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Lia Tarachansky

Journalist and Producer

Lia Tarachanskyis an Israeli-Canadian journalist with The Real News Network covering Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. Born in the Soviet Union, Tarachansky grew up in a settlement in the occupied West Bank. She is currently working on her first documentary, Seven Deadly Myths, about the 1948 ethnic cleansing and its denial in Israeli society. Before Israel/oPt, Tarachansky was based with The Real News in Toronto, Canada and Washington D.C.
    Why Hamas Rejected the Ceasefire
The Real News speaks to Gaza-based blogger Nalan al Sarraj about the Israeli bombardment campaign on the strip and why Hamas rejected a proposed ceasefire

    Report from Israel's Border with Gaza
As Israel mobilizes tanks and reservists to Gaza's border and bombardments intensify, The Real News' Israel/Palestine correspondent reports from the border

    Reporting from Besieged Shuafat Refugee Camp
Following kidnapping and killing of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir from Shuafat refugee camp, vigilante and army violence against Palestinians on the rise

    Army Violently Stops African Refugees Trying to Leave Israel
Sudanese and Eritrean refugees in Israel's so-called "open prison" go on hunger strike after failed attempt to leave for Egypt

    Palestinians Open Fire on PA for Collaborating with Israel
Early on Tuesday morning militants from the Jenin Refugee Camp opened fire on Palestinian Authority jeeps after PA openly collaborated with Israeli army.

    Ethnocracy: Who Owns the Land of Israel?
In the second part of the Ethnocracy series, The Real News looks at who owns the land of the state of Israel and how it came to be so.

    Israel Using Teenager Kidnapping to Cripple Hamas
Following apparent kidnapping of three settler Yeshiva students on Thursday, Israeli forces bombed Gaza and clamped down on the West Bank, arresting dozens of Hamas members

    Made in Israel: Exporting Occupation Technology
The Real News visits one of Israel's arms expos and talks to the attorney who exposed the names of the country's weapons exporters

    Israeli Activist Accuses Interior Minister of Int'l Law Violations
Israeli activist Tamar Aviyah who volunteers with African refugees accuses Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar at his home over violations of international refugee law

    Israeli PM Pushes Constitutional Law on Jewish Exclusivity
Fearing growing movement on symbolic and practical return of Palestinian refugees, Israeli PM pushes to reassert Israel's Jewish exclusive nature

    Israel Uses Refugees as "Currency" in Arms Trade with Africa
Rwanda and Uganda agree to take African refugees as part of arms deal after Israel denied their asylum claims and imprisoned them

    Has Palestinian Maneuvering Revived Peace Talks?
Lia Tarachansky and Shir Hever interview journalist Daoud Kuttab on how Mahmoud Abbas' maneuvering may have led to talks extending

    Will Extremist Lieberman Become Israel's Next Prime Minister?
Israel/Palestine correspondent Lia Tarachansky and political economist Shir Hever discuss the rise and strategy change of Israeli Foreign Minister Avidgor Lieberman

    Netanyahu Attacks Boycott As Campaign Enters New Phase
Warschawski: Benjamin Netanyahu's gov't attacks on Boycott Israel campaign help strengthen it as it grows from activists to big business.

    In Historic Protest Israel's Orthodox Break with Settler Right
Following the passing of a law proposal that will extend forced conscription to Jewish orthodox, half a million ascend on Jerusalem

    Where are the Palestinian Journalists in Israeli Media?
While Palestinian citizens make up 20% of Israel's population they are only covered 2% on prime time news. Part of the reason why lies in who reports the news.

    Visiting Israel's "Open Prisons" for African Refugees
Following a spike in imprisonment of African refugees in Israel, refugees & supporters protest desert prison complex

    In the Home of the Richest Man in Palestine
The Real News' Lia Tarachansky and journalist Max Blumenthal meet Munib al Masri, the richest man in Palestine

    Israel's Bedouin Face Displacement Despite Apparent Gov't Concessions
While seemingly abandoning plan to forcefully urbanize Bedouin of Negev Desert, Israeli gov't continues to push forward the multi-billion dollar Prawer plan

    Why Eritrean Asylum Seekers Come to Israel
Siom Domoz is an asylum seeker from Eritrea and one of the central figures in this week's historic refugee freedom movement in Israel

    African Refugees in Israel On Historic Strike
Tens of thousands of asylum seekers launched a three-day strike, demos outside embassies, and the largest refugee protest in the country's history

    Taksim Square Protesters Charged With Terrorism, Attempting Coup
Hundreds were indicted in Turkey for participating in the mass movement that started with Gezi Park and evolved into anti-Erdogan protests last summer

    Unprecedented Refugee March Sweeps Tel Aviv
Thousands took to the streets after a week of hundreds of arrests of asylum seekers who marched from Israel's new open-air prison

    Self-Censorship Biggest Failure of Israeli Media
Israel ranks 112 of 179 countries on Reporters Without Borders' list because of official censors but Israeli journalists say self-censorship main reason

    Michel Warschawski on Israel's Non-Existent Left
"Just before colonial wars come to an end, their most barbaric extremes are exposed, from US in Viet Nam, France in Algeria, to Israel in Palestine

    JNF Honors Canadian PM Amidst Protests Against Bedouin Expulsion
The Jewish National Fund has a long history of displacing Palestinians and Bedouins in Israel and erasing the remains of their destroyed villages.

    Thousands Protest Forced Urbanization of Israel's Bedouin
Demonstrations in Israel/Palestine and around the world protest The Prawer-Begin Plan aimed at annexing Bedouin lands for Jewish newcomers in Israel's Negev Desert

    Israelis and Palestinians Turn to One-State Solution
As chief Palestinian negotiators quit the latest round of bilateral negotiations, but many on the ground say the two-state solution is long dead.

    Israel's Struggle From "The Projects"
In Jerusalem With the Black Panthers' Reuven Abergil

    Israel's New Generation of Racists
Incidents of discrimination have doubled each year since 2008 and increasingly perpetrated by youth

    Israel Conceded to Palestinian Prisoner's Hunger Strike
Ayman Sharawneh, who is 53, was released to the Gaza Strip under the condition he will not return to his West Bank home for ten years

    Israeli Election Results Closer Than Predictions
Israelis react to surprise gain of Yesh Atid party that swept second place in Israeli elections, potentially changing the nature of the next coalition government

    Israel's Labor Party Plays Desperate Game to Elections
How Israel's social justice movement got co-opted in the elections on a ticket silent on the occupation

    Prosperity Under Occupation?
Inside Palestine's besieged Areas "A" - how the Ramallah bubble was created and how it might burst

    Zionjuana - Netanyahu Headlines Birthright Rally
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu headlines Jerusalem mega event for thousands of Jewish teenagers on Israel-bonding trip

    The Cost of Israel's War on Gaza
A month after Israel's last assault on the Gaza strip, the military and civilian costs on both sides are tallied up

    Israeli Settler Right Rises in Election Campaign
Noam Sheizaf: The real fight of this election is not being fought between the Left and Right in Israel, but inside the Right itself.

    Israeli Cmte Disqualifies Only Palestinian Woman in Parliament from Reelection
Noam Sheizaf on the elections committee that disqualified Hanin Zoabi, the only Palestinian woman in the Israeli parliament from re-election.

    Israeli Army Killing Palestinian Protestors with Impunity say Activists
Following chronic failure of IDF investigations, activists release the name of soldier involved in killing of Palestinian protester

    Liberman Resignation and Israeli Elections 2013
972 Magazine's Noam Sheizaf on Israeli Foreign Minister's resignation over indictment and what that means for the upcoming elections in Israel in January 2013

    Anti-Austerity Protests Sweep West Bank
Palestinians take to the streets of the West Bank against neoliberalism and economic dependency agreements with Israel

    Israeli Defence Minister Rumoured Cooling on Attacking Iran
Reports in Israeli press suggest Netanyahu's main supporter on attacking Iran may be backing off

    Israel Denies Food and Entry to 20 Eritrean Refugees
Israeli activists attempted Tuesday night to reach a group of asylum seekers to deliver them food, before being turned back by IDF soldiers

    State Dep't Defines Israeli Settler Violence as Terrorism
US State Dep't defines settler violence as terrorism while two violent attacks on Palestinians drive Israeli coverage last week

    Israel Debates the Cost of War
Israeli media this week is filled with argument over cost of war with Iran, as prices rise

    Israel vs Iran: An Israeli Media Report
Israeli media spike coverage of potential attack on Iran "in the coming 12 weeks"

    Netanyahu Bows to Popular Pressure on Austerity
Self-immolations in Israel due to poverty and upcoming austerity measures plummet PM to record low in polls

    Thousands of Israelis Join "Citizen's Mutiny"
After violent arrest of the symbolic leader of Israel's social justice mov't, thousands pour onto streets in rage

    Israel's J14 Movement and the Occupation
Activists criticize economic protest movement for ignoring the Occupation and condition of Palestinians living in Israel

    Incitement Against Refugees leads to Racist Attacks in Israel
After weeks of violence, incitement against African refugees living in Israel’s poorest neighborhoods led to a race riot and a wave of protests

    Israeli Military Leaders Speak Out Against Iran Strike
Retired and outgoing officers express lack of confidence in Natanyau and his push to attack Iran

    Thousands of Israelis Celebrate Occupation of East Jerusalem
During the annual Jerusalem Day celebrations tens of thousands marched through Damascus Gate as Palestinians protest

    Israeli Police Target Activists as Social Protests Restart
Last Summer's J14 movement against the high cost of living in Israel organized first major demo of the year, police targeted leaders

    Israeli PM Forms Large Coalition, Police Repress Protest
Leader of Kadima Party Shaul Mofaz joins Prime Minister Netanyahu's Coalition, effectively crushing opposition and stirring protests

    Two of Mass Palestinian Prisoner's Hunger Strike "On Verge of Death"
Over 1600 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jail hold mass hunger strike, two of the arrested pass 70 days without food

    Israel Celebrates Independence Day, Arrests Activists
While hundreds of thousands celebrated, the police arrested three activists for trying to question the history of this day.

    Israel Denies Entry to Hundreds in Day of Action
Dozens arrested in an international day of solidarity where 1500 activists tried to land in Israel's Ben Gurion Airport to travel to the occupied Palestinian territories.

    Why Gaza's Healthcare Fails Thousands of Injured
Thousands are forced to seek emergency care in Egypt and Israel after Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip as healthcare system in crisis.

    Int'l Court Rejects Palestinian Statehood Bid
After three years of deliberation, the International Criminal Court decided not to admit Palestine as a state

    One Dies, Dozens Injured in Palestinian Day of Protest
"Land Day" demonstrations saw tens of thousands in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the occupied West Bank and Gaza

    Israeli Economy and the "Washington Consensus"
Bank of Israel submitted 2011 report, arguing economy is strong, despite gross inequalities and unsustainable neoliberal reforms.

    Palestinian on Hunger Strike "in Mortal Danger"
Hanaa Shalabi, a Palestinian prisoner under Administrative Detention without charge or trial enters 36th day of her hunger strike

    Israel Begins Deportation of South Sudanese Refugees
Despite renewed conflict and UN warnings, Israel begins deporting South Sudanese asylum seekers.

    Palestinian Film Breaks Ground on Women's Issues
First film in the Arab world to deal with sexual assault of women and girls released in Israel/Palestine

    Israel's "New West Bank"
New plan reveals gov't relocating Bedouins in Negev Desert to create Jewish contiguity south of the West Bank.

    The Israeli Summer and the Occupation
Political economist Shir Hever on the July 14 movement, its causes, and how it sidestepped dealing with the Occupation.

    Israel to become biggest jailer of refugees
Knesset approves plan to jail asylum seekers for longest period of western world in biggest prison

    Israel: living conditions deteriorate, more money to army
Russians, nearly a quarter of the population, speak about their isolation and economic struggles

    Women Fight Religious Segregation in Israel
Secular vs religious tensions rise as women fight segregation in Jewish Halacha law

    Israeli Tree Campaign "Judaizes" Expropriated Land
Jewish National Fund's practice of selling and leasing land exclusively to Jewish owners is met with growing opposition

    An evening with Lia Tarachansky
TRNN journalist in Palestine and Israel

    Israeli vs Palestinian Right to Protest
While Israelis mark human rights day in Tel Aviv, 28 year-old Mustafa Tamimi is killed in the West Bank while protesting

    Activists Challenge COP17 Climate Talks
Environmentalists chant "Down With Canada" as expectations are low for COP17 climate talks

    Israel Divided Over Plan to Attack Iran
Lia Tarachansky reports that a split has developed between Israeli security establishment and Netanyahu

    Palestinian "Freedom Riders" Challenge Segregation
Drawing a comparison to American civil rights fighters, Palestinian activists boarded Israeli settler buses in the West Bank.

    The flotilla and the siege of Gaza
Israeli blockade continues to strangle Gaza as Israeli Navy intercepts latest flotilla

    Why was Shalit deal reached now?
While hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and Gilad Shalit return home, hundreds others go into exile.

    Palestinians, Israelis Skeptical of UN Bid
Palestinians and Israelis are skeptical the UN bid will lead to real change on the ground, except for anticipated protests and repression

    Gaza Children in Israeli Hospital After Drone Attack
A month after recent escalation between Israel and Gaza two Palestinian children in critical condition in an Israeli hospital

    Half Million March in Israel
Israelis skeptic of gov't- appointed committee to look into protest demands, organize biggest protest in country's history

    Palestinian Rights Absent from Israeli Protest Demands
Protesters from Israel's social mass protests, known as J14, publish an unofficial list of demands, excluding Palestinian citizens of Israel

    Israelis chant 'Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies'
Israel's social protest movement continues despite renewed cycle of violence

    Dubious Evidence Israeli Bus Attackers Based in Gaza
Following deadly terror attacks on Israel, Israeli Air Force kills 9 in Gaza despite lack of evidence connecting attackers to the Strip

    The Fight for Equality in Israel's J14 Movement
Hundreds of thousands of Israelis protest rising prices while Israeli Palestinian citizens organize for equality

    Voices from Israel's "July 14" Movement
On July 14, eight Israeli students set up the first tent city that sparked dozens more and a nation-wide movement that saw tens of thousands on the streets

    Israelis Chant: "Mubarak, Assad, Bibi Netanyahu"
Tens of thousands of Israelis in 9 cities pour onto the streets, demanding Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu resign

    Poorest tent city evicted in Israel
While tent cities sprung up throughout the country, the one in the poorest neighborhood of Tel Aviv only one to be evicted

    Tens of Thousands in Israel Protest Rising Prices
Tens of thousands of Israelis poured onto the streets in Tel Aviv to protest rising commodity, housing prices and stagnation in salaries

    Israeli MK: "anti-Boycott Law Threatens Democracy"
Parliament member Dov Khenin and many on Israeli left warn new anti-Boycott law violates freedom of speech

    'Fly-In' Activists on Mass Deportation from Israel
Hundreds of "Flytilla" activists were interrogated, jailed, and are being deported from Israel

    Gaza Flotilla: The Media Battle in Israel
Israeli press reports Gaza Flotilla will be carrying "lethal acid" with "the intention of killing as many IDF soldiers as possible"

    Israel to Stop Flotilla "Without Physical Contact"
Israeli government tells its plan to stop Flotilla and warns journalists - being on board can result in 10-year ban from Israel

    Selling Israeli Militarism Like Toothpaste
From children's shows to national war drills, a discussion on militarism in Israeli society and gender equality in the army

    Palestinian Political Prisoner: "I reject Israel's laws"
Bassem Tamimi of Nabi Saleh delivered a court statement at the start of his trial last Sunday saying "I reject [these laws] and cannot recognize their validity."

    What Does Zionism Mean to You?
Israelis from the Jerusalem Day march and a Tel Aviv march in support of peace and two states talk to TRNN

    Thousands of Israeli Youth Chant "Mohammad is Dead"
On Jerusalem Day, celebrating Israeli occupation of the city in 1967, thousands of youth marched through the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah

    How Israel planned the Flotilla attack
As the MV Rachel Corrie ship is dragged to Israel, TRNN investigates Israel's plan for Flotilla attack

    Historic Protest in Ras al-Amud, Jerusalem
For the first time in decades, Palestinians invite Jewish Israeli solidarity activists to Ras al-Amud, a neighborhood of Jerusalem referred to as "the daily intifadah"

    Israelis, Palestinians on Obama and Netanyahu
Palestinian and Israeli journalists, activists, and small business owners respond to Obama's Middle East speech and Netanyahu's response

    Palestinians Break Syrian Border on Day of Protests
West Bank and Gaza protests join historic day of demonstrations along Israel's borders.,, The Real News Network, Real News Network, The Real News, Real News, Real News For Real People, IWT are trademarks and service marks of Independent World Television inc. "The Real News" is the flagship show of IWT and The Real News Network.

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