti-war movement together and pressure president Obama to hold the architects of the Iraq war accountable
DATE: 2016-10-27 | LENGTH: 22:08

Is the US Headed Towards War in Syria?
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is concerned about Clinton's foreign policy record and the fact that many of her advisors resemble those who served in the first George W. Bush administration
DATE: 2016-10-26 | LENGTH: 14:16

The Industrial Agricultural System is Limiting Food Access and Driving Climate Change
Kirtana Chandraeskaran of Friends of the Earth International explains why the UN Conference on World Food Security stopped short of recognizing that the industrial food sector is the greatest agricultural contributor to climate change
DATE: 2016-10-25 | LENGTH: 15:52

Obama Holding Further Military Involvement in Syria, But Will the Next President?
The Russian government sees the next few months as a window of opportunity to secure their interests in Syria before the next administration takes office, says former CIA analyst Ray McGovern
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