Videos - What the Pentagon WANTS You to Know
KMC » 10am - Feb 22, 2013
UnknownHere in the US, the headquarters of our Department of Defense is known as The Pentagon. Whenever it's mentioned, some people imagine images of secrecy, spying, and torture. But The Pentagon would like you to know, that's just gosh-golly not what they are about! The proof of that was on their website, pentagon dot afis dot osd dot mil. On this website, very helpful information was posted to help dispel some of the creepy, scary myths about the Pentagon. Some examples of facts that were posted on the site include: 6,800 soft drinks, 4,500 cups of coffee, and 1,700 pints of milk are consumed at the Pentagon every day Over 200,000 phone calls are made every day There are 691 drinking fountains in the building And there are 284 rest rooms The site points out that the building was constructed with twice the number of bathrooms needed, because when it was built, Virginia was still segregated so it had to build both white AND colored bathrooms. How quaint! But the best part of the site is the last sentence on it, which reads: We hope this information will serve to eliminate some of the myths surrounding the Pentagon and give an appreciation of the size of the building. See? The Pentagon is just a gosh-golly good place to work where nothing really BAD goes on. But you better see for yourself soon, because the site is now redirecting to a Pentagon Tours site, because maybe even THESE facts and figures are too secret for you to know. Now, don't you feel better about the Pentagon? This week, let's talk about that. Links to the old Pentagon site -- visit it now before it goes away! Published on Feb 22, 2013
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