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    Now in Power, SYRIZA Faces Herculean Task
    Dimitri Lascaris says breaking up the troika and the power of oligarchs that control Greece is not going to be an easy task

    American Sniper: Honoring a Fallen Hero or Whitewashing a Murderous Occupation?
    Journalist Max Blumenthal says the film American Sniper promotes lies falsehoods about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle along with the US invasion and occupation of Iraq

    Holder's Move on Civil Forfeiture Only a Dent in Abusive Police Practice
    Black Agenda Report's Glen Ford says further federal action is needed because dozens of states will still continue the practice

    TRNN Replay: Saudi Arabia and the al-Qaeda Monster (3/5)
    Madawi Al-Rasheed: Saudi Arabia helped create a network of terrorism to achieve political aims, and while it does come back to bite them at times, they promote a similar ideology and continue to these alliances

    McCain Calls 'Cold Warriors' to School Senate on National Security
    TRNN's Jessica Desvarieux reports on former national security advisors Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft testimonies related to Iran, Syria, and Ukraine.

    The Saudis - Oil, ISIS and Revolution
    Loretta Napoleoni says little will change after death of King Abdullah, but the Saudis cannot sustain low oil prices for much longer; they have lost control of ISIS; and their big fear is revolution

    Republican Abortion Ban Could Put Pregnant Women's Lives in Peril
    Lynn Paltrow from National Advocates for Pregnant Women says the 20-week abortion ban fails to consider the life of a pregnant mother

    GOP Leadership's Invitation to Netanyahu a Provocation Aimed at War with Iran
    Phyllis Bennis says the invitation issued to Netanyahu to speak in the US Congress, and the call for more sanctions against Iran, is a call for war

    'We are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system'
    Yanis Varoufakis, tipped to be Syriza's new finance minister, tells Paul Mason what his party would do if it gets into government in Greece, and admits the prospect of power in Europe is "scary".

    Reality Asserts Itself see all→

    At the Center of a Storm - Irvin Jim, General Secretary of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa on RAI (1/3)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Jim tells host Paul Jay about his youth and radicalization in the fight against apartheid. Mr. Jim is now the leader of the largest union in South Africa with 340,000 members, which has recently broken with the ANC and is calling for a return to the principles of the Freedom Charter
    The Making of Norman Finkelstein - Reality Asserts Itself (8/8)
    Dr. Finkelstein says the BDS movement must take a position on Israel's right to exist as a state
    The Making of Norman Finkelstein - Reality Asserts Itself (7/8)
    Dr. Finkelstein discusses the "complicated question" of Israel's right to regulate the ethnic balance of the state and Palestinian's right of return
    The Making of Norman Finkelstein - Reality Asserts Itself (6/8)
    Dr. Finkelstein says there was no way that considerations of his livelihood ever entered into his calculus about whether or not to say something or not say something
    Towards a Green Economy: Private or Public? - Robert Pollin on RAI (8/8)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Pollin says if we let the market operate on its own without some form of major public sector intervention, there's no chance whatsoever that we're going to achieve climate stabilization.
    Towards a Green Economy: Tax, Trade, Cap, Deny? - Robert Pollin on RAI (7/8)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Pollin says the politics around climate change has deteriorated; a few years ago even President Bush and Senator McCain were both talking about measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

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