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THE EMPIRE FILES: with abby martin

Empire Files: The Sikh Experience in America

People of the Sikh faith, commonly mistaken for both Muslims and Hindus, are frequent targets of bigoted hate crimes-in fact, the first victim of post-9/11 hate crimes was a Sikh man. Promoting respect and understanding of this religious and cultural tradition, The Empire Files profiles this minority community with a long and rich history in America, and explores the roots of anti-Sikh racism with Georgetown Professor and civil rights attorney Arjun Singh Sethi. - teleSUR English
DATE: 2017-03-28 | LENGTH: 22:52

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon has been propelled over the last year from fringe media outlier to top propagandist of the U.S. Empire as Trump's Chief Strategist. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2017-03-20 | LENGTH: 26:03

Empire Files: Chris Hedges & Abby Martin - Trump, Fascism & the Christian Right
For the first time in modern history, a fringe wing of Christian extremists have obtained the highest seats of power in the US government-from Mike Pence to Betsy DeVos -
DATE: 2017-03-06 | LENGTH: 25:18

Empire Files: President Correa on His Legacy & Critics
In one of his last interviews before leaving office, host Abby Martin talks to Ecuador's President Rafael Correa about Trump, the global crisis of inequality, CIA plots and opposition in his own country. teleSUR
DATE: 2017-02-20 | LENGTH: 18:32

Empire Files: Post-Soviet Russia, Made in the U.S.A.
Abby Martin interviews Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Russia and witnessed the country's transformation from an American "colony" to it's "number one threat."
DATE: 2017-02-13 | LENGTH: 27:14

Empire Files: US-Russia Relations in "Most Dangerous Moment"
Dr. Stephen Cohen tells host Abby Martin that the real alarming danger today is "a new, multi-front Cuban missile crisis."
DATE: 2017-02-09 | LENGTH: 22:16

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta
In this episode, Abby Martin explores John Podesta's political rise, his vast network of corporate connections, the think tank Center for American Progress, and why the Podestas and the Clintons are a match made in ruling-class heaven. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-11-07 | LENGTH: 23:51

The Empire Files: Meet the Socialist Woman Running for President
With just weeks until the US presidential election--and with both mainstream candidates embroiled in unprecedented scandal--Abby Martin interviews one of the progressive alternatives, socialist candidate Gloria La Riva. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-10-27 | LENGTH: 25:45

The Empire Files: Fighting at Standing Rock with AIM Founder Dennis Banks
To get an eyewitness account of this growing movement, Abby Martin interviews legendary Native leader Dennis Banks, founder of of the American Indian Movement (AIM). Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-10-12 | LENGTH: 23:59

The Empire Files: Inside Palestine's Refugee Camps
In her first on-the-ground report from Palestine, Abby Martin gives a first-hand look into two of the most attacked refugee camps in the West Bank: Balata and Aida camps. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-10-11 | LENGTH: 30:21

The Empire Files: How Palestine Became Colonized
From the early settlements, the Nakba, and to the conquest of the West Bank, Abby Martin reveals the roots of the so-called "Israel-Palestine conflict" Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-09-29 | LENGTH: 22:32

The Empire Files: Rejecting Neoliberalism with Ecuador's Foreign Minister
As part of the Empire Files investigation into Chevron's pollution in the Amazon, Abby Martin interviews Guillaume Long, Ecuador's Minister of Foreign Affairs. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-09-12 | LENGTH: 26:15

The Empire Files: Chevron vs. the Amazon - Ending Corporate Tyranny
The third and final segment of Abby Martin's investigation into Chevron's disaster in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. Watch more on teleSUR [Watch Part I | Watch Part II]
DATE: 2016-08-30 | LENGTH: 23:31

The Empire Files: Chevron vs. the Amazon - The Environmental Trial of the Century
In Part II, Abby Martin uncovers what really happened throughout the 22-year legal battle between the oil corporation and indigenous Amazonians, and chronicles the shameful, scandalous history of Chevron Texaco and its retaliatory attacks against its victims. Watch more on teleSUR [Watch Part I | Watch Part III]
DATE: 2016-08-22 | LENGTH: 23:23

The Empire Files: Chevron vs. the Amazon - Inside the Killzone
In Part 1 of 'Chevron vs. the Amazon', Abby Martin takes us inside Chevron Texaco's Amazon killzone to see the areas deemed "remediated" by Chevron, and spoke with the people living with the aftermath. Watch more on teleSUR [Watch Part II | Watch Part III]
DATE: 2016-08-16 | LENGTH: 24:03

The Empire Files: Bringing Corporations to Justice with Ecuador's UN Rep
For the first time ever, progress is being made at the United Nations for a binding legal instrument that would hold corporations accountable for human rights violations. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-07-26 | LENGTH: 22:41

The Empire Files: NYT's James Risen on Fighting Censorship & War
Having just ended a seven-year legal battle, where he bravely faced jail time to protect his inside sources, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist James Risen joins Abby Martin to talk about his case and the stories he wrote that were such a threat to the US war machine and its national security state. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-07-07 | LENGTH: 26:07

The Empire Files: Untold History of Imperial Japan & the Bomb
Abby Martin interviews renowned historian Peter Kuznick about ongoing protests in Okinwana over US military presence there and the real story behind the use of the atomic bombs in light of President Obama's recent visit to Japan Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-06-27 | LENGTH: 27:14

The Empire Files: Puerto Rico's Debt to its Oppressors
Abby Martin talks to two professors of Latin American studies, Luis Barrios and Danny Shaw, about the long struggle of Puerto Rico to break the shackles of US and Spanish colonialism-from indigenous resistance to the Young Lords in Harlem Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-06-23 | LENGTH: 13:54

The Empire Files - Monsanto, America's Monster
Few corporations in the world are as loathed - and as sinister - as Monsanto. But the threat it poses to people and planet could be reaching new heights, as the World Health Organization has recently upgraded Monsanto's main product as carcinogenic to humans Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-06-14 | LENGTH: 24:01

The Empire Files: Fighting Hillary is How Progressives Win - Kshama Sawant
As the flailing Hillary Clinton camp steps-up its attacks on Bernie Sanders, her poll numbers continue to drop-and for the first time, have her losing to Donald Trump in a general election. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-05-29 | LENGTH: 24:39

TRNN Replay: The Empire Files: 100 Years of US Troops as Lab Rats
On Memorial Day, politicians will speak at ceremonies all over the country and repeat their favorite mantra: "Support the troops." Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-05-21 | LENGTH: 31:00

The Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents
Digging deep into Hillary's connections to Wall Street, Abby Martin reveals how the Clinton's multi-million-dollar political machine operates. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-04-17 | LENGTH: 27:08

The Empire Files: Empires Feed on Congo's Treasure
For five centuries, the continent of Africa has been ravaged by the world's Empires for its vast untapped treasure. Today, the U.S. Empire is increasing it's military role through their massive command network, AFRICOM, carrying out several missions a day. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-04-12 | LENGTH: 27:51

The Empire Files: Abby Martin with Dr. Jill Stein - A Sick Society
Abby Martin sits down with Dr. Stein to look at how her career in medicine helped her diagnose America's "multi-organ failure," and why her ideas pose such a threat to Empire. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-04-03 | LENGTH: 23:58

The Empire Files: Understanding Marxism and Socialism with Richard Wolff
To understand why Marx's popularity has stood the test of time, Abby Martin interviews renowned Marxist economist Richard Wolff. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-03-21 | LENGTH: 31:19

The Empire Files: An Unparalleled Act of Police Terror
Featuring a harrowing first-hand account with Ramona Africa, the only adult survivor of one of the most shameful, horrific attacks by U.S. police, Abby Martin documents an indispensable-but largely unheard of-moment in American history. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-02-27 | LENGTH: 30:16

The Empire Files: The Black Radical Tradition
Featuring interviews with Cornel West and others, and speeches from legends like Mumia Abu-Jamal and Angela Davis, Abby Martin provides a snapshot from the 'Black Radical Tradition In Our Time' conference held in Philadelphia. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-02-14 | LENGTH: 23:47

The Empire Files: A Hidden War - The Empire's Border Part II
In the second installment of this two-part episode, Abby Martin continues her investigation into the hidden war on the U.S.-Mexico border, and looks at the root causes of the epidemic of migrant deaths. Watch more on teleSUR Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-02-07 | LENGTH: 24:56

The Empire Files: The Empire's Border Part I - A Policy of Death
Along the southern border of the United States is a graveyard, where hundreds upon hundreds of human remains are waiting to be found in the sand. They are teenagers, mothers and spouses walking the only path available to them - away from poverty and violence: towards their families, the only place safer and easier to eat. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-01-31 | LENGTH: 24:38

The Empire Files: Examining the Syrian War Chessboard
Having gone far beyond an internal political struggle, the war is marked by a complex array of forces that the U.S. Empire hopes to command. Abby Martin interviews Vijay Prashad, professor of International Studies at Trinity College and author of Arab Spring, Libyan Winter. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-01-24 | LENGTH: 23:32

The Empire Files: The Tyranny of Big Oil
The oil industry is a powerhouse with control over land, resources, politics and more. In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin uncovers big oil's strong-arm reach--its growth, its crimes, its power and its impunity. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-01-18 | LENGTH: 28:26

The Empire Files: The Most Dangerous Year for Muslims in America
Abby Martin interviews Dr. Deepa Kumar, Rutgers University professor and author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire to discuss how Islamophobia is a reinforcement and basis for the structures of Empire. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2016-01-11 | LENGTH: 27:45

The Empire Files: Ralph Nader & Abby Martin on the Corporate Elections
On this week's episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin interviews American political figure Ralph Nader about the 2016 presidential race - from the "Brown Shirt" Trump movement to "corporate criminal" Hillary Clinton - and the reality of who has power in America. Watch more on teleSUR.
DATE: 2015-12-20 | LENGTH: 25:14

Empire Files: Fmr. Bush Official says the Empire's Ship is Sinking
Abby Martin interviews retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former national security advisor to the Reagan administration, who spent years as an assistant to Secretary of State Colin Powell during both Bush administrations. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-12-13 | LENGTH: 23:58

Empire Files: The U.S. School That Trains Dictators and Death Squads
Abby Martin investigates this notorious school that is largely hidden from the American public; its crimes around the world, its star graduates, why it exists and the movement to shut it down. Featuring interviews with School Of the Americas Watch founder Father Roy Bourgeois and other SOAW leaders. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-12-05 | LENGTH: 28:19

Native American Genocide & Survival with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
To hear about the true story of native peoples' plight - from genocide to reeducation - Abby Martin interviews Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, renowned indigenous scholar and activist, about her most recent book "An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States." Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-11-21 | LENGTH: 25:16

Empire Files: Palestine's Rebellion, Israel's Fascism
Abby Martin interviews journalist and author Max Blumenthal about the ongoing rebellion, the rising dominance of far-right, ultra-racist ideology in Israel, eyewitness accounts of the aftermath of the Gaza war, and the Israeli government's fear of Palestinian resistance. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-11-15 | LENGTH: 28:10

The Empire Files: The Distortion & Death Behind Israel/Palestine Coverage
A crisis in Palestine is again all over the headlines. From stabbings and molotov cocktails, to killing of protesters and anti-Arab lynch mobs--how much of the mass media coverage can we really trust? Watch more on teleSUR DATE: 2015-11-06 | LENGTH: 25:35

The Censored Reality Of The Refugee Crisis
Today, 60 million human beings are displaced from war and extreme poverty. Many European countries are responding to the crisis with racist hysteria, policing and police state measures. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-10-31 | LENGTH: 29:33

The Real House of Saud - Saudi Arabia's Oil-For-Tyranny
The Empire Files takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, tells the untold people's history of resistance to it, and exposes the true nature of the U.S.-Saudi love affair. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-10-3 | LENGTH: 27:12

Noam Chomsky & Abby Martin: Electing The President Of An Empire
At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., Abby Martin interviews world-renowned philosopher and linguist Professor Noam Chomsky. teleSUR's The Empire Files airs every Friday night at 10:00 EST / 7:00 PST. Watch live on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-10-24 | LENGTH: 26:13

America's Unofficial Religion - The War on an Idea
The Empire has a range of weapons to maintain its power: from its courts to its military. But it also has effective ideological weapons. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-10-10 | LENGTH: 29:11

Abby Martin & Chris Hedges: War, Propaganda and the Enemy Within
TRNN Top Stories of 2015: Abby Martin interviews Chris Hedges on American myths, war and revolt. Hedges explains the 'folly of Empire,' the dangers posed by right-wing extremism and the urgent need for a new system. Watch more on teleSUR
DATE: 2015-09-26 | LENGTH: 28:28

The Empire Files: Enter the Biggest Prison System in History
The Empire holds by far the most prisoners than any other country on earth, in both absolute numbers and per capita. Abby Martin explores the dark reality of conditions in America's prisons, who is warehoused in them, and how things got this way. Watch more at teleSUR
DATE: 2015-09-20 | LENGTH: 27:51

9/11 and the Belligerent Empire
In September 11th's episode of The Empire Files on TeleSUR, Abby Martin examines the two major wars launched under the "Global War on Terror"--their historical development and their aftermath. Featuring former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, this episode digs into the tragedy of a region shaped by Empire.
DATE: 2015-09-12 | LENGTH: 24:52

Empire Files with Abby Martin Launches First Show
In teleSUR's new show, Abby Martin traces the history of the U.S. empire and the growing presence of military bases around the globe
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