Videos - Grinding Nemo - Southeast Asia's Dying Oceans
KMC » 12pm - Jan 17, 2013
Pacific island nations have called for greater control over destructive fishing methods and overfishing, which they say are threatening our ecosystem, the life of local fishermen and a multi-billion industry. "It's up to the big fishing nations to show the world what they are going to do", says Palau fisheries official, Nanette Malsol, who leads a bloc of Pacific island nations this week. At the start of the tuna fisheries conference in Manila she has argued that large countries must urgently curb the use of destructive fishing methods. Most controversial are 'fish aggregation devices' which attract many fish species to one spot where they become easy prey to the fishermen. So where tuna are the fishermen's target, sea turtles, sharks and juvenile fish also get killed and discarded. "The fishing industry is being allowed to gamble with the health of the ocean, and it is time for governments to require full accountability."This shocking investigation also reveals how Burmese workers are virtually imprisoned on multinational fishing boats and suffer inhuman conditions. "They don't really care how local people survive". For downloads and more information visit:
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