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Danny Schechter: Veteran Independent Journalist and Early Supporter of The Real News Network. June 27, 1942 - March 19, 2015

Did the ANC Make a Faustian Bargain? - Danny Schechter on Reality Asserts Itself (3/3)
Mr. Schechter analyzes the difficult circumstances that led Mandela to make major compromises in their program after taking power in South Africa

  February 13, 2014

Mandela and Neoliberal Economics in South Africa - Danny Schechter (2/3)
Mr. Schechter tells Paul Jay that under tremendous external pressure, the ANC gave up its plans to nationalize the mining sector

  February 12, 2014

Activism In My DNA - Danny Schechter on Reality Asserts Itself (1/3)
In this RAI he tells Paul Jay about the fight against apartheid and meeting and chronicling Mandela in South Africa.

  February 11, 2014

Netanyahu Inserts Himself in US Elections as Adelson Stands to Reap Millions if Romney Wins
Danny Schechter: Israel's PM Goes on US TV and GOP Financier will reap massive tax savings if Romney wins election

  September 20, 2012

Plunder, a Wall Street story
Danny Schechter: Financial meltdown is a crime story

  January 11, 2010

Paulson's $140B surprise
Danny Schechter: While world debated bailout, Treasury snuck bank merger tax break under congress' nose

  November 20, 2008

One nation under debt
Danny Schechter: We need to stop all foreclosures

  October 27, 2008

Media and bailout failure
Danny Schechter: The effects of the financial meltdown are spreading as the bailout fails to work

  October 26, 2008

McCain's ill-conceived mortgage proposal
Danny Schechter: McCain to spend billions on project but where is money to come from?

  October 9, 2008

Taxpayers to bailout Wall Street?
Danny Schechter: The bailout will preempt any new administration from following through on promises

  September 24, 2008

Congress helps banks, but what about homeowners?
Danny Schechter: "This is a 50-state Katrina"

  July 25, 2008

Bringing the Wall St. crisis to Main St.
Danny Schechter: Economic crisis is ruining people's lives, the media has failed to tell the full story

  May 13, 2008

How does U.S. TV cover Venezuela?
Danny Schechter "The News Dissector": Television coverage of the Venezuelan referendum

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