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Elites Impose Education Policies They Would Never Accept for their Children
In the final part of our interview with author Noliwe Rooks, we examine some of the reforms that the likes of Betsy DeVos have mandated for poor children but would never be accepted for the wealthy

  March 13, 2018

AZ Attorney General Pursues Denial of In-state Tuition for DACA Recipients
Students and activists demonstrate outside case hearing in Phoenix, Arizona after the state attorney sues to remove their right to in-state tuition

  January 17, 2017

Rally Against Deportations in Phoenix
Protest organized by families broken by immigration deportations

  March 12, 2013

Latinos campaign to vote out Joe Arpaio
Voting rights advocates and Latino Activist work to encourage the community to vote out Joe Arpaio "America's Toughest Sheriff"

  November 5, 2012

Is the Arizona Mexico Border a War Zone?
Local politicians say that spill over violence is a major threat but do the facts bear this out?

  September 21, 2012

Prisons, Profit and Immigrants in Arizona
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer defies President Obama on deferred deportation plan for undocumented immigrant youth

  August 24, 2012

Chicago Latinos Demand Supreme Court Strike Down Arizona SB1070
Chicago activists organize on May 1st to demand rights

  May 4, 2012

Protest Calls on Supreme Court to Strike Down Arizona Immigration Law
Court Hears Oral Arguments in SB1070 Case “United States v. Arizona”

  April 26, 2012

(De)segregation and the Mexican American Studies Ban in Tucson, Arizona
Is Tucson Unified School District's MAS suspension at odds with a decades old federal desegregation order?

  April 12, 2012

Tucson Militarizes Public School Board Meeting
Battle over the future of ethnic studies in Arizona rages on

  May 12, 2011

Tucson Students Occupy School Board Meeting to Defend Ethnic Studies
Students in Tucson, Arizona take over school board meeting to prevent controversial vote

  May 3, 2011

Voices From Arizona
TRNN speaks to people attending memorial service in Tucson

  January 14, 2011

A Pre-Election Ride in Arizona
Oscar Leon interviews Phoenix residents about their vote in the midterm lections

  November 1, 2010

Newsydotcom: Arizona Senator John McCain handily won the GOP nomination to US Senate

  August 26, 2010

Arizona politicians stoking white community's fear of immigrants to get votes in November elections

  August 10, 2010

Fear in the state's Latino community is not a side-effect, it's the stated goal of those in power

  August 2, 2010

Debate: Is Arizona's ethnic studies ban racist?
CNN: Renowned scholar and author Michael Eric Dyson vs. Arizona schools superintendent Tom Horne

  May 24, 2010

'But my Mom doesn't have papers'
Second-grader joins national movement that's declaring 'immigrant rights are civil rights'

  May 21, 2010

Arizona law fuels national immigration actions
Thousands hit U.S. streets on May Day to demand an end to the misery of the nation's undocumented

  May 2, 2010

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