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Confronting Trudeau on Climate Lies and Kinder Morgan Pipeline

TRNN speaks with Clayton Thomas-Muller, an indigenous and environmental activist who challenged Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's pro-pipeline rhetoric during the PM's cross-country town hall tour
DATE: 2018-02-13 | LENGTH: 11:20

Under its New Leader Jagmeet Singh, Will Canada's NDP Finally Call for Sanctions on Israel?
Activists Genevieve Nevin and Yazan Khader say there is strong grassroots support in the NDP for a ban on settlement products
DATE: 2018-02-11 | LENGTH: 11:29

Is the Oil Industry Canada's 'Deep State'?
Justin Trudeau and Canada's political elite are fighting for the Tar Sands and oil industry's interests, even if it means that Canada misses its climate targets. We speak to Kevin Taft, ex-Liberal Party politician and author of 'Oil's Deep State.'
DATE: 2018-02-11 | LENGTH: 08:33

BDS Activists and Canada's Communist Party Sue the City of Montreal for Civil Rights Violations
Claims that the City of Montreal illegally confiscated 2015 electoral posters featuring a dead Palestinian child go to trial in Quebec Superior Court
DATE: 2018-02-09 | LENGTH: 14:02

Trudeau Government Ignores Scandal of Toxic 'Tailings Ponds'
Tailings pond remediation expert Regan Boychuk says industry giants have been given 70 years to clean up contamination that scientists say is currently damaging the environment and causing soaring cancer rates in indigenous communities downstream
DATE: 2018-01-30 | LENGTH: 13:35

'Bomb Train': Oil Execs Try to Blame Workers for Tragic Accident
All three MMA rail workers were acquitted of criminal charges in the Lac-Megantic disaster case -- but Fritz Edler, veteran locomotive engineer and longtime union officer, says "the wrong people were on trial," and that the industry ignores known risks
DATE: 2018-01-26 | LENGTH: 13:35

Roger Waters Confronts the Occupation of the Canadian Mind
Rock Musician and Palestinian Rights Advocate Roger Waters discusses his recent concert tour in Canada
DATE: 2017-12-03 | LENGTH: 27:56

Activists Crash Press Conference to Challenge Trudeau on Climate Policy
Former Trudeau supporters Hayley Zacks and Jake Hubley were arrested after confronting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about his support of the Alberta tar sands and approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, despite posturing as a 'climate crusader'
DATE: 2017-11-22 | LENGTH: 14:27

Canada's Extradition Law Condemns Hassan Diab to a Kafkaesque Ordeal
Criminal lawyer Donald Bayne discusses France's refusal to release his client, Canadian Professor Hassan Diab, who was investigated for the 1980 Paris Synagogue bombing
DATE: 2017-11-18 | LENGTH: 19:48

Is Canada a 'Rogue Nation' on Climate Change?
Canada can't fight climate change and continue with the Alberta oil sands project, says David Bleakney of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, speaking from the COP23 in Bonn, Germany
DATE: 2017-11-15 | LENGTH: 19:53

Who Funds the World's Dirtiest Energy Projects?
International big banks are ramping up Alberta oil sands projects even though scientists warn it could spell "game over" for human civilization, says Rainforest Action Network's Alison Kirsch
DATE: 2017-11-03 | LENGTH: 10:44

People Power Defeats an Oil Pipeline in Canada
Indigenous and environmental groups are celebrating TransCanada's cancellation of the Energy East tar sands pipeline, and setting their sights on the next fight
DATE: 2017-10-05 | LENGTH: 08:16

Trudeau's UN Indigenous Rights Speech Rings Hollow at Home
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 'can talk a really good game, but at the end of the day, he's not doing anything substantive to make any changes' for indigenous people in Canada, says Pamela Palmater of Ryerson University
DATE: 2017-10-01 | LENGTH: 15:25

Indigenous Groups Win One, Lose One in the Canadian Supreme Court
The Supreme Court of Canada rendered two important decisions relating to indigenous rights and natural resource exploitation. TRNN hosts a discussion with former Clyde River Mayor Jerry Natanine and Eugene Kung, staff counsel at West Coast Environmental Law
DATE: 2017-07-28 | LENGTH: 20:20

Wines from Occupied Territories Labeled 'Product of Israel' Removed from Ontario Shelves
In an attempt to protect accurate consumer labeling information, the Ontario Liquor Control Board and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ordered the products labeled 'Product of Israel' but produced in the Occupied Territories removed, says Dr. David Kattenburg
DATE: 2017-07-13 | LENGTH: 12:08

Indigenous Activists See Canada's 150th as 'Celebration of Colonization'
"The past 150 years have been some of the most brutal, violent, and lethal genocidal years in all of indigenous history," says Pamela Palmater, Chair in Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University
DATE: 2017-07-01 | LENGTH: 16:43

Canada Undermines Targets for Protecting Oceans by Increasing Oil Exploration
Canada has signed international commitment to protect its ocean estate. However, Trudeau's plans to increase offshore oil exploration will undermine protection targets explains Sabine Jessen, Ocean Programs Director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
DATE: 2017-06-30 | LENGTH: 12:24

State Violence is Directly Linked to the Creation of Extremist Groups (Pt. 3/3)
The Canadian and the US state is trying to manage domestically the threats they themselves have created because of their foreign policies, explains Jeremy Kowalski, author of "Domestic Extremism and the Case of the Tornoto 18"
DATE: 2017-06-29 | LENGTH: 17:27

State Violence is Directly Linked to the Creation of Extremist Groups (Pt. 2/3)
Ultimately, we do not know if the Toronto 18 would have turned to domestic terrorism if the state had not becomes involved, says Jeremy Kowalski, author of "Domestic Extremism and the Case of the Toronto 18"
DATE: 2017-06-28 | LENGTH: 12:19

State Violence Linked to Domestic Extremism (Pt. 1/3)
Jeremy Kowalski, author of "Domestic Extremism and the Case of the Toronto 18," explains how his investigation of the "Toronto 18" uncovered a link between state violence and the development of domestic extremist groups
DATE: 2017-06-26 | LENGTH: 23:31

Canada's Fossil Fuels Lobby Issues Dubious Data in a Bid for More Pipelines
Adam Scott of Oil Change International offers a critical analysis of new data from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
DATE: 2017-06-24 | LENGTH: 09:45

Canadian First Nation Battles Pipeline Expansion
Charlene Aleck, spokesperson for the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation, discusses the indigenous group's fight against the Trans Mountain pipeline and the struggle to protect its traditional way of life
DATE: 2017-06-21 | LENGTH: 13:01

In Canada, Indigenous Groups are Litigating - And Winning
Lawyer Eugene Kung of West Coast Environmental Law discusses the protection of indigenous rights under the Canadian constitution
DATE: 2017-06-17 | LENGTH: 11:34

Canada's Complicity in Fifty Years of Israeli Occupation
Nabil Marouf, Palestine's Representative in Canada, discusses the Trudeau Government's continuation of Stephen Harper's extreme pro-Israel policies
DATE: 2017-06-14 | LENGTH: 27:41

Canada's Increased Military Budget Will Fuel the US War Machine
Boosting Canada's military spending is "a way of enhancing the American empire... done under the guise of lessening Canadian dependence on the U.S.," says author and activist Yves Engler
DATE: 2017-06-13 | LENGTH: 13:57

Sea Level Rise due to Global Warming Threatens Vancouver
Deborah Carlson of WCEL explains the consequences of sea level rise for Vancouver and what local actions are being taken to counter the threat
DATE: 2017-06-12 | LENGTH: 07:00

Canada's Political Landscape Undergoing Realignment?
Nora Loreto, author of "From Demonized to Organized," talks about four important political shifts that took place in Canada in the past week and what this means for Canadian politics
DATE: 2017-05-31 | LENGTH: 19:59

Canadian Logging Giant Attempts to Silence Critics Using Anti-Mafia Law
Todd Paglia, Executive Director of Stand.Earth, discusses a $300 million lawsuit brought against his environmental organization and Greenpeace by Resolute Forest Products under the US Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Practices Act
DATE: 2017-05-29 | LENGTH: 11:29

Trudeau's Carbon Reduction Plan Inadequate
Dimitri Lascaris, says Trudeau's pricing schemes is defective and not even close to what is necessary to enforce reductions
DATE: 2017-05-22 | LENGTH: 14:12

Why are British Columbians Voting Liberal, Against Their Own Interest?
British Columbia is giving away lumber at .50 cents an acre and the Green Party holds the balance of power at a tipping point on energy policy says Michael Hudson
DATE: 2017-05-12 | LENGTH: 17:33

Canada's Housing Bubble is Larger than that of the US Before 2008
In most of Canada fewer and fewer people can afford housing because of a massive housing bubble explains white collar criminologist Bill Black
DATE: 2017-05-11 | LENGTH: 10:59

British Columbians go to the Polls in the 'Wild West of Canadian Political Cash'
Canadian political commentator Murray Dobbin examines the alternatives confronting voters in British Columbia's May 9 election
DATE: 2017-05-08 | LENGTH: 10:37

Just How Environmental Are Canada's Environmental Policies?
Tzeporah Berman, the Executive Director of PowerUp Canada, explains that the Trudeau's government's environmental policies are an important improvement over the previous government, but it is far from enough
DATE: 2017-04-29 | LENGTH: 18:10

Does Canada Have a Foreign Policy Independent of the US?
Canada likes to portray its foreign policy as being independent and different from the US, but according to Yves Engler it actually almost always follows US lead
DATE: 2017-04-07 | LENGTH: 10:09

Will the NDP Adopt Pro-BDS Platform?
Journalist Nora Loreto discusses the ongoing leadership races in Canada's Conservative and NDP parties
DATE: 2017-03-23 | LENGTH: 13:32

Breaking Campaign Promise, Trudeau Abandons Move to Democratize Electoral System
The Canadian Prime Minister has likely stopped pursuing implementation of a proportional system fo representation because his party - the Liberals - stand to lose the most with such a change, says Dimitri Lascaris
DATE: 2017-03-02 | LENGTH: 13:51

Survey Shows Support Growing For Palestinians Among Canadians
Dimitri Lascaris and Earl Washburn discuss a national survey that shows an increasing number of Canadians recognizing that Israel is violating the human rights of the Palestinian people and that the Canadian state is complicit
DATE: 2017-02-20 | LENGTH: 18:12

In the Trump Era, Is Canada's Trade Relationship with the U.S. a Blessing or a Curse?
Following the first meeting between U.S. President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, Nora Loreto discusses the future of US-Canada relations.
DATE: 2017-02-15 | LENGTH: 16:42

Right-Wing Extremism and Canadian National Security Policy Both Embrace the Image of the 'Muslim Threat'
Describing the Quebec mosque shooting as 'senseless' avoids the connection between extremist violence against Muslims and draconian national security policy, says Azeezah Kanji
DATE: 2017-02-07 | LENGTH: 08:40

Prime Minister Trudeau Prepares to Resurrect Keystone XL With Cabinet Shuffle
The move signals that the Trudeau government is unlikely to depart from the corporate-friendly trade policies of his predecessor, says Dimitri Lascaris
DATE: 2017-01-11 | LENGTH: 13:04

Canadian PM Trudeau Signals He'll Work with Trump to Restart Keystone XL
DeSmog Blog's Steve Horn says the move would be an environmental and ecological disaster
DATE: 2016-12-23 | LENGTH: 07:14

Canada's New Climate Plan Inadequate For Meeting Commitments Under Paris Agreement
In response to Trudeau's recent announcement, Greenpeace researcher Keith Stewart says Canada will have to decide whether it will go all-in on clean energy or continue to promote the growth of its oil and gas industries - because it can't do both
DATE: 2016-12-14 | LENGTH: 13:36

Green Party of Canada Adopts Endorsement of Sanctions Against Israel
Diana Ralph and Dr. Tarek Loubani discuss its significance for the future of the solidarity movement in Canada
DATE: 2016-12-09 | LENGTH: 18:35

Trudeau Approves Kinder Morgan Pipeline Amidst Increasing Climate Threats
Dimitri Lascaris says the worsening prospects of climate change negates any potential economic benefits from tar sands development
DATE: 2016-12-02 | LENGTH: 20:56

Canadian Supreme Court Set To Hear First Nations Challenge to Seismic Testing and Pipeline Construction
Justin Safayeni and Jerry Natanine argue that the law should be interpreted to halt certain gas and oil projects involving seismic testing and pipeline construction
DATE: 2016-11-29 | LENGTH: 09:32

Justin Trudeau Not Fulfilling Promises Made to First Nations
Canada is about to see struggles like the one against the Dakota Access Pipeline within its own borders, says Pamela Palmater
DATE: 2016-11-27 | LENGTH: 07:18

Canada's Indigenous Peoples Contribute Least to Global Warming While Suffering From It the Most
At COP22, AFN Regional Chief for Manitoba, Kevin Hart, discusses humanity's urgent need to heed the ecological wisdom of indigenous peoples.
DATE: 2016-11-18 | LENGTH: 12:17

Leonard Cohen Sang About Our Love Affair With Death and Destruction
The brooding singer-songwriter tried to humanize society's darkest wishes, and lamented its inability to ever be at peace
DATE: 2016-11-14

EU-Canada Trade Doomed to Fail After Walloon Parliament Rejects CETA
Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now, says it might be a small region in Belgium but it's speaking on behalf of millions of people in Europe
DATE: 2016-10-26 | LENGTH: 13:16

Canada Approves Economically Inviable Pipeline Without Indigenous Consultation
The liberal government has failed to demonstrate a commitment to First Nations and climate change concerns, say Robyn Allan and Louisette Lanteigne
DATE: 2016-09-30 | LENGTH: 13:07

Trudeau's Liberals Adopt Harper Government's Carbon Targets
Dimitri Lascaris says the transfer of Canadian taxpayer money to oil companies in the face of climate emergency casts doubt on the ability of the Liberal government to produce an adequate carbon pricing plan
DATE: 2016-09-21 | LENGTH: 10:17

The Crisis of the Left in Canada
Following the unceremonious dumping of Tom Mulcair from NDP and clear signals from the Liberals that they will not support pro-labor reforms, there's a vacuum for the left to fill, says Dimitri Lascaris
DATE: 2016-08-31 | LENGTH: 13:33

Architects and Organizers of BDS Reflect on Global Success, Fate Within Canada
Participants at the World Social Forum earlier this month in Montreal, Canada took up the questions of tactics, organizing, and the role of political parties in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel
DATE: 2016-08-26 | LENGTH: 05:59

Green Party of Canada Leader Reaffirms Leadership Following Row Over BDS
While Elizabeth May says no to other parties, a strong stand for Palestinian rights includes making Israel pay the appropriate economic and political penalties for its clear violation of international law, says Dimitri Lascaris
DATE: 2016-08-23 | LENGTH: 10:36

The Leap Manifesto: Could This Be Canada's Progressive Answer?
The left in places like the United States and the UK has positioned itself behind political figures, but Leap Manifesto architects Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein, along with other progressives in Canada, are trying something different
DATE: 2016-08-15 | LENGTH: 05:49

Green Party of Canada Challenges Israeli Apartheid
Green Party shadow cabinet member Dimitri Lascaris says the passage of the resolution in support BDS could embolden other Canadian parties to take on the occupation
DATE: 2016-08-10 | LENGTH: 19:01

Canada Bars Hundreds of Activists From Attending the World Social Forum
For the first World Social Forum in the Northern hemisphere, many activists in the Global South are struggling to participate due to restrictive visa policies.
DATE: 2016-08-10 | LENGTH: 04:05

Green Party Convention 2016 - Day 3, Morning Plenary Session
Live stream of the plenary session on Sunday morning. *We apologize, due to inadequate bandwidth, the video and audio in certain parts of the stream are of poor quality.
DATE: 2016-08-07

Green Party Convention 2016 - Day 2, Plenary Session
Live stream of the plenary session to discuss the Jewish National Fund of Canada's charity status
DATE: 2016-08-06

Green Party Convention 2016 - Day 2, Afternoon Plenary Session
Live stream of the afternoon plenary session. *We apologize, due to inadequate bandwidth, the video and audio in certain parts of the stream are of poor quality.
DATE: 2016-08-06

Green Party 2016 - Ottawa, ON - Opening Night
Live stream of the opening night of the Green party convention in Ottawa, ON
DATE: 2016-08-05

Black Lives Matter Toronto Protests Police and Corporate Presence at LGBTQ Pride Parade
LeRoi Newbold of BLM Toronto says that the Toronto Pride festival needs to be taken back to its roots and make more space for queer Black and Brown people
DATE: 2016-07-06 | LENGTH: 11:23

Grassy Narrows to Ontario: No Reconciliation Without Clean Water (1/2)
First Nation ramps up pressure on province to clean mercury in their water as experts confirm that river system can be remediated
DATE: 2016-06-19 | LENGTH: 07:05

Is Canada's 6 Month Old Liberal Government Delivering 'Real Change?'
Nora Loreto and Dimitri Lascaris tell The Real News that on climate, foreign affairs, and trade policies, Trudeau has opted for continuity over change
DATE: 2016-05-12 | LENGTH: 20:03

Judge Exonerates Mike Duffy, "Indicts" Stephen Harper and Senate
Author and journalist Rick Salutin tells the Real News that Duffy, "a phony, populist man of the people," has served the historical purpose of bringing Harper down
DATE: 2016-04-25 | LENGTH: 08:55

Ontarians Join Global Fight for "$15 and Fairness" As Province Reviews Labor Laws
Toronto demonstrators rally in province-wide day of action to demand $15 minimum wage, improved work standards, and end to contract flipping
DATE: 2016-04-18 | LENGTH: 06:17

Panama Papers and Canadian Tax Dodgers
Dennis Howlett, Executive Director of Canadians for Tax Fairness, explains how Canadians have a long history of offshore tax evasion
DATE: 2016-04-12 | LENGTH: 07:41

Calls For Fossil Fuel Divestment Ignite Across Canadian Campuses
Students at McGill University take action against administration's refusal to divest, while new divestment campaigns emerge in Alberta, ground zero of tar sands production
DATE: 2016-04-06 | LENGTH: 08:40

Toronto City Council Asks Province for Police Review as Black Lives Matter Occupation Intensifies
BLM action gains traction among municipal politicians while longtime community activists tell The Real News about the continuity of Black struggles in Toronto
DATE: 2016-04-03 | LENGTH: 08:28

Black Lives Matter Activists Protest Toronto Police Killings With Ongoing Occupation
The Real News spent a day at the BLM-TO "tentcity" protest, now entering its 100th hour, in front of Toronto police headquarters
DATE: 2016-03-26 | LENGTH: 05:53

Two More Deaths in Canadian Immigration Custody
Rights groups call for urgent overhaul of Canada's detention system following two most recent migrant deaths in immigration jail
DATE: 2016-03-21 | LENGTH: 05:12

Leader of Anti-Islam Group, PEGIDA, Met With Heated Protest in Toronto
Demonstrators say leader of far-right group, who was invited to speak by Jewish Defence League, not welcome in Canada
DATE: 2016-03-13 | LENGTH: 03:50

"Mr. Trudeau Goes to Washington"
Rick Salutin and Dimitri Lascaris examine what happens when political celebrities tackle climate change
DATE: 2016-03-09 | LENGTH: 13:30

Court Order Fails to Halt Protests Over $9bn Canadian Dam Project
Indigenous women and Treaty 8 First Nations are spearheading the fight against BC Hydro's Site C mega-dam, which is being aggressively pushed by province
DATE: 2016-03-08 | LENGTH: 07:10

Who's Missing in the Canadian Immigration Debate?
Liberal Government amends Citizenship Act, while advocates highlight absence of migrant and temporary foreign from Trudeau's immigration file
DATE: 2016-03-06 | LENGTH: 03:30

A Campaign to Demand Canada Post Deliver A New Green Economy
Katie McKenna, organizer for the Leap Manifesto and Mike Palecek National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, say Canada's post office can be the engine of a post-carbon economy that includes postal banking, local farm to table food delivery, and care for the elderly.
DATE: 2016-03-06 | LENGTH: 07:40

Is BDS Headed Towards Criminalization in Canada?
Grace Batchoun of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East says Canada's Liberal government just passed a motion that could stifle or even suppress the voices behind the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement in Canada
DATE: 2016-02-24 | LENGTH: 07:42

Canadian Environment Minister Says Indigenous Peoples Will be Duly Consulted on Pipelines
Clayton Thomas-Muller says it's important to delineate between what the federal government of Canada interprets as meaningful consultation, and what the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples demand
DATE: 2016-01-29 | LENGTH: 07:51

Sammy Yatim's Death Not About One "Rogue Cop"
An 11-member jury in Toronto declared constable James Forcillo guilty of attempted murder, acquitting him of an actual murder charge and angering city residents
DATE: 2016-01-27 | LENGTH: 04:35

Canadian Student Shot by Israeli Sniper in the West Bank
The Trudeau government remains silent on the case of a Canadian Government-Funded PhD Student who was shot by Israeli sniper in the West Bank without legal recourse against her attacker - TRNN speaks with Rehab Nazzal and her legal council, Dimitri Lascaris
DATE: 2016-01-17 | LENGTH: 10:43

Challenges Ahead for the Legalization of Marijuana in Canada
Donald MacPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, says there's a long road to travel, but it can be done
DATE: 2016-01-08 | LENGTH: 10:53

Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Ignoring Executions and Proceeding with Saudi Arms Deal
Dimitri Lascaris says Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs Stephane Dion met with Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Foreign Affairs, and considered him an important ally days before the executions were carried out
DATE: 2016-01-07 | LENGTH: 13:20

The Blind Spots in Alberta's Climate Change Plan
Cameron Fenton of says Alberta's government will fail to keep fossil fuels in the ground despite its new policies supported both by Big Oil and environmental groups
DATE: 2015-11-27 | LENGTH: 06:38

Canadian PM Trudeau Halts Bombings in Syria, But Is It a Real Shift in Policy?
York University's Sabah Alnasseri says although Justin Trudeau is keeping his campaign promise, more Canadian ground troops are headed to Iraq
DATE: 2015-11-20 | LENGTH: 08:05

Will Trudeau's Pipeline Policy Change After Keystone?
As protestors staged sit-ins at Canada's Prime Minister's residence, Keystone XL Campaign Organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network's Dallas Goldtooth and environmental activist Dimitri Lascaris discuss the grassroots strategies needed to keep the pressure on politicians
DATE: 2015-11-09 | LENGTH: 07:45

Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Cabinet is Fifty Percent Women
Dimitri Lascaris and Nora Loretto say new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered on his pledge to appoint 50% women to his cabinet, but appointed a political conservative as his Minister of Finance
DATE: 2015-11-04 | LENGTH: 17:53

Trudeau Pledge Tracker: Reinstating 40 Million in Science Funding and Appointing a Chief of Science
Alana Westwood of Evidence for Democracy says it will take years to recover data gaps for evidence-based decision making due to Harper's cancellation of long form census data collection
DATE: 2015-10-21 | LENGTH: 07:19

Rejecting Hard Right, Canadians Dump Harper
As Harper resigns as leader of the Conservative Party, how should progressive Canadians respond to the neo-liberal Liberal majority government? With Leo Panitch, Dimitri Lascaris and Nora Loreto and Paul Jay
DATE: 2015-10-20 | LENGTH: 31:21

Harper Defeated, the Next Fight Begins
Jeremie Bedard-Wien of Ricochet, Kelly Dowdell of Leadnow, Sandy Hudson of Black Lives Matter, discuss the progressive movements and the lack of faith in the Trudeau led Liberals
DATE: 2015-10-20 | LENGTH: 14:02

Majority Liberal Win Met with Mixed Reaction from Canadian Progressives
Most of the Canadian left hoped for a minority government, but with a majority, activists fear that Trudeau will only be a small improvement over Harper. With Joanne St. Lewis of University of Ottawa Law, Leena Minifie, editor Ricochet Media and Andrea Harden-Donahu of The Council of Canadians
DATE: 2015-10-20 | LENGTH: 14:50

A Quick Word on TPP and Canada Before Monday's Elections
Unifor economist Jordan Brennan told the Real News how the TPP is part of an old trend in opening up Canada's markets
DATE: 2015-10-19 | LENGTH: 03:29

Canadian Elections: How Strategic is Strategic Voting?
Jamie Biggar of and David Bush of debate whether such a strategy is useful or effective
DATE: 2015-10-18 | LENGTH: 21:07

Taking the Pulse on Canadian Health Before the Vote on Monday
Natalie Mehra, Executive Director of the Ontario Health Coalition, and Linda Silas, President of the Canadians Federation of Nurses Unions, say the Harper cuts to health care lead to one of the most expensive drug plans in the developed world
DATE: 2015-10-17 | LENGTH: 17:02

Canadian Elections: Laboring the Vote
Angella MacEwen of the Canadian Labour Congress and David Bush of discuss several Harper measures that has played a decisive roll in their desire to defeat the conservatives at the ballot box on Monday
DATE: 2015-10-17 | LENGTH: 13:41

Canadian Elections: Harper Challenged on Job Creation
Jordan Brennan of Unifor says Harper's dismal record over the last 10 years leaves no reason to think that employment will improve during another term
DATE: 2015-10-15 | LENGTH: 03:38

Will Islamophobia and Racism Influence Canadian Election?
Harsha Walia of No One is Illegal says the effects of "war on terror" and racism against refugees and immigrants and fear mongering has been decisive in previous elections
DATE: 2015-10-15 | LENGTH: 08:08

Canadian Elections: Green Party Says It Would Challenge Costly Military Contracts
Dimitri Lascaris, Green Party Candidate for London-West, Ontario, says the Green Party wants to shift the role of the Canadian military to UN peacekeeping, poverty alleviation efforts, and disaster relief
DATE: 2015-10-14 | LENGTH: 12:23

Opposition Party Leaders Avoid Canada's Role in Global Arms Trade and Wars
Richard Sanders and Justin Podur say Canada's leading role in the global arms trade and its participation in war coalitions are in contradiction with the prevailing myth of the nation as a peacemaker
DATE: 2015-10-11 | LENGTH: 20:19

Should Canadians Vote Strategically to Defeat Harper?
Amara Possian of Leadnow and Dimitri Lascaris of the Green Party, London-West, debate the consequences of strategic voting in the Canadian October 19th federal elections
DATE: 2015-10-08 | LENGTH: 14:54

No Dissension on Oil Exploration in the Leaders Debate in Canada
Writer Nora Loreto and Green Party member Dimitri Lascaris argue all leading parties overemphasize the link of jobs and oil expansion while organized labor takes them at their word.
DATE: 2015-09-19 | LENGTH: 19:04

Decades of Declining Refugee Protection in Canada Under Harper
Harsha Walia of No One Is Illegal and Gloria Nafziger of Amnesty International discuss the election rhetoric around refugees and how Canada could dramatically improve its resettlement programs
DATE: 2015-09-17 | LENGTH: 18:42

"The Chemicals Are Within Us": Toxic Tour with Aamjiwnaang First Nation
TRNN's Shaghayegh Tajvidi travelled to Aamjiwnaang First Nation on Sept. 5th to capture the largest tour ever of the industrial zone that engulfs the community
DATE: 2015-09-14 | LENGTH: 03:46

Are Canadians Losing Faith in Harper's Economic Policies?
Nora Loreto, the author of From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement, and Dru Oja Jay of Unite Against Austerity Campaign discuss how an anti-austerity platform could make a difference in the upcoming Canadian elections
DATE: 2015-09-08 | LENGTH: 18:14

First Canadian Officer Convicted for Mass Arrests at 2010 G-20 Toronto Summit
Canadian Civil Liberties Association's Laura Berger and TRNN's former video journalist Jesse Freeston discuss the police's motivations behind mass arrests and the legacy of the G-20 in current policing practices
DATE: 2015-08-27 | LENGTH: 13:45

Decades of Relentless Austerity in Canada Could Defeat the Conservatives
Nora Loreto, the author of From Demonized to Organized: Building the New Union Movement, and Dru Oja Jay of Unite Against Austerity Campaign discuss how an anti-austerity platform could make a difference in the upcoming Canadian elections
DATE: 2015-08-23 | LENGTH: 15:51

The National Security Kafkaland of Harper's C-51
Micheal Vonn, Policy Director at the BC Civil Liberties Association, says there is nothing salvageable in the bill to protect the civil liberties of Canadian citizens.
DATE: 2015-08-17 | LENGTH: 14:00

Harper Dishonest in Debate
Harper's economic record challenged by the debate opponents and TRNN panel with Jordon Brennan, Nora Loreto and Jason Sykes
DATE: 2015-08-09 | LENGTH: 25:26

UN Reports Blasts Canada's Human Rights Record on Violence Against Indigenous Women
Aboriginal Legal Service of Toronto's Christa Big Canoe explains why government policies are leaving indigenous women four times more likely to be murdered than non-indigenous women - and what can be done about it
DATE: 2015-07-26 | LENGTH: 08:13

Big Games, Bigger Scandals! A Look at Toronto's Pan-Am Games
Award-winning journalist Nick Fillmore discusses his latest reporting into the "gross public over-spending" associated with the Pan-Am games.
DATE: 2015-07-22 | LENGTH: 06:53

Governor Jerry Brown Demands Canadian PM Harper Reexamine His Climate Policy
Tings Chak and Merran Smith examine the Economic and Climate Summit proposals being discussed inside and outside the Summit
DATE: 2015-07-10 | LENGTH: 11:50

Toronto Protest Unites Environmental, Labor, and Indigenous Movements
Sanjay Talreja reports on the July 5th March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate in Toronto, Canada
DATE: 2015-07-08 | LENGTH: 04:08

Bill C-51 Passed in Canada, but Repeal Plans Are Already in the Works
David Christopher, communications manager of OpenMedia, says this legislation is one of the most extreme pieces of legislation approved by Canadian lawmakers
DATE: 2015-06-12

Canada's 'Draconian' Anti-Terror Bill May Face Final Vote This Week
Canadian Legal Scholar Craig Forcese breaks down the provisions in the C-51 bill that will likely face court challenges after its expected passage later this week.
DATE: 2015-06-01

New Democratic Party Ends 43 Year Conservative Domination in Alberta
The victory of the new Premier-elect of Alberta Rachel Notley and the loss of the bastion province of the conservative Harper government is analyzed by Notley's former professor Gordon Laxer of the University of Alberta
DATE: 2015-05-06

The Fragmentation of Canadian Climate Policies
Keith Stewart of Greenpeace on Canada's carbon tax, cap and trade, and the premiers climate conference in Quebec City
DATE: 2015-04-16

Will Canadian Provinces Block Pipeline Expansion?
Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada and Carol Linnitt of DeSmog Canada discuss the upcoming premiers meeting on energy
DATE: 2015-04-12

Resistance Mounts to Stephen Harper's Secret Police Bill
Public support plummeting for Bill C-51 after National Day of Action and widespread criticism by public figures in Canada
DATE: 2015-03-26

Teaching Assistants Reject University of Toronto Offer
Margaret Atwood, Stephen Lewis, and Naomi Klein among those who tweeted, supported, or refused to cross the picket lines of striking contract staff at U of T, says Omar Sirri, PhD student
DATE: 2015-03-24

Is Canada's "Patriot Act" a Political Ploy?
Leo Panitch and Dimitri Lascaris discuss Canada's Bill C-51 and other issues facing Canadians as elections loom on the horizon
DATE: 2015-03-14

Striking TA's and Part-time Staff Frozen Out of a Living Wage at University of Toronto
PhD student Omar Sirri says 65% of the teaching is being done by TA's and part-time contract staff, but they represent only 3.5% of the university budget
DATE: 2015-03-06

Nader: Canadian Anti-Terrorism Bill Follows America's Lead
Political activist Ralph Nader discusses his open letter to Canadian PM Stephen Harper in which he criticizes Harper's fear mongering ahead of Canadian elections
DATE: 2015-02-28

Leaked RCMP Report Targets Activists as a Threat to National Security
Greenpeace Canada's Keith Stewart explains why the proposed anti-terror legislation threatens civil liberties
DATE: 2015-02-25

Will Canada's 'Anti-Prostitution' Ban Protect Sex Workers?
Sex Work Activist Naomi Sayers says the Harper government's legislation forces sex workers underground into unsafe working conditions
DATE: 2015-01-12

Fracking Opponents Celebrate Key Victories in New Brunswick, Quebec and New York
Emma Lui of the Council of Canadians talks about the decisions against fracking in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec, while Eric Weltman of Food & Water Watch talks about New York becoming the second US state to ban fracking
DATE: 2014-12-18

Is This What Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility Looks Like?
Dimitri Lascaris on the case against Nevsun Resources, a Canadian mining company whose appalling labour record in Eritrea was brought to court by a consortium of Canadian Law firms
DATE: 2014-12-02

Study Finds Racial Profiling Persists in Toronto Despite Ban
Despite efforts to curtail racial profiling, a new study has shown it persists in Toronto's most marginalized communities, says Sabrina 'Butterfly' GoPaul of the group Jane Finch Action Against Poverty
DATE: 2014-11-21

Despite Senate Vote on Keystone XL, Tar Sands Oil Will Still Reach the Gulf
Obama has quietly approved the Alberta Clipper, a cross-border pipeline between the U.S and Canada that will connect with the southern half of the Keystone XL pipeline, say journalists Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog and Cherri Foytlin of
DATE: 2014-11-18

What's Behind the Defeat of the Left in Toronto?
Professor Leo Panitch discusses the appeal of Toronto's conservative mayor-elect and the failure of the left to galvanize the working class
DATE: 2014-10-27

Canadian MPs Vote to Expand Support to Fight IS
Prime Minister Harper is an honorary conservative American, says Ariel Salzmann, associate professor at Queen's University
DATE: 2014-10-08

Canada's Largest Union Protests Pension Cuts
Former CUPE senior research officer Kevin Skerrett and political economist Michel Lizee explain the proposed reform bill to pensions and how it will result in the transfer of risk from employers to employees
DATE: 2014-08-21

On the Misrepresentations of Gaza in Canadian News Coverage
Middle East Professor Ariel Salzmann and activist Azeezah Kanji cite specific examples of how Canadian media has misrepresented the ongoing assault and how the Harper government aims to fuel this conflict to ensure high prices for Tar Sands oil
DATE: 2014-08-06

One Year after Historic Oil Train Disaster, Risks Abound
Journalist Steve Horn and Greenpeace Canada's Keith Stewart discuss how the transportation of crude oil via rail has only increased despite alarming safety concerns and environmental risks
DATE: 2014-07-14

Ontario Election: By Targeting Liberals, Will NDP Help Elect Right-Wing Conservatives?
Greg Albo and Leo Panitch discuss the role of the NDP in the June 12 election that might elect a 'tea party'-like Conservative government
DATE: 2014-06-09

Canadian Securities Regulators Moving Ahead with US-Style No-Contest Settlements
Dimitri Lascaris: Canadian regulators are planning to implement no-contest practices that US judges are criticizing
DATE: 2014-05-22

Group Petitions For Divestment From Fossil Fuels By University of Toronto
Dimitri Lascaris discusses whether divestment or engagement is the better strategy for effecting meaningful change in the relationship between higher education and the fossil fuels industry
DATE: 2014-05-22

Canadians Protest Against Pipelines, Climate Change Policy
Journalist Jenny Uechi and First Nations Activist Amanda Lickers discuss the May 10 day of action
DATE: 2014-05-09

Harper Government Brands Charity Aiding Palestinian Orphans A 'Terrorist Organization'
Yves Engler: Canadian government attacking aid groups aiding needy Palestinians while giving tax-exempt status to organizations bankrolling Israeli settlement expansion, considered illegal under international law
DATE: 2014-05-02

Koch Brothers Are The Largest Foreign Lease Holder of Canadian Oil Sands
Funding think tanks, the Kochs are poised to influence debate on oil policy and shift the social fabric of Canada.
DATE: 2014-05-02

Canada Shifts to Right Under Harper, Mimicking the United States
Canada Panel with Leo Panitch and Yves Engler
DATE: 2014-04-18

Quebecers Reject PQ and Elect a Liberal Government Representing Big Business
Leo Panitch: "PQ fronting Pierre Peladeau as a their star candidate blew up in their faces"
DATE: 2014-04-11

Elections, Pipelines, and Protests - The Canada Panel
Yves Engler explains why 50,000 Quebec students voted for a one-day strike & Jenny Uechi discusses the Vancouver Observer expose on Premier Christy Clark's hidden ties to the Northern Gateway Pipeline
DATE: 2014-04-02

BC Pipeline Fight and Quebec Elections - The Canada Panel
Linda Solomon Wood and Yves Engler also report on the residential schools case and the Fair Election Act
DATE: 2014-03-26

From Pipelines to Peladeau - Canadian Report
Yves Engler and Linda Solomon Wood discuss native resistance to tar sands pipeline and media mogul Pierre Karl Peladeau running as candidate for the Parti Quebecois
DATE: 2014-03-20

Hundreds of Keystone XL Protestors Arrested, Look to Influence Obama's Final Decision on Pipeline
Hundreds of students demand President Obama reject the Keystone XL pipeline deal, but Obama has already fast tracked the southern half of the pipeline which is currently delivering Canadian tar sands to Texas refineries
DATE: 2014-03-03

Indigenous Group Fighting Tar Sands Gets Boost From Neil Young
First Nations Chief Allan Adam discusses the Tar Sands awareness tour with Canadian musician Neil Young and the health issues that communities face
DATE: 2014-01-28

Harper Pledges $66 Million to Palestinian Authority, But Does it Aid Palestinians?
Yves Engler: Canadian government funds go to policing Palestinians and supporting the corrupt Palestinian Authority
DATE: 2014-01-26

Canadian Government Bent On Expanding Weapon Sales Globally
Yves Engler: The Harper administration is propping up its domestic arms industry without regard to the consequences of weapons sales to countries like Colombia and Saudi Arabia
DATE: 2014-01-14

NAFTA Strengthened Canada's Corporate Class
Engler: Free trade deal bolstered neoliberal capitalism in Canada and opened it up to further resource extraction
DATE: 2014-01-07

Canada's Top Spy Watchdog Lobbied For Pipeline Construction
Engler: Canada's head of intelligence oversight board lobbied for pipeline construction as its internal spy agency spied on pipeline competitors
DATE: 2014-01-07

Canada's Lubicon Lake Nation Continue Anti-fracking Campaign, Appeal Court Injunction
Members of Lubicon Lake Nation fight pro-fracking injunction granted in favor of Penn West Petroleum
DATE: 2014-01-06

Hunger-striking Immigrant Detainees Held in Canada for Years Without Trial
Supporters rally in snowstorm outside maximum security prison to show solidarity for prisoners being held without charges or release date
DATE: 2013-12-16

Snowden Reveals Extent of Canada's Spying on Behalf of NSA
Yves Engler: Ed Snowden latest leaks confirms widespread NSA spying by Canadian government, including of countries inaccessible to the US
DATE: 2013-12-11

Climate Change Clears The Way For The Extraction of Arctic Resources
Canada and Russia are investing in military infrastructure in order to protect economic interests in Arctic energy resources
DATE: 2013-12-11

Preliminary Deal Reached for New Major Tar Sands Pipeline in Western Canada
Yves Engler: Opposition likely to grow against a new tar sands pipeline between British Columbia and Alberta
DATE: 2013-12-09

Ontario Activists Protest Tar Sands Pipeline By Locking Themselves to Machinery
Protests escalate against Enbridge Line 9 pipeline as government of Ontario refuses to conduct environmental assessment
DATE: 2013-12-04

Canada Stands Firm Against Iran Nuke Deal, Cozies Up to Israel & Saudi Arabia
Canada defies international consensus on Iran as PM Harper seeks to increase weapons sales to Saudi Arabia
DATE: 2013-12-03

Toronto Public Housing Residents Bring Demands Straight to Feds
Historic rally joins tenants and city officials in demand for repairs funding
DATE: 2013-11-23

City Council Strips Mayor of Key Powers, Protesters Rally to "Save Toronto"
Rob Ford becomes a mayor "in name only" as latest wave of allegations bring an admission of drunk driving and use of sexually explicit language
DATE: 2013-11-17

TRNN REPLAY: Toronto Mayor's Scandal Shifts Focus From Poverty, Racialized Communities
Publication of new video shows mayor intoxicated and behaving erratically; video triggers more sensationalism from press
DATE: 2013-11-09

Toronto police confirm existence of crack cocaine video; mayor dismisses calls for his resignation
Police investigation finds video consistent with existing media reports and leads to extortion charge of mayor's friend and driver, Sandro Lisi
DATE: 2013-11-02

Canadian Company's Plan to Use Cyanide to Mine Romania's Gold Put On Hold After Mass Protests
Thousands of Romanians protest the environmental and cultural impact of mining Europe's largest gold mine
DATE: 2013-10-31

Scandal Hits Canada's Senate, Adding to Harper Government's List of Corruption
Yves Engler: Three of Canada's unelected Senators filed ineligible expense claims and have been told to repay $277,000 in wrongfully claimed expenses
DATE: 2013-10-31

Canada and EU to Ink Largest Trade Agreement since NAFTA
CETA prioritizes investor and intellectual property rights above environmental and consumer regulations.
DATE: 2013-10-28

Tar Sands Protesters Commandeer Public Meeting, Energy Officials Run for the Door
First Nations and environmental activists interrupt Enbridge's pipeline plans.
DATE: 2013-10-21

Canadian Police Use Military Tactics to Disperse Indigenous Anti-Fracking Blockade
New Brunswick Mounted Police deploy rubber bullets and tear gas, arrest 40 protesters for blockading highway.
DATE: 2013-10-18

Enbridge Line 9 Hearings Met With Resistance in Montreal, As Pipeline Plan Provokes Wider Concern
Sarah Harmer and prominent musicians sing against Enbridge Line 9 reversal project; Quebec and Ontario residents mobilize to challenge oil and gas conglomerate
DATE: 2013-10-14

Idle No More Protestors Take to the Streets in Global Day of Action
Idle No More protestors assert treaty rights and nationhood as part of International Day of Action
DATE: 2013-10-08

Canadians Imprisoned in Egypt Indefinitely After Filming Military Brutality
Upon their arrest, Tarek Loubani and John Greyson reported being beaten and abused, while the military says they could face murder charges
DATE: 2013-10-01

Outrage Over Province's Proposal to Arm Toronto Cops With Tasers
Toronto residents cite long running concerns of police brutality among the Toronto police force and the health risks of tasers use, in opposing wider deployment of the weapon
DATE: 2013-09-28

Canada's Government Silences Scientists, Sides With Corporate Interests
Climate scientists were muzzled from speaking to the press, causing an 80 percent decrease in the coverage of environmental stories
DATE: 2013-09-24

With Keystone XL Delayed, Trans-Canada Sets Eyes on "Energy East"
Yves Engler: Environmental and indigenous rights groups rightfully concerned about Trans-Canada's proposed "Energy East" pipeline
DATE: 2013-08-12

TRNN REPLAY: Alberta Regulator Approves Tar Sands Expansion Despite "Irreversible" Eco Impact
Indigenous activists and supporters embark on 4th annual Healing Walk, raise awareness on tar sands effects
DATE: 2013-07-26

Week of Enbridge Tar Sands Actions Launch Idle No More's Sovereignty Summer
Protesters across Canada engaged in civil disobedience in solidarity with Swamp Line 9 activists in Hamilton, Ontario; Toronto activists target Ontario courthouse
DATE: 2013-07-01

Growing Concern Cuts to Toronto Youth Programs Will Bring "Summer of War"
Community leaders fear rise in gun violence will result from cuts to summer youth programs in Toronto's poor and under-serviced neighborhoods
DATE: 2013-06-21

Scandal and Corruption in Canada's Right Wing Governments
Leo Panitch: Toronto's right populist Mayor is accused of crack use and PM Harper accused of covering up corruption in the Senate - their more serious crimes are attacks on workers rights and on public services
DATE: 2013-05-28

Canadian Budget "Austerity on Autopilot"
Jim Stanford: In spite of data showing the Canadian economy is slowing down, the new Federal Budget pushes cuts and a balanced budget which will make recession worse - true under-utilization of labor is 12 percent
DATE: 2013-03-26

No Doomsday but Ontario Takes Out the Knives
Jim Stanford: Ontario slashes with austerity regime even though predicted massive deficit has not developed
DATE: 2013-03-26

Are Toronto Homeless Shelters Overcrowded?
City maintains there are enough beds but activists and shelter operators say they are running at over capacity
DATE: 2013-03-18

Canadian Government Fights US Opposition to Tar Sands Pipeline
Yves Engler: Unprecedented aggressive lobbying campaign by Canada to push Obama to say yes to XL pipeline
DATE: 2013-03-11

Harper's Venezuela Insult Shows Right Ideology Trumping Canadian Interest
Yves Engler: Harper's "condolence" message on death of Hugo Chavez shows Harper has pushed Canadian policy so far right it even jeopardizes business interest in Latin America
DATE: 2013-03-11

Canadian Aid to Haiti Tied to Mining Interests
Yves Engler: Strategic objectives of Canadian aid are to strengthen a pro-elite police and advance Canadian commercial interests
DATE: 2013-01-13

Canada Wages a "Low Level War" Against Iran
Yves Engler: Harper government at forefront of supporting "killer sanctions" against Iran amidst deepening ties with Israel
DATE: 2013-01-07

Idle No More: Indigenous Peoples in Canada Actions in Support of Chief's Hunger Strike
Hunger strike by Chief Theresa Spence against new government legislation and long term denial of indigenous rights sparks nation wide movement
DATE: 2013-01-04

Global Mining and Tar Sands Oil Drive Canadian Foreign Policy
Yves Engler: Harper's right wing foreign policy protects interests of big oil and mining
DATE: 2012-12-06

Canada and Israel - The Ugly Canadian
Yves Engler: PM Harper has moved Canada to become the closest ally of the Israeli hard right
DATE: 2012-11-26

Canadian Armed Forces an Adjunct to US - The Ugly Canadian
Yves Engler: The Canadian government played a major role in the bombing of Libya. It was a Canadian general that oversaw the whole NATO mission and approved the bombing targets.
DATE: 2012-11-19

Global Mining and The Ugly Canadian
Yves Engler: The Canadian Harper government actively interferes in the affairs of other countries on behalf of mining companies registered in Canada
DATE: 2012-11-15

The Ugly Canadian
Yves Engler: Prime Minister Harper's government actively campaigns against international treaties and legislation around the world that aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
DATE: 2012-11-14

New Quebec Government Cancels Tuition Hike
Richard Fidler: CLASSE student organization sets its sights on free university tuition
DATE: 2012-09-24

Quebec Election Gives Students a Victory on Tuition Hikes, Fight for Free Education Continues
Jérémie Bédard-Wien: Quebec student activists work to create a global movement for the right to a free education
DATE: 2012-09-06

Quebec Students Continue Resistance
Report on the Quebec student movement's July mass protest and future plans
DATE: 2012-07-30

The Death of Evidence in Canada
Diane Orihel: Canadian scientists protest against Harper government's attack on environmental science
DATE: 2012-07-23

Quebec Students Resist State Repression
Paul Jay talks to Jérémie Bédard-Wien, Student Organizer, CLASSE
DATE: 2012-06-04

Quebec Student Strike Gathers Wide Support
Worldwide marches held in solidarity with striking Quebec students
DATE: 2012-06-04

Protests Against Brutal Repression and Draconian Law in Quebec
Lawyers join students in protest against Quebec Bill 78
DATE: 2012-05-30

Quebec Student Movement Grows with Popular Support
People from Montreal's communities bang pots and pans to show support as students broaden demands
DATE: 2012-05-29

250,000+ Defy Anti-Protest Law in Quebec
Jeremie Bedard: Students will insist on their rights to education and their right to protest
DATE: 2012-05-23

Quebec's Maple Spring
May 1st in Montreal was a display of how the student strike is part of Quebec's larger struggle against neo-liberalism
DATE: 2012-05-12

Over 165,000 Students On Strike in Quebec Over Planned Tuition Hikes
Students lead tens of thousands in protests against tuition hikes and neoliberal reforms of Quebec government
DATE: 2012-04-16

Denying Civil Rights is a Crime
Paul Jay on austerity, mass protests and mass arrests
DATE: 2012-04-06

Independent Movement Must Pressure Ontario Minority Government
Jim Stanford: Unions and grassroots organizations shouldn't rely on political parties to effect change in new Ontario government
DATE: 2011-10-08

An Adult Conversation About Taxes
Hugh Mackenzie: Politicians are childish saying they can cut costs without losing services
DATE: 2011-10-05

Real World MIA in Elections Rhetoric
Linda McQuaig: In the US and Canada, the deliberate policies that created great wealth for the top 1% and suffering for the rest is not talked about
DATE: 2011-10-04

Ontario Elections - Is Small Business Really the Answer?
Leo Panitch: All parties are pledging to help small business, but that's where workers have the least rights
DATE: 2011-10-03

Ontario Elections - Is This All There Is?
Sam Gindin: The times cry out for a radical alternative to capitalism
DATE: 2011-10-02

The Trouble with Billionaires
Linda McQuaig: Concentration of wealth in North America growing and dragging down economy
DATE: 2011-10-01

CAW Calls for Strategic Voting in Ontario Election
Jim Stanford: Unions need to be independent from all the parties and do what's best for workers
DATE: 2011-09-29

Rich Getting Richer in Ontario
Hugh Mackenzie: From 1992 to 2007, 90% of the income gain in Canada went to the top 1% while their effective tax rate went down
DATE: 2011-09-28

Why Unions Want to Stop a Tory Victory in Ontario
Jim Stanford: A Conservative victory in Ontario will continue the work of the Harris government, a major setback for labour
DATE: 2011-09-27

Canadian Native Leaders and Activists Oppose Tar Sands Pipeline
180 protestors arrested as protest condemns PM Harper tar sands plans
DATE: 2011-09-27

Thousands of G-20 Detentions Illegal: Ontario Ombudsman
Paul Jay asks Ombudsman Andre Marin who is responsible and who has been held accountable for "the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history"
DATE: 2011-06-25

RCMP vs Toronto Police - Who Wanted "Martial Law" Legislation?
The RCMP says they didn't know that Chief Blair requested Public Works Protection Act, Blair says he did it on their advice
DATE: 2011-06-25

Canadian Workers Face Majority Conservative Gov.
Jim Stanford: NDP 100 seats in Parliament does not make up for what majority Conservative gov. will do to workers
DATE: 2011-06-24

Right Turn in Canada
Leo Panitch: Conservative strength means tough austerity measures on the way
DATE: 2011-06-22

Air Canada Workers Make a Deal Under the Gun
Jim Stanford: Union makes a deal under threat of a legislated end to their strike
DATE: 2011-06-17

Canadian Gov. Plans Austerity and North American Security Perimeter
Canadian government throne speech plans to eliminate deficit by 2014 and move closer to US rules and regulations
DATE: 2011-06-05

What Now for the NDP?
Joanne St Lewis: New Quebec MP's and others not happy with policy, will challenge direction of the party
DATE: 2011-05-04

NDP Breaks Through but Tories Win Big
NDP wins historic number of seats, creates conditions for Conservative Majority Government
DATE: 2011-05-03

Major Issues Missing in Canadian Election
Jamie Biggar and Ben Powless on the lack of debate about aboriginal rights and climate change
DATE: 2011-05-01

Polls Show Canadian Election Surprise
Leo Gerard: Social Democrat NDP surge defying predictions
DATE: 2011-04-30

Canadian Extradition And Secret Trials
Hassan Diab is a Canadian citizen facing extradition to France based on secret evidence. While his case comes to a close it may challenge the entire legal extradition system in Canada
DATE: 2011-02-16

Canadian Secret Trial: Man May Face Deportation and Torture
After eight-year trial involving secret evidence, Canada decides to deport Mohamed Harkat, potentially to torture
DATE: 2011-02-02

Toronto G-20: Will Police be Held Accountable After Scathing Ombudsman's Report?
TRNN Replay: Paul Jay: If use of "martial law" was illegal, are most arrests at G-20 also illegal?
DATE: 2011-01-23

New International Accounting Rules Opens Door to Fraud
Al Rosen: Over a hundred 'dirty tricks' possible under new IFRS accounting regulations
DATE: 2011-01-08

More Native Students Can\'t Afford Higher Education
TRNN First Peoples News Bureau: Native protest in Ottawa against 2% cap on growth in education funds
DATE: 2010-10-19

Canadian Court Bans G-20 Defendant from Speaking
Organizer Alex Hundert coerced into 'unprecedented' gag clause (includes interview filmed prior to ban)
DATE: 2010-10-16

Russia vs Canada: Race for Oil-Rich Arctic Seabed
Russia Today: Russia and Canada are neck and neck in a race for the Arctic\'s rich resources
DATE: 2010-09-17

G-20 Fallout Continues in Toronto
People arrested and "released" speaking out as faith dwindles around official inquiries
DATE: 2010-09-16

G-20: Is There a Right to Protest?
TRNN Replay: "BEWARE OF COMING POLICE STATE" Pt.2 Clayton Ruby: No effective way to enforce charter of rights
DATE: 2010-08-22

Senior Lawyer Says "Beware of Coming Police State"
Clayton Ruby defends Charlie Veitch, second person charged under Public Works Protection Act
DATE: 2010-08-21

Carol Rosenberg: Khadr confession ruled admissible by military judge
DATE: 2010-08-20

"Martial Law" G-20 Charge Disappears
Howard Morton: It appears government doesn't want to test Public Works Protection Act in court
DATE: 2010-08-15

Paul Jay: Harper wants to cut the deficit. How about Bob Blair\'s plan for a wealth tax?
DATE: 2010-08-12

Al Jazeera: The chunk of ice that broke off the glacier on Thursday is headed for the Nares Strait
DATE: 2010-08-11

Citizens Demand Inquiry with Teeth
Public tells Toronto Police Services Board a G-20 inquiry must find out why rights violated and by whom
DATE: 2010-07-26

In Defense of Toronto Police
Jonathan Kay: Toronto Police did a good job in difficult circumstances but detention needs investigation
DATE: 2010-07-22

Bursting 'Officer Bubbles'
How a Real News video of an anti-social officer helped the media continue to miss the real G-20 story
DATE: 2010-07-20

Bursting 'Officer Bubbles'
TRNN Replay: How a TRNN video of an anti-social officer helped the media continue to miss the real G-20
DATE: 2010-07-20

The Missing Words at the G-20
TRNN Replay: Paul Jay on the G-20 declaration - an absurd plan for the global economic crisis
DATE: 2010-07-19

It's Not Over... and I Want to Have Some Justice
Testimony #10 from the G-20-Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-07-17

"They Are Never Going to Get Inside My Head"
Testimony from media activist Lacy MacAuley after being snatched by an unmarked van at the Toronto G20
DATE: 2010-07-15

G-20: It Was Traumatizing... I Had No Rights
Testimony #8 from the G-20--Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-07-14

G-20 Exposes Ontario 'Martial Law'
TRNN Replay - Paul Cavalluzzo: Ontario Public Works Act removes probable cause & right to free and peaceful assembly
DATE: 2010-07-12

Paul Cavalluzzo: Ontario Public Works Act removes probable cause & right to free and peaceful assembly
DATE: 2010-07-12

G-20 Exposes Ontario 'Martial Law'
Paul Cavalluzzo: Ontario Public Works Act removes probable cause & right to free and peaceful assembly
DATE: 2010-07-12

Paul Jay: Was the prime minister the hidden hand behind the G-20 fiasco in Toronto?
DATE: 2010-07-10

TRNN Replay: Residents of Toronto's Parkdale community denounce mass arrest at organizing center
DATE: 2010-07-10

TRNN Replay: TRNN videographer Nazrul Islam captures unpleasant confrontation over bubbles
DATE: 2010-07-10

Who Gave The G-20 Commander His Commands?
TRNN Replay: Paul Jay - Was the prime minister the hidden hand behind the G-20 fiasco in Toronto?
DATE: 2010-07-10

Toronto Neighborhood Defends G-20 Activists
Residents of Toronto's Parkdale community gather to denounce mass arrest at organizing center
DATE: 2010-07-10

"Officer Bubbles": From Bubbles to Bookings?
TRNN videographer Nazrul Islam captures unpleasant confrontation over bubbles during police operation
DATE: 2010-07-10

Testimony #7 from the G20-Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-07-07

I Was Nowhere Near the "Red Zone"
Testimony #6 from the G20-Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-07-06

Testimony #5 from the G-20-Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-07-05

Testimony #4 from the G-20-Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-07-04

Toronto March Supports Independent Inquiry
Two thousand people march in downtown Toronto in support of a public inquiry of the G20 Summit policing
DATE: 2010-07-02

Torontonians Gather at Police HQ to Condemn Abuses
Unmarked vans snatching activists and journalists are denounced as example of the real G20 violence
DATE: 2010-07-01

Toronto G20- Reports from witnesses and subjects of police action - testimony #1 from Queen and Spadina
DATE: 2010-06-30

Toronto police stand by and watch rampage
Paul Manly: Photo-journalist follows the black bloc rampage through Toronto as police look on
DATE: 2010-06-29

Could Police Repression at Toronto G-20 Happen Again?
Lawyers Paul Copeland and Howard Morton discuss the major review of police actions during the Toronto G-20 and if there has been accountability
DATE: 2010-06-29

Toronto police stand by and watch rampage
Paul Manly: Photo-journalist follows the black bloc rampage through Toronto as police look on
DATE: 2010-06-29

Basically... They Didn't Give Us Any Rights At All
Testimony #9 from the G-20-Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-06-29

Paul Jay: Are extraordinary police powers and cuts to social safety net the G-20 plan for the future?
DATE: 2010-06-28

Paikin on police attack against peaceful protest
Steve Paikin, veteran Canadian journalist, describes arrest and beating of Guardian newspaper journalist
DATE: 2010-06-28

Toronto G-20 - The Shape of Things To Come
TRNN Replay: Are extraordinary police powers and cuts to social safety net the G-20 plan for the future?
DATE: 2010-06-28

TRNN Replay - Paul Jay: Are extraordinary police powers and cuts to social safety net the G-20 plan for the future?
DATE: 2010-06-28

No right to freedom of assembly says 900+ arrests
Howard Morton: There is evidence the police infiltrated "Black Bloc" and should have known their plans
DATE: 2010-06-28

Paikin on police attack against peaceful protest
Steve Paikin, veteran Canadian journalist, describes arrest and beating of Guardian newspaper journalist
DATE: 2010-06-28

Real News Journalist Attacked at G-20
TRNN Replay - TRNN's Jesse Freeston, one of the members of media attacked or arrested at G-20
DATE: 2010-06-27

G20: Interview with Toronto Mayor David Miller
Paul Jay asks mayor Miller about arrests on Friday and Saturday in Toronto
DATE: 2010-06-27

Real News Journalist Attacked at G-20
TRNN's Jesse Freeston, one of the members of media attacked or arrested at G-20
DATE: 2010-06-27

TRNN's Jesse Freeston on Canadian national TV (CTV
Freeston: Freedom of press doesn't go away during a crisis, it is precisely for crises that it exists
DATE: 2010-06-27

Canada seeks to reconcile dark aboriginal chapter
AlJazeera: Canada\'s Truth and Reconciliation Commission will hold its first national event next month
DATE: 2010-05-23

Vale Exec Accuses Striking Miners of Racism
Strike gets ugly as Canadians respond to allegations of race-baiting in dispute with Brazilian company
DATE: 2010-04-03

"The Police Need to be Held Accountable"
Testimony 2 from the G20-Reports from witnesses and subjects of police actions
DATE: 2010-04-01

Canadian miners pushed to limit by \'scabs\'
Thousands rally against use of strikebreakers in ninth month of dispute with Brazil\'s Vale
DATE: 2010-03-29

Olympic dream vs. Vancouver reality
Media love-in with Winter Olympics challenged by city\'s new journalist co-op
DATE: 2010-03-04

Canada\'s pro-democracy movement
People in the streets accusing prime minister of shutting down parliament to avoid war crimes inquiry
DATE: 2010-01-26

Police Open Fire on Peaceful Protesters at G-20
They were, literally, singing Kumbaya...
DATE: 2010-01-07

Coal, tar sands and Copenhagen Pt.3
If USA, Canada and China are committed to oil and coal, what will Copenhagen accomplish?
DATE: 2009-12-01

Canada\'s image lies in tatters
George Monbiot: Canada is now to climate what Japan is to whaling
DATE: 2009-11-30

Obama, Harper and Copenhagen Pt.2
Berman: States and provinces are way in front of federal governments in environmental legislation
DATE: 2009-11-28

Obama, Harper and Copenhagen
Tzeporah Berman: Canada far behind even the US when it comes to renewable energy
DATE: 2009-11-27

Workers Can be Fired Without Just Cause in Brazil
TRNN REPLAY: During a 2009 strike of Canadian Nickel miners, Brazilian trade unions came to Canada to express solidarity and spoke about conditions for workers in Brazil.
DATE: 2009-10-02

What it takes to be number one
The strike against Vale-Inco in Sudbury heats up as company threatens to use non-union labor
DATE: 2009-08-22

Canadian miners strike global giant
Canadian workers fight against concessions at Vale Inco, one of the largest nickel mines in the world
DATE: 2009-07-27

Canadian health care: Fact vs. fiction
Natalie Mehra: Flaws in Canadian system due to lack of democracy and funding, not lack of privatization
DATE: 2009-06-17

Rae on Ignatieff Pt3
Bob Rae on Ignatieffs thesis of empire light and defense of the Iraq war
DATE: 2009-04-18

Rae on Ignatieff Pt.2
Bob Rae speaks about Michael Ignatieffs decision to pull out of the coalition government
DATE: 2009-04-17

Rae on Ignatieff Pt.1
Bob Rae says Liberal Party left him no choice but withdraw from the leadership race
DATE: 2009-04-16

Last resort: Natives stand up
Canadian government plays divide and conquer with Algonquin indigenous people over logging
DATE: 2008-12-17

Canadian Parliament shut as PM clings to power
Harper wins bid to delay non-confidence vote
DATE: 2008-12-05

Will Canada\'s gov\'t be next casualty of crisis?
Leo Panitch: Conservative\'s \'anti-tax obsession\' is similar to policy that made the \'30s worse
DATE: 2008-12-04

Canada: Liberals NDP Bloc sign deal to oust Tories
Opposition parties make agreement to defeat Harper government on belt-tightening economic plan
DATE: 2008-12-02

Israel, Palestine and the media
Mordecai Briemberg on battle over satire, media concentration and coverage of Israel Pt.2/2
DATE: 2008-11-16

Media giant tries to muzzle parody
Mordecai Briemberg on battle with Canadian media major over satire of Middle East coverage
DATE: 2008-11-15

Canada reelects Stephen Harper
Murray Dobbin: Harper will continue to dismantle social democracy
DATE: 2008-10-16

Canadian arts community plays strategically
The Department of Culture is advocating for anyone but Harper this election year
DATE: 2008-10-13

Canadian economists back carbon tax
Carbon tax would be offset with breaks on income tax
DATE: 2008-10-13

Canadians want to keep health care system
Barry Kay: Most Canadians want more funding for health care and are concerned about climate change Pt.3
DATE: 2008-10-12

Crisis changes spectrum of political debate
Rick Salutin: While elections limit the scope of discussion, financial crisis is blowing it wide open
DATE: 2008-10-12

The campaigns to stop Harper
Rick Salutin: Canadian Web sites promote strategic voting as Conservative lead narrows
DATE: 2008-10-10

US war resister faces deportation from Canada
Canada Border Services Agency, continues to routinely effect deportation orders of US-Iraq War resisters
DATE: 2008-10-10

Strategic voting in Canada Pt. 2
Barry Kay: On most key issues we find the Conservatives on one side and all four opponents on the other
DATE: 2008-10-07

Strategic voting in Canada
Barry Kay: Without splitting the left-of-centre vote, Conservatives could not form the government
DATE: 2008-10-06

Are Canadians mostly progressive or conservative?
Murray Dobbin: The Right has convinced Canadians that their values will never become public policy
DATE: 2008-10-02

US war resister is granted stay of deportation
Canadian judge rules against deportation of outspoken anti-Iraq war resister
DATE: 2008-09-28

Canadian elections and climate change
Environment and cutting green house gas emissions important issues for 4 of 5 major parties
DATE: 2008-09-12

The Canadian election and the Afghan War
Murray Dobbin: Canadian government is supporting an American policy that\'s against Canada\'s interests
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