Videos - How Do Syrian Americans Feel About the Crisis?
KMC » 12pm - Sep 9, 2013
As Congress returns to Washington from its summer break, the looming pressure to vote on authorizing a military strike in Syria weighs on the minds of its members. President Obama has led a tireless campaign to push for support of U.S.-led military intervention, though he's faced plenty of skepticism along the way. After returning from the G-20 Summit in Russia, he's now back to working with U.S. legislators, and will address the nation Tuesday evening on the latest regarding a potential missile strike in Syria. But beyond all the political deliberations in Washington are the stories of Syrians living here in the United States, with personal connections to the conflict raging in their homeland. As Assad's forces and rebel fighters continue to fight each other for control of the country, Syrian Americans are well aware of the casualties this war has caused: More than 100,000 civilians have been killed and four million have been internally displaced. But for those who have family there, it's been personal. PBS NewsHour sat down with three Syrian Americans to hear what they had to say about their childhood memories in pre-war Syria, their struggle to stay connected while living in the United States, what the U.S. should do in the fight, and what their hopes are for a country damaged by two years of war.
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