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Hundreds March in Baltimore to Remember Freddie Gray

One year after the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore residents reflect on what's changed and what impact Gray's death could have on Tuesday's election
DATE: 2016-04-26 | LENGTH: 04:11

Baltimore Coalition Fights for $15 Dollar Minimum Wage
On the eve of the anniversary of the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, a coalition of community organizations and unions say they want a living wage in Baltimore
DATE: 2016-04-19 | LENGTH: 04:47

Swimming in Baltimore: How Poverty Works
The Baltimore Bureau of The Real News takes an in-depth look at the psychic toll of poverty, and how the enforcement of its invisible boundaries and social walls infects an entire city
DATE: 2016-03-06 | LENGTH: 28:50

One Year After Freddie Gray's Death, Baltimoreans See Little Change
Residents of West Baltimore's Gilmor Homes, where Freddie Gray was beaten by police, reflect on the year since his death
DATE: 2016-02-19 | LENGTH: 06:30

The Story of the 2015 Baltimore Uprising Told Through the Voices of the People
The TRNN staff's coverage of the transformative year when the people demanded to be heard
DATE: 2015-12-28 | LENGTH: 25:13

Media Hypes Potential Unrest as Jury Says It's Deadlocked in Freddie Gray Case
Legal expert Doug Colbert and Baltimore activist Tariq Toure respond to developments on Day 12 of the trial of William Porter for the death of Freddie Gray
DATE: 2015-12-15 | LENGTH: 03:02

Defense Using Specter of Unrest in Freddie Gray Case
Veteran civil rights attorney A Dwight Pettit responds to developments in the first week of the Freddie Gray case
DATE: 2015-12-07 | LENGTH: 10:32

Breaking: Baltimore Jury Acquits Another Freddie Gray Protester
The Real News speaks to #FreddieGray protester Larry Lomax and attorney Natalie Finegar shortly after he's found not guilty of disorderly conduct
DATE: 2015-10-16 | LENGTH: 02:31

Baltimore Police Commissioner Stunned by Poverty in Baltimore
Another violent weekend with 9-year-old girl shot prompts debate over root cause of mayhem
DATE: 2015-10-05 | LENGTH: 04:52

Former Police Officer: The War on Drugs Needs to End
TRNN's Jaisal Noor speaks to LEAP Executive Director Neill Franklin
DATE: 2015-09-02

Why is There Systemic Police Abuse in Baltimore? (2/2)
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to Paul Jay about the connection between poverty and policing
DATE: 2015-09-02

Why is There Systemic Police Abuse in Baltimore? (1/2)
TRNN's Taya Graham speaks to Paul Jay about the connection between poverty and policing
DATE: 2015-09-02

Baltimore Police Chief Allowed Looting to Discredit Protestors, Says Union
Veteran police officers Kenneth Butler and Neill Franklin discuss a report issued by the Fraternal Order of Police that accuses recently fired Chief Batts of ordering police to stand down during looting so protestors would be blamed as the aggressors
DATE: 2015-07-10 | LENGTH: 24:13

Town Hall at Freddie Gray's Gilmor Homes
TRNN producer Eddie Conway hosts a town hall in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore in the aftermath of Freddie Gray's death.
DATE: 2015-05-28

As Violence Spikes in Baltimore, Former Investigator Says Police Aren't the Answer
Stephen Tabeling: Good investigations and less aggressive tactics could lead to better results
DATE: 2015-05-27

Did Freddie Have a Right to Run?
TRNN's Paul Jay, Attorney A. Dwight Pettit and law professor Byron Warnken discuss whether or not the Baltimore police had a right to use force to stop Freddie Gray; the States Attorney has said the arrest was illegal, but has not commented on the stop.
DATE: 2015-05-11

The Fire This Time: A Town Hall Discussion
TRNN Town Hall discussion on who is listening to Baltimore's youth.
DATE: 2015-05-07

Did State's Attorney Mosby Overcharge the Six Baltimore Police?
Attorney A. Dwight Pettit and law professor Byron Warnken discuss the accusation that the charges laid against six Baltimore police "overreached"
DATE: 2015-05-06

Fury in the Streets of Baltimore
Protestors threw rocks and burned cars after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-American man who was killed by police earlier this month.
DATE: 2015-04-28

Police Were Harassing Students Before Monday's Outrage
TRNN Top Stories 2015: Exclusive documents obtained by The Real News show how police officers engaged in a pattern of abuse before the killing of Freddie Gray by arresting teenagers who were waiting to take the bus back home in the same neighborhood in Northwest Baltimore that would erupt and lead to the chaos seen this week.
DATE: 2015-04-28 | LENGTH: 01:43

Freddie Gray Laid to Rest, Baltimore Youth Rise Up
TRNN's Eddie Conway reports on Freddie Gray's funeral and explains the context for the outburst of anger and frustration by youth in Baltimore
DATE: 2015-04-27

Freddie Gray and the Legacy of Slavery in Baltimore Policing
Historian Gerald Horne says the police culture that allows violence with impunity grew out of the slave patrols, which like today, used force to defend the economic order.
DATE: 2015-04-26

Police Violence Not Merely the Product of Police with Racist Attitudes
Paul Jay says police are enforcing laws, often with deadly force, to make people obey legislation that at its heart protects people that own property; the more you own, the more you are served and protected
DATE: 2015-04-25

In Freddie Gray's Neighborhood, Residents Say Police Harassment is Constant
Lifelong residents say they can't even stand outside on a summer day
DATE: 2015-04-24

A Look at Failed Police Reform Efforts in the Wake of Freddie Gray's Death
TRNN speaks to advocate Dayvon Love about the failed efforts to reform Maryland law blamed for protecting abusive officers.
DATE: 2015-04-23

TRNN Town Hall: In Conversation with Michelle Alexander
Discussing the school to prison pipeline
DATE: 2015-04-22

A Walk Through The Neighborhood Where Freddie Gray Lived and Died
The Real News presents an interview with former Baltimore City official Lawrence Bell, who says policing has created apartheid-like conditions in Baltimore neighborhoods like the Gilmore Homes
DATE: 2015-04-21

Baltimore Man Dies From Injuries Sustained While In Police Detention
Protesters mobilize in response to the death of 25 year-old Baltimore resident Freddie Gray
DATE: 2015-04-20

Almost Impossible to Indict a Cop
Chase Madar tells Paul Jay that it's not just an institutional problem, that the law itself protects police abuse
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