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  • Despite Growing International Condemnation, No End to Gaza Violence in Sight
    As the death toll in Gaza passes 1,000 Lia Tarachansky and Phyllis Bennis respond to a poll which found 86% of Israelis reject a ceasefire, while a growing number of Americans want the Israeli offensive to stop

    Reaganism and Thatcherism were Intellectually Dishonest - Heiner Flassbeck on Reality Asserts Itself (1/5)
    Mr. Flassbeck, former director of UNCTAD, discusses growing up in a US dominated Germany and his opposition to the birth of neoliberal economics

    Besieged war-torn Gaza, experiencing the saddest Eid since 1967
    Yousef Alhelou: Twenty two days on, all efforts to reach a ceasefire have failed so far as Israel continues its all-out military offensive on besieged Gaza, claiming more civilian lives.

    Do US Satellite Images Show Russia Firing Rockets into Ukraine?
    Derek Monroe: The fog of war brings US satellite images allegedly showing Russia firing rockets into Ukraine into question

    Uber: Cheap Ride Alternative or Death Knell for Cabbies?
    Longtime taxi driver advocate Nathan Price argues that because Uber is not subject to the same regulations and taxes, its lower prices are destroying the livelihoods of taxi drivers

    Gaza baker risks life amid war to provide bread
    As Israel's military offensive entered its fourth week, and the search for a permanent truce drags on, residents in the densely populated Gaza Strip try to stay safe, hunt for supplies and attempt to keep life as normal as possible

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    New Senate Bill Fails To Address Root Causes of Central American Migration
    David Bacon: Senate Democrats' $2.7 billion proposal would escalate border enforcement but ignore the trade policies that drive migrants to the United States in the first place

    One-Man Show "Mercy Killers" Reveals Dark Side of Healthcare System
    With 60 percent of bankruptcies caused by medical bills, performer Michael Milligan joins us to discuss his new play "Mercy Killers"

    Interview with Hamas (1/3)
    TRNN Replay: A three part series recorded in April, 2010 Hamas representative Usamah Hamdan discusses negotiation and recognition

    15 Killed after Israel Bombs UN School in Gaza
    TRNN speaks with UNICEF's Gaza field chief Pernille Ironside about Israel's bombing of a UN school that killed women, children and UN staff and the realities of humanitarian relief in Gaza

    UN's Investigation of Israel Should Go Beyond War Crimes to Genocide
    Michael Ratner makes the case for how Israel, since 1947, engaged in international crimes, including incremental genocide, crimes against humanity, and apartheid

    Nigerians Must Defend Themselves, Oppose the State of Emergency and US Intervention (3/3)
    Baba Aye: Workers and youth should defend their communities against Boko Haram but should also oppose the government's state of emergency which is used to bolster the rule of a corrupt elite

    Why Canada Continues to Back Israel Despite Gaza Assault
    Prof. Reg Whitaker examines why Harper administration continues to support Israel in the face of growing international condemnation

    12-Hour Truce in Gaza, Protests in the West Bank
    TRNN's Lia Tarachansky reports from Jerusalem on how the Israeli army opened fire on West Bank protests against the war

    Al-Aqsa Brigades Open Fire on Israeli Forces at the Qalandia Checkpoint.
    In Gaza the death toll stands at 867, and 5,730 injured. On Friday another three Israeli soldiers were killed in battle, bringing the Israeli death toll to 38, including three civilians.

    Reality Asserts Itself see all→

    'We the People' Force Confronts Democratic Party Leadership in '64 - Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (9/9)
    On Reality Asserts Itself, Mr. Moses recounts the story of challenging the racist Dixiecrats at the '64 Democratic Convention; says what's needed now is black and white workers to create a 'We the People' force to challenge the elites in both parties
    The Constitutional People and Slavery by Another Name - Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (8/9)
    Mr. Moses says mass incarceration helped build the American steel industry, and while there has been progress, there is still slavery by another name
    An Earned Insurgency - Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (7/9)
    Mr. Moses says the only way to earn the trust of the people was to get knocked down and get right back up
    Fannie Lou Hamer and the Racist Dixiecrats - Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (6/9)
    Mr. Moses describes how in 1874 the white racist Democratic Party violently overthrew the Governor of Mississippi (who had been elected by a mostly black Republican Party), and how these Dixiecrats became a wing of the national Democratic Party right up to 1964, when the Mississippi Freedom Democrats ended their reign
    The Road to Freedom Summer - Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (5/9)
    Mr. Moses says one of the main ways we get to Freedom Summer is the assassination of Medgar Evers
    Founding SNCC and Taking on Mississippi - Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (4/9)
    Mr. Moses traces the events that led him to take up a leading role in Freedom Summer

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    Ban Ki-moon renews call for Gaza ceasefire
    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon demands an end to the violence in Gaz...
    Mississippi in Black and White: Freedom Summer 50 Years Later
    In 1964, less than 7% of eligible African-Americans in Mississippi wer...
    Presidential Power and the Rise of American Monarchy: Q&A with Author Frank Buckley
    America is dropping like a stone in rankings of freedom. As power accu...

    Political Humorsee all →

    The Colbert Report: Impeaching the President
    Stephen Colbert single-handedly solves the Ukraine crisis, a ballot in...
    Jon Stewart Campaining to Buy CNN (to outbid Rupert Murdoch)
    Israel launches a ground offensive in Gaza, The Daily Show tries to bu...
    Bill Maher Asks Neil DeGrasse Tyson Why Republicans Don\'t Really Like Him

    When astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson dropped by Real Time tonigh...


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