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Education & Student Action

Teacher Strikes Continue to Spread - A Symptom of Public Education Underfunding
Teacher strikes continue to spread: from West Virginia, to Kentucky, to Arizona, to Oklahoma, and now to Colorado. However, they are not just about pay - they are a result of systematic tax cuts designed to decimate public education, says Negin Owliaei of the Institute for Policy Studies

  April 19, 2018

Striking Teachers Targeted by Kochs
Women's March Organizer Tithi Bhattacharya discusses the teachers leading revolts across the nation are taking on their union leadership, and being targeted by a powerful network funded by the Koch and the DeVos money

  April 13, 2018

The Marc Steiner Show: Bill Ayers
In the first episode of the Marc Steiner Show on the Real News Network, Marc talks with Bill Ayers, former member of the Weather Underground and author of the new book, "You Can't Fire the Bad Ones," about the policies that have re-segregated and privatized our schools and the wildcat teachers' strikes rising up against them.

  April 13, 2018

Kentucky Teachers to Hold Sick-Out Friday Despite Threats from Governor
Educators in Kentucky are fighting back against drastic cuts to their pensions and charter school expansion, says teacher Blossom Brosi

  April 10, 2018

Do Teachers Need More Militant Unions to Win?
Union activist Lois Weiner argues the recent wave of teacher revolts were sparked by rank-and-file teachers who refused to accept the status quo

  April 10, 2018

Oklahoma Teacher Strike Enters Third Day
Inspired by a historic strike in West Virgnia, educators are demanding better pay and more funding for schools, says Tulsa teacher Taylor Painter-Wolfe

  April 4, 2018

Wildcat Teacher Strikes Spread to Kentucky and Oklahoma
Educators are prepared to do "whatever it takes" to defend public education, says Kentucky public school teacher Blossom Brosi

  April 2, 2018

Kevin Kamenetz: Maryland Must Must Increase School Funding
The Baltimore County executive and Maryland gubernatorial candidate says he supports increasing education spending and universal pre-K, but does not support immediately shifting casino revenue to schools

  March 26, 2018

Students Demand Leaders Address the Root Causes of Gun Violence
As part of #Enough, the National School Walkout, hundreds of Baltimore high school students marched to demand gun control, increased accountability for the police force, and more funding for the school system

  March 14, 2018

Elites Impose Education Policies They Would Never Accept for their Children
In the final part of our interview with author Noliwe Rooks, we examine some of the reforms that the likes of Betsy DeVos have mandated for poor children but would never be accepted for the wealthy

  March 13, 2018

Student Debt Cancellation a Viable Option, Economists Say
A new in-depth study on the consequences of cancelling all student debt in the US shows that it would help the economy far more than it would cost. We talk to Stephanie Kelton, one of the study's co-authors

  March 12, 2018

West Virginia Teachers Offer a Lesson in Organizing
With a deal reached in the West Virginia teachers strike, there is talk of revived labor activism nationwide. But is the deal fair to all, and will anti-union forces push back? We speak to West Virginia teacher Brendan Muckian-Bates and education scholar Dr. Curry Malott.

  March 6, 2018

Baltimore Students Take to the Streets for Gun Control
Hundreds of Baltimore school students marched on City Hall for action on gun control and to oppose the militarization of classrooms

  March 6, 2018

Obama & DeVos: Education Reform Based on 'Segronomics' is Doomed to Fail
In part four, Noliwe Rooks says data reveals no educational benefit from the billions of stimulus funding poured into schools by the Obama administration and school vouchers championed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

  March 9, 2018

The Early History of 'Segronomics'
In part two, Noliwe Rooks says wealthy philanthropists first influenced public education for African Americans in the post-reconstruction South

  March 7, 2018

Three Generations of Apartheid Schooling
In part one, author Noliwe Rooks discusses how her family's experience with apartheid and segregated schooling inspired her to write Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education

  March 6, 2018

Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (4/4)
In Part Four, author Noliwe Rooks and Dwight Draughon examine real solutions to educational apartheid

  March 5, 2018

Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (3/4)
In Part Three, former Teach for America corp member Dwight Draughon says sending inexperienced college graduates to teach in high-need schools will not bring transformative change

  March 5, 2018

Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (1/4)
In Part One, Principal Matt Hornbeck introduces author Noliwe Rooks and explains how charter schools in Maryland, unlike other states, have defied privatization

  March 5, 2018

Cutting School: Privatization, Segregation, and the End of Public Education (2/4)
In Part Two, author Noliwe Rooks says the privatization movement seeks to profit from educational apartheid under the guise of education reform

  March 5, 2018

West Virginia Teachers Strike Redefines Teacher Unionism
Every public school in the state is closed for a fourth day as thousands of teachers demand better pay, pensions, and healthcare. TRNN speaks to Dale Lee, president of the West Virginia Education Association, and union activist Lois Weiner

  February 27, 2018

Militarizing Schools, Criminalizing Students
Since 1999, 10,000 additional police officers have been placed at schools, with no impact on violence. Meanwhile, about one million students have been arrested for acts previously punishable by detention or suspension, and black students are three times more likely to be arrested than their white peers, says policy analyst Samuel Sinyangwe

  February 26, 2018

The Nation's Strongest Charter School Regulations Are Under Attack
Loyola University's associate dean of education, Rob Helfenbein, says corporate-backed forces have long targeted troubled school systems for privatization

  February 22, 2018

Charter School Principal: No Evidence Privatization Is Better For Students
Pushing back against the national wave of school privatization, Baltimore principal Matt Hornbeck says equitable funding and high-quality teachers are the keys to educational excellence

  February 15, 2018

Chicago's Democratic Mayor Pushes Trump's Education Agenda
Students face displacement as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel falls in line with President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' push for privatization

  February 6, 2018

Grassroots Pressure Stops Cuts to Baltimore Schools
Educators and advocates convinced the Baltimore school board to scale back major reforms to the funding formula that determines how much money schools receive

  January 24, 2018

Outrage at Baltimore School Board Meeting Over Freezing Classrooms
Community members single out Governor Larry Hogan for the chronic underfunding of Baltimore City schools

  January 10, 2018

Money for Police and Prisons but Not for Heat in Classrooms
Author and poet Kondwani Fidel argues Baltimore City students have been getting robbed of their education for years

  January 9, 2018

The Hidden Agenda Behind Right-Wing Sinclair's School Reporting
The Real News hosts an extended discussion on Sinclair Broadcasting's "Project Baltimore," an investigative project that looks for flaws in the public school system--without addressing the root causes--and pushes for privatization

  December 28, 2017

Activists Rally for $12M Youth Fund for Black-Led Groups Fighting Inequity
At a time of record violence, the proposal would award millions annually to community-led organizations working to uplift Baltimore youth and address the root causes of violence

  November 21, 2017

Hundreds Rally in Baltimore to Defend Education and Immigrant Rights
TRNN speaks to students, educators and advocates taking part in a Unity March to defend immigrants rights as part of the 2017 Free Minds, Free People Conference

  July 9, 2017

Perpetual Crisis in Public Schools By Design
Cuts to public school funding sustained over a decade is a deliberate strategy to ensure privatization says Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report

  June 7, 2017

Free College Tuition in New York State Draws Both Praise and Criticism
Approved by the state legislature and the governor, in-state tuition for households making under $125,000 a year will be free, but it excludes part-time and undocumented students - people that activist/organizer Denise Romero says ought to be included in the plan

  April 12, 2017

Jesse Hagopian: Fight Back Continues after Seattle Teachers Reject May- Day Strike
Author, activist and Seattle Public School teacher Jesse Hagopian says teachers, parents and students remain united to defend public schools, and how parents and labor can unite to take on Trump's privatization agenda

  April 7, 2017

Hundreds Rally to Demand A Fix to Baltimore's School Budget Deficit
In a surprise move, City Schools announced $30 million dollars for classrooms, but students, teachers and advocates say funding remains woefully inadequate

  March 21, 2017

Opponent of Public Schools Now Leads Federal Education Policy
Karen Dolan of the Institute for Policy Studies says Betsy Devos is likely to seek the rollback of protections for children in public schools and pursue pro-charter policy without adequate accountability standards

  February 7, 2017

Ravitch: Democrats Helped Pave the Way for Privatization Crusader Betsy DeVos
Former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch calls for mass resistance against Betsy DeVos, who will implement failed policies that ignore root issues of poverty and under-funding

  February 2, 2017

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a 'Horrifying Prospect' for Public Schools
Responding to the DeVos confirmation hearings, award-winning Chicago public school teacher Erika Wozniak says bi-partisan support for school privatization paved the way for Trump's Education Secretary

  January 18, 2017

Chicago Teachers Win More School Funding Without a Strike
Jacobin's Micah Uetricht explains why the concessions won by the teachers are credit to its militant leadership and why the union's democratic nature might spur some teachers to reject the deal

  October 11, 2016

Chicago Teachers Union Set to Strike on Oct. 11th
Public school teacher Sarah Chambers and Jacobin Magazine's Micah Uetricht say the teachers are fighting against the neoliberal reform agenda

  September 29, 2016

Back to the Basics: Backpack Giveaway at Tubman House
TRNN Producer Dharna Noor speaks with grassroots activists and residents of Gilmor Homes projects about the importance of social programs and political education in creating a healthy community.

  September 5, 2016

Why the NAACP is Calling for a Moratorium on Private Charters
Award-winning teacher and professor Julian Vasquez Heilig responds to critics who say NAACP was misguided to pass a resolution condemning charters for increasing segregation and removing public control

  August 16, 2016

'If We Want to Combat the Violence, We Must Invest in Our Children'
Public school parents, students, and advocates demand Republican Governor Larry Hogan restore funding to Baltimore City Public Schools

  June 1, 2016

Hundreds of Baltimore Students Stage A Walkout Against Standardized Testing
Days before the anniversary of the killing of Freddie Gray, students with the Baltimore Algebra Project walk out against the PARCC test to demand a shift in resources from testing to youth development

  April 15, 2016

Chicago Teachers Aim to Shut Down City With One-Day Strike
TRNN reports from the April 1st day of action in Chicago as the teachers union and 50 allied groups demand taxes on the wealthy to fund public services

  April 1, 2016

Schools on Trial: How to Fix America's Broken Public School System
Nikhil Goyal, author of "Schools on Trial," says the United States can resuscitate its public school system by emphasizing values such as freedom and creativity

  March 4, 2016

What Will it Take for the Candidates to Talk About Public Education?
Nikhil Goyal, author of Schools on Trial, compares Sanders and Clinton education platforms and responds to the calls of the leading Republican candidates to abolish the Department of Education

  March 3, 2016

Alum: Teach for America Covertly Privatizing Public Education
T. Jameson Brewer, co-editor of Teach For America Counter-Narrative: Alumni Speak Up and Speak Out, discusses his journey from TFA corp member to outspoken critic

  March 7, 2016

Detroit Teachers Shutdown Public Schools in Protest of Deplorable Conditions
Public school parent Stephanie Beal says she supports the teacher protests and the idea of an elected school board to ensure a quality education for all students

  January 13, 2016

New Education Bill: Downloading and Its Impact on Schools
Lois Weiner of New Jersey City University says the main issues facing public schools are privatization, testing, teacher performance and school budgets - and this bill won't fix them.

  December 15, 2015

#MillionStudentMarch: Thousands Walkout Across The Country
As thousands demonstrate at over 100 campuses across the country, TRNN speaks to UC Berkeley student Lauren Butler who explains why students are fighting against tuition, debt and racism. Photo: Brandon Yadegari

  November 13, 2015

Are Teachers Unions Fighting for Social Justice? (2/2)
In the second of a two-part discussion, education professor and author Lois Weiner and the AFT-MD's Ray Baker discuss the role of teachers unions in Baltimore and their relationship to students movements fighting for educational justice and #Blacklivesmatter

  October 30, 2015

Police Abuse in School is Further Evidence of the Absence of Value for Black and Female Life
Dayvon Love of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle discusses the context and methods of responding to the abuse of a Black female teenager by police in a South Carolina school.

  October 27, 2015

Is Obama's Education Reversal Political "Theater"?
Executive editor and founder of Black Agenda Report Glen Ford says that the Obama administration claim to want a reduction in time spent on standardized tests is election time insincerity.

  October 26, 2015

Are Teachers Unions Fighting for Social Justice? (1/2)
In the first of a two-part discussion, education professor and author Lois Weiner and the AFT-MD's Ray Baker discuss the role teachers unions and their members do and can play in supporting #Blacklivesmatter and other social justice movements

  October 22, 2015

Privatization, Charters & High-Stakes Tests: Arne Duncan's Legacy
Professor Pauline Lipman and educator Jose Luis Vilson discuss the legacy of Arne Duncan and what we know about his successor John B. King

  October 6, 2015

Washington State Supreme Court Rules Charter Schools Unconstitutional (2/2)
Professor Wayne Au, plaintiff in the landmark ruling, and Seattle teacher Jesse Hagopian discuss the implications of the high courtís ruling

  September 9, 2015

Seattle Teachers Launch First Strike in Three Decades
Professor Wayne Au and Seattle teacher Jesse Hagopian discuss the reasons for the strike as the superintendent goes to court to compel teachers back to work

  September 9, 2015

How One Chicago High School Became Ground Zero For School Privatization
Community members now on an almost three week-long hunger strike say they will continue to fight until their education plan for Dyett High School is heard

  September 6, 2015

Not Just for Better Pay: Seattle Teachers Vote to Strike for Social Justice
Teacher Jesse Hagopian says Seattle educators will walk the picket lines beginning Wednesday, September 9 if their demands are not met.

  September 4, 2015

Chicago Parents Launch Hunger-Strike for Community Input in School's Future
Chicago Parent-activist Jitu Brown and professor Pauline Lipman say the fight for community input in the future of Dyett High School mirrors those happening across Chicago and the country

  August 23, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Hypocrisy of the Every Child Achieves Act (2/2)
Teacher and researcher Mercedes Schneider evaluates the No Child Left Behind reform bill that recently passed in the Senate

  July 20, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Hypocrisy of the Every Child Achieves Act (1/2)
The Senate-passed No Child Left Behind reform bill gives states the option to dictate assessment criteria, while a range of outside interest groups continuously lobby to promote standardized tests, says teacher and researcher Mercedes Schneider.

  July 19, 2015

Graduating Class of 2015 Most Debt Burdened in History
TRNN Top Stories of 2015: 43 million people are carrying $1.3 trillion in student debt. Josh Hoxie & Mayra Guizar examine the options on the table for dealing with this crisis.

  May 18, 2015

Unions Fight Controversial Charter School Expansion Bill
TRNN speaks to supporters and opponents of Gov. Hogan's proposal to increase freedoms for charter schools, while critics warn the measures could lead to abuse and undermine collective bargaining

  February 28, 2015

Should the Teachers Union Play a Bigger Role in the Fight for Racial Justice?
Professor Lois Weiner explains that teachers and the teachers union must take concrete steps to repair their relationship with communities of color

  December 22, 2014

$32 Billion For-Profit College Industry Becomes Pass-Through for Wall Street
Glen Ford: With a 50% graduation rate and heavily indebted students, the government needs to establish a federal agency to regulate this newest Wall Street-connected scam

  July 14, 2014

The 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Ed in the Shadow of 'School Choice'
Glen Ford: The corporate education reform movement has exacerbated inequities in public schools in the name of civil rights

  May 12, 2014

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: Abolish Elected School Boards
Elected School Board member Alturrick Kenney and Milwaukee Teachers Union President Bob Peterson respond to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings call to abolish elected school because they impede charter school growth

  April 30, 2014

The Resegregation of American Schools
ProPublica reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones discusses her year-long investigation into how one of desegregation's success stories in Tuscaloosa, Alabama became one of the most segregated school systems in the country, as well as the high levels of segregation in northern schools 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education

  April 17, 2014

Univ. of Maine Faculty Reinstated After Students Protest Against Cuts
USM Assistant Professor Meghan Brodie and USM student Meaghan LaSala discuss how this victory shows there are efficient ways to fill the $14 million budget gap without eroding the academic core

  April 14, 2014

DC School Test Scores Up, But Poor Black Kids Are Doing Worse - Andy Shallal on RAI (3/4)
On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Shallal says we went from No Child Left Behind under the Bush era to no kid left untested, then to no teacher left unstressed, and our schools are still doing very poorly

  March 27, 2014

Teachers on Strike from the UK to Argentina
Education Professor Lois Weiner breaks down what connects tens of thousands of striking teachers in the UK, and why American teachers have not been launching their own major strikes

  March 26, 2014

Hundreds of Students & Faculty Occupy College Campus to Fight Cuts to Public Higher Ed
University of Southern Maine student Meagan LaSala and professor Rachel Bouvier explain how cuts disproportionately target faculty and will trigger a decline in quality public education

  March 24, 2014

Are Tuition Breaks Enough To Combat High Student Debt And Low Graduation Rates?
The University of Baltimore's Peter Toran and UC-Santa Barbara graduate student Samir Sonti discuss UB's plan to offer students a free final semester of tuition, and agree that federal intervention is needed to address structural causes of high student debt and low graduation rates

  March 19, 2014

How To Make Higher Education Free Without New Taxes Or More Government Spending - Robert Samuels (1/2)
University of California AFT president Robert Samuels explains it is possible to provide free college education to all U.S. students, and as a consequence solve the student debt problem and the rising costs of tuition

  February 12, 2014

Universities Are Relying On Exploitation Of Part-Time Labor - Robert Samuels (2/2)
Though universities are often considered bastions of liberalism, they have in fact become leading models and producers of part-time and insecure labor, and this harming the quality of higher education, says Robert Samuels

  February 14, 2014

Debate: Are Maryland Schools Ready for the Common Core Standards
Marc Steiner hosts a debate whether to delay implementation of the Common Core curriculum in Maryland schools and to cancel this year's MSAs (Maryland School Assessments), with: Dr. Jack Smith, Chief Academic Officer of the Maryland State Department of Education, and Cheryl Bost, Vice President of the Maryland State Education Association.

  February 9, 2014

Debate: Baltimore Teachers Vote On A New Contract
Marc Steiner hosts a debate between the President of the Baltimore Teachers Union Marietta English and dissident teacher Iris Kirsh on the merits of the new Baltimore teachers union contract, being voted on Thursday by union members

  February 6, 2014

State Cuts to Public Funding of Higher Education Responsible For Increases In Tuition Costs
Michael Leachman: Tuition costs are rising as states respond to the recession by cutting public funding to higher education, with cuts averaging 28% on a per pupil basis

  January 29, 2014

Government's Call for Less Police In School Doesn't Go Far Enough
Student activist Tre Murphy: Eric Holder and Arne Duncan's call for less use of zero-tolerance policies is a good start but much work remains to reign in the use of law enforcement in public schools

  January 9, 2014

Ben Franklin High School Incinerator Protest
A photo essay by Eric Kruszewski

  December 20, 2013

U.S. Student Homelessness Up 10% Since Last Year
Highest increases of homeless children seen in states like North Carolina where austerity policies predominate

  November 28, 2013

Parents Organize Boycott To End Standardized Testing of 4-year-olds
New York School believed to be first to reject testing in grades K-2, principal and 90% of parents support boycott and hope it helps spark nationwide movement

  October 23, 2013

Philadelphia Cuts School Nurses, 6th Grader Dies of Asthma Attack With No Nurse On Duty Pt. 1
Philly schools suffer 40 percent decline of school nurses in just two years due to budget cuts

  October 10, 2013

Philadelphia Cuts School Nurses, 6th Grader Dies of Asthma Attack With No Nurse On Duty Pt. 2
Philly schools suffer 40 percent decline of school nurses in just two years due to budget cuts

  October 10, 2013

Seattle Teacher Jesse Hagopian Schools NBC's Education Nation
Jesse Hagopian, a leader of Garfield High's historic test boycott, given rare opportunity to challenge corporate education reform policies at the Gate's funded Education Nation, a testament to the growing national opposition to high stakes testing

  October 9, 2013

Thanks to Gov. Corbett, Philly Schools Open Overcrowded and Understaffed
State control of Philly's public education has been a disaster

  September 18, 2013

Communities Fight Back Against "Racist" DC School Closures
Rania Khalek: School closings in DC and across the country have not improved educational outcomes.

  September 18, 2013

Congress Passes Student Debt Deal, but Fails Students in the Long Run
Alan Collinge: Student loan bill only perpetuates a system that preys on students

  July 31, 2013

Chicago Fires More than 2,000 School Staff as Crippling Cuts Deepen
Austerity deepens in Chicago this year with the firing of more than 3,000 total school staff after closing 50 schools

  July 22, 2013

Study Links High Stakes Testing to Higher Incarceration Rates
A new study reveals states with high school exit exams have higher rates of incarceration and lower graduation rates

  July 18, 2013

Student Loan Interest Rates Double
Lendman: Student loan industry is a racket, students should get the same low- interest loans as banks.

  July 2, 2013

Philadelphia Slashes Schools Budget While State Spends $400 Million on New Prisons
Philadelphia communities fighting back against planned cuts that disproportionally impact low income and African American communities

  June 12, 2013

Chicago Closes 50 Public Schools, Spends $100 Million in Taxpayer Funds on Private College Stadium
Activists say national union leadership needs to give more support to Black and Latino working class families fighting school closures

  May 30, 2013

Chicago Teachers and Parents Launch Three Day March Against 54 School Closings
Increased gun violence expected in Chicago as school closings will force students to cross gang lines in America's deadliest city

  May 19, 2013

Massive Cheating Scandals Rock School Districts Nationwide
New allegations of test impropriety under Michelle Rhee in Washington DC follow 35 criminal indictments in nation's largest ever cheating scandal in Atlanta

  April 18, 2013

Occupy The Department of Education
A four day occupation warns of the privatization of schools turning education into a privilege instead of a right

  April 15, 2013

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis on Fighting School Closures
Chicago Teachers Union President discusses defending Chicago's Public Schools

  April 3, 2013

More than 100 Arrested Protesting Mass School Closings In Chicago
Teachers, workers and activists hope to pressure Chicago to abandon plans to close 61 schools

  March 28, 2013

Civil Disobedience Planned in Chicago to Oppose Unprecedented Mass School Closings
Teachers, parents and activists to get arrested protesting the closing of 54 Chicago schools

  March 27, 2013

Solution to Student Debt is to Get the Banks Out of the Education Business
Michael Hudson: Crippling student debt, which is also a drag on the whole ecnonomy, developed as governments pushed the burden of higher education costs onto students and pushed them into the arms of the banks

  March 14, 2013

New Orleans Parent and Activist Karran Harper Royal at "Journey for Justice" Hearing in DC
Part 3 of TRN's coverage of the "Journey for Justice" DOE Hearing on School Closings

  January 31, 2013

Chicago Parent and Activist Jitu Brown at "Journey for Justice" Hearing in DC
Part 2 of TRN's coverage of the "Journey for Justice" DOE Hearing on School Closings

  January 31, 2013

Parents and Students Demand Nationwide Moratorium on School Closings
"Journey for Justice" activists rally in DC to DOE investigate alleged Civil Rights violations in school closings

  January 31, 2013

Student Movement Marks Radical Shift in Chilean Politics
While students have not achieved their demand for free quality public education, movement develops new strategies with an eye towards upcoming 2013 elections

  December 20, 2012

As Strike Ends, Chicago Teachers and Activists To Fight School Closings
Activists with "Journey For Justice" demand national moratorium on school closings

  September 20, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union Votes to End Historic Strike
Chicago Teachers say fight to defend public education ongoing

  September 19, 2012

Chicago Teachers Strike Enters Second Week
Chicago Mayor Emanuel seeks court injunction to force teachers back to work

  September 17, 2012

Chicago Teachers Strike Enters Fourth Day
Labor unions back striking teachers, while Democrats remain silent

  September 13, 2012

Chicago Teachers Strike Rooted in Community Struggle
Chicago teachers fighting bipartisan consensus over "corporate" education reform

  September 12, 2012

TRNN REPLAY: Chicago Teachers Strike Rooted in Community Struggle
Chicago teachers fighting bipartisan consensus over "corporate" education reform

  September 12, 2012

Tens of Thousands Rally to Support Striking Chicago Teachers
Historic Chicago teachers strike enters second day

  September 11, 2012

Chicago Teachers Launch Strike for Better Pay, Benefits and Work Conditions
30,000 strong Chicago Teachers Union strike for first time in quarter century

  September 10, 2012

Do Obama Policies Help Baltimore Schools?
Baltimore Activists say "Race to the Top" harming Baltimore students and teachers

  September 6, 2012

Quebec Students Continue Resistance
Report on the Quebec student movement's July mass protest and future plans

  July 30, 2012

Does the American Elite Want Real Public Education?
Third in our three part series about education policy and the US Presidential Elections

  July 12, 2012

Romney's Education Policy
Second in a three part series about education policy in the US Presidential elections

  July 11, 2012

Obama's Education Policy
First in a three part series about education policy in the US Presidential elections

  June 25, 2012

Growing National Movement Against "High Stakes" Public School Testing
New York parents and students say testing mania obstructs learning and hands money to private companies

  June 19, 2012

Hundreds Rally to Fight for Philadelphia Public Schools
Philadelphia communities outraged by austerity and school privatization

  June 9, 2012

Quebec Student Strike Gathers Wide Support
Worldwide marches held in solidarity with striking Quebec students

  June 4, 2012

Quebec Students Resist State Repression
Paul Jay talks to Jérémie Bédard-Wien, Student Organizer, CLASSE

  June 4, 2012

Occupy Wall Street bangs pots and pans with students in Quebec
Occupy Wall Street activists took to the streets of New York to march for affordable education and against police repression, in solidarity with the massive, ongoing student uprising taking place in Quebec and now spreading across the world.

  June 1, 2012

Protests Against Brutal Repression and Draconian Law in Quebec
Lawyers join students in protest against Quebec Bill 78

  May 30, 2012

Quebec Student Movement Grows with Popular Support
People from Montreal's communities bang pots and pans to show support as students broaden demands

  May 29, 2012

250,000+ Defy Anti-Protest Law in Quebec
Jeremie Bedard: Students will insist on their rights to education and their right to protest

  May 23, 2012

Dozens of Philadelphia Public Schools on Chopping Block
Students, parents, teachers, rally against a proposed radical restructuring of the public school system

  May 18, 2012

Student Debt and Education as a Right
As debt mounts students forced into job choices just to make payments

  May 16, 2012

Quebec's Maple Spring
May 1st in Montreal was a display of how the student strike is part of Quebec's larger struggle against neo-liberalism

  May 12, 2012

New York Students Allege Police Harassment for Fighting School Closure
Activists want charges dropped and 5,000 police removed from New York public schools

  May 9, 2012

Quebec Students Rejecting Tuition Deal
170,000 students remain on strike as assemblies vote to reject government offer

  May 9, 2012

Quebec Students Demand Education as a Right, Continue Strike
J Bedard: Students almost unanimously reject government deal, willing to lose year if necessary

  May 8, 2012

How did Quebec Students Mobilize Hundreds of Thousands for Strike?
Three students discuss the role of direct democracy and political demands in building a massive movement

  May 4, 2012

Teachers, parents push back against high stakes testing
Growing outrage as Obama admin pushes more tests

  April 23, 2012

Over 165,000 Students On Strike in Quebec Over Planned Tuition Hikes
Students lead tens of thousands in protests against tuition hikes and neoliberal reforms of Quebec government

  April 16, 2012

(De)segregation and the Mexican American Studies Ban in Tucson, Arizona
Is Tucson Unified School District's MAS suspension at odds with a decades old federal desegregation order?

  April 12, 2012

New Yorkers Fight "Turnaround" School Closures
26 schools targeted for firing teachers and changing school administrations to qualify for millions in federal grants.

  April 9, 2012

‚ÄúLibrotraficantes‚ÄĚ Smuggle Banned Books Into Tucson, Arizona
Students and activists set up ‚ÄúUnderground Libraries‚ÄĚ of books prohibited in suspended Mexican American Studies classrooms

  March 21, 2012

Despite public outcry, Chicago approves closure of 17 schools
Students, parents and teachers outraged over school privatizations

  February 27, 2012

Teachers Risk Jobs to Blow Whistle on School Management Firm
Teachers and parents speak out ahead of key vote on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to turn more schools over to private management firm ahead

  February 22, 2012

Tucson Students Stage Walkouts, Teach-Ins Over Suspended Mexican American Studies Program
Students organize school of ethnic studies to teach "forbidden" curriculum

  February 10, 2012

Shills and Cruel Jokes
Labor Beat: Parents and teachers protest "show trial" hearings they say are being used close their Chicago schools

  February 8, 2012

New York Students Walkout Against School Closures
Students and teachers oppose plans to close up to 60 schools this year

  February 3, 2012

Educators use Occupy Movement to Defend Public Education
An unequal financial system contributing to poverty and joblessness is a focus of the Occupy movement, but little attention is paid to educators

  November 7, 2011

Tucson Militarizes Public School Board Meeting
Battle over the future of ethnic studies in Arizona rages on

  May 12, 2011

Extended interview with Rev. C. Gatewood
North Carolina Student and Teacher Protest

  May 10, 2011

Students and Teachers Fight Education Cuts in North Carolina
Thousands of students and teachers take to the streets opposing Republican controlled North Carolina State Assembly bill to cut education budget

  May 9, 2011

Tucson Students Occupy School Board Meeting to Defend Ethnic Studies
Students in Tucson, Arizona take over school board meeting to prevent controversial vote

  May 3, 2011

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