Videos - Will Austerity Replace the American Dream?
KMC » 2pm - Dec 1, 2012
Dennis Kucinich's Great Speech to Congress: "Entitlement Reform 2012: Wealthy Americans are entitled to tax breaks. Corporations are entitled to billions in giveaways. Arms manufacturers are entitled to bigger contracts. "The poor and the middle class? They're entitled to unemployment, underemployment, foreclosures, and cuts in both Social Security and Medicare. "Poor and middle-class Americans know all about the fiscal cliff. They've been getting pushed off it for years with an unfair tax system, unconscionable trade deals and the Fed's monetary policies. "Nearly 50 million people are in poverty in America, twelve million unemployed and millions more underemployed. On January 2, millions stand to lose unemployment benefits. Fourteen million American's mortgages are greater than the value of their homes. On the horizon loom massive cuts to essential services. "Will the American austerity replace the American dream? "We need to turn back from the fiscal cliff with wealth creation, education, job creation, infrastructure rebuilding, monetary reform, trade reform, protection of Social Security and Medicare. "We need a Great Economic Revival, not another Great Depression." Published on Nov 27, 2012 by DJKucinich
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